Breathe deep

The Keeper of the Sword

Co-Creation 101

Barbara Rother ( The Keepers Keeper)

Steve helps with the Channeling exercise

Discerning Energy

EMF Balancing

Brenda, Roger,Duff and Karin Teaming up

Judy, Claire and Callie

Steve helping Jade to get the flow of information started during the channeling exercise

Lining up for the energy exercise.

Finding the energy match

Callie, the Vortex Master, leads her son Craig around in the Synchronicity exercise.

Craig"s revenge

Claire treats Glenn to a Mini Session

Gilberte leads Pat in the Synchronicity exercise


Finding beauty behind the veil through synchronicity.

Our home away from home

Terri gets the prize

Pat Miller does an EMF Mini Session

Billie and Glenn

Glenn beaming

Steve doing the EMF excercise

Claire setting the stage

EMF Balancing

Pierrette expresses her healership through EMF Balancing