Mereta, Christian and Barbara

Caroline and the Sceper

Ulla, Steve & Barbara

Ulla, Natalia and Rie with Steve & Barbara

Rie & Ulla



Per and Brian show us how it's done on the Didge

Per Barbara and Steve

Pucker up!

Ulla and Steve "Blow it"

Rie rings the Didge

Ulla Steve and Birthe

Christian connects

Merete re-members the Sword

Natalia (MaRa) Re-members using the Scepter

Rie takes her power!

Ingrid takes the sword

Christian offers the Sword

Playing in the breeze

Energy exercise

Awakening the Master Healer

Building the power

Big hugs and gentle nudges

The Channeling exercise

Act Silly!

This is Caroline being serious

Lightworker Laughter

Channeling Exercise


Beautiful Sisters

Merete, Steve and Barbara

Chakra Clearing

Merete, Barbara, Steve & Christian

The Gang

The dance

Steve helps Ulla Re-member

Brian looks very natural with the Sword

Brian looks even more natural with Natalia


Birthe takes her Power!


Rie and the Scepter


Finding calm in the center of Chaos

Ingrid, Merete and Monique

Caroline, Natalia and Christian

Per finds his balance

Big hugs

Barbara works with Merete

A match


Caroline Plays her music for us

Vibrational Healing

Merete prescribes certain tracks for people.

Ulla my crazy Dane sister

Pretty in Pink

Natalia sings as Brian plays

Per and Mettemarie

Birthe takes the Scepter Walk


Merete takes the Scepter



Monique sends Chiristian love


Barbara, Steve, Ulla, Merete and Christian

Very old friends meet for the first time

Caroline walks with the Scepter

Rie walks with the Scepter


Natalia gives Ingrid healing

Natalia and Ulla

Per and Mettemarie

Per walks with the Scepter

Merete and Steve find a blance

Steve and Caroline

A man with many hats