Welcome to the Netherlands

Getting Started

Steve & Ingrid

A Man and his toys

Opening through movement

I love my toys!

She holds it well

A Great Threesome!

What are these things?

Through the Looking Glass


The "Windmill" outside of our hotel

In Amsterdam

Filling some very big shoes

She fills them better than I did!

Food Fight!

Barbara leads in Breath

Feel the Energy

In a sea of Energy

Behind the Veil

Discerning Energy

OK Who called the huddle?

Act Silly!

Ok So who can act the silliest?

Re-membering energy

Big hugs and gentle nudges


There are those Hugs again!

Now that's a HUG!

Spiritual Sign Lauguage (Just kidding)

Steve gives a gentle nudge

Ingrid watches over

Some powerful messages came through

Chaneling exercise


Light, Sword and Lightworker

She looks very comfortable with the Sword

The Scepter connects

Is that a guilty look or what?

The Light in Lightwork!

Rob talkes about his Ascension Newsletter

Ingrid Kramer, The Host and Organizer

Let there be Music


A Smile of Light



Songfest Sing along


Dance to the Beat!

Steve & Ingrid


In the beautiful woods

Here come the Hugs

Hugs Hugs and More Hugs

Hugs everywhere you look!

What a Smile!


The Channeling exercise


What a day for a walk in the woods

Window shopping

Hugging a tree

Walk in the woods to find synchronicity

Rob smiles

Very Big Hugs

Leaving with two things

Leaving with a Rose

The Game

Playing the Game