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Wedding 12/12/1999
Angels Landing. Julian California
After 27 years of marriage, Steve and Barbara Rother re-married. Here amongst friends in the mountains of Julian, California, Steve and Barbara stepped into a higher contract. We proudly share these pictures will all of our family.
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Barbara, Lee and Steve

A Beautiful Bride

The Bride

Lee and Steve

Barbara, Kelsey, Katelyn and MacKenzie.

The Bride and Groom

Our Family

Father and Son 1

Father and Son 2

Wedding Party

Angels Landing in Julian California.

A quick moment in the kitchen before we start.

Mark, Cindi, MacKenzie, Kelsey and Katelyn (Cindi is Steve's younger sister)

Barbara and Steve

The wedding procession begins as Clare and Rob watch

Austin and Brent lead their mother down the isle.

The wedding begins

Lee Carroll

The Angels

Not a dry eye in the house.

The thrid vibration.

With this sword I thee wed.

After being "Knighted" as one.

You may now Kiss the Bride

Circle of Hugs
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