Deb finds her center.

Angela, Jini and Charlotte doing the centering exercise.

Vino step into her power and speaks about her new work.

Craig attempts to find his center of energy.

Vino speaks about vibrational healing through flower essences.

Rod centers in the midst of chaos.


26 seconds to set intent

Steve gets a big hug from Vino

the long and short of it

The Gang

Another View

The Lodge

Mary, Steve and AnnMarie

Holding on to the Light

The Scepter walk


LaurieJoy, MaryLynn, Linda and Craig A

Deb, Charlotte and Tom

Lucy,BunDance, Barbara and Steve

Craig and Owlwoman sing



Bun Dance

Anita and Guy

Charlotte gives me her "look"

Bun sings along

EMF Balancing

Tom and Mona

Alicia does EMF Balancing

Finding your partner in a sea of energy

Hooking up

Sending energy in tandem

A Picture of Love