A Trio of Light

The Channeling exercise

Morgan gives instrustions on intuitive Tarrot

Lightworkers Everywhere!

Calvin, David and Lorenna

A room full of Light

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Dave take the Scepter Walk

David Soleinger gets a message from Morgan just before his walk.

Cervando takes in Light

Lorena gets showered with Love and Light.

Stephanie takes on so much light that she is Glowing!

Stephanie on the Walk

Basking in the Light.

Lorena and David make space for an emerging Transition Team Member.

Nedra takes the walk.

Waiting for a message

Diane walks in the Light with the Scepter

Morgan to Vywamus come in please. . . . .

Dave and Steve

"Lightworker Lawyer"

Barbara and Steve

Welcome Home

Steve walks in the Light

Alex greets Morgan

Barbara, Steve and the Scepter

Janelle walks with the Scepter

Chris takes the walk.

Lord Luzo

Ken takes the walk of Light

Kathy does the Scepter Walk

David and Lark Re-member

Kathy sings at the songfest

Cervando sings along


Chris and Ken sing along.

Mike Ken and Calvin in the channeling exercise.

Nedra and Sandy

Lark, Janelle and Dave "channel"

Acting silly to clear the energy.

Finding calm in the midst of chaos

Diana, finds her "center"

Carol finds her center

Janelle centers her energy.

Lark practices "meditating in an elevator"

Calvin "breathes"

26 seconds that will change your life.

Carol getting wrapped up in the exercise.

The channeling exercise

Playing the game behind the "Veil"

OK so who pinched me?

Lorenna and Sandy re-member their connections.

A Brother Re-members

Mike's Smile

Matching energy

Steve and David re-unite after many lifetimes.

Morgan and Stephanie sing!


Morgan and Alex

Steve and Morgan bask in the after-glow.