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Classes will rotate some will be from 6:00pm - 7:30pm Pacific Time
and some will be from 11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific Time

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About the LightMaster series

How it Works

  • The Journey meets 24 times per year in the Online Evolution Center.. (Dates are posted below..)

  • The next Level 1 begins Sept 19 & 20 2012, watch for details..

  • Each quarter we will work with one topic and ask you to use practical tools. Even though these tools are to help us live in the higher vibrations of the future, the idea is to ground the information in your daily life now.

  • This journey is designed to help you carry more of your spirit within your physical body and to use it in your daily life.  Because the group meets monthly, it gives you 28 days to incorporate it into your life before the next piece is given. It is designed for very rapid personal growth as one piece activates the next.

  • Weekly homework video's and audio's are emailed to you to keep us connected and in the practice work together
  • Classes are a combination of live presentation and pre-recorded audio and video material selected and edited from previous LM 1 trainings. We do this intentionally to give you what we consider to be the "best of the best" material.

  • We do not recommend nor make any arrangements for skipping months. The Journey builds on each session. We know sometimes life happens, but we also want you to walk into this with a realistic view of your commitment.

  • The Light Master Journey is an advanced course.  This means we will not take our time during these important sessions to explain fundamentals. These fundamentals can all be received through the free video series Fundamental Light available in the Evolution Center.

  • We will have regular Q & A Sessions as well as e-mail and telephone assistance to help you personally integrate this work.

  • Attend sessions during the intial airing or through the recorded archives which will usually be posted within 4 hours after each initial broadcast. Most of the meetings will have lightwork assignments (homework). If attending through the archives please try to attend the session in a timely manner as we don't want the rest of the class to get too far ahead.  This will be important in reporting on your lightwork assignments, surveys, and communication with us.

  • All Journey meetings will be recorded and made available for viewing in the Evolution Center usually within 4 hours of the the close of the event.  They remain available for for 60 days. All files will also be downloadable to your computer in a Windows Media Video format. .wmv.  You will need Windows Media Player. (Already installed on most windows computers. Free download here.)

  • We consider this group our inside team with similar rights previously only afforded to those who took our Metaphysicians Training. 

  • Certification at any level of Light Master fullfils the teacher training audit requirement for receiving Teaching credentials for the OverLight training program.

  • Several convenient payment options are available:

From Jan about the LightMaster course

"Just wanted to say that tonight’s class was absolutely awesome! Thanks to you and the Group for a wonderful experience. I’ve really been feeling the energy shift of late, and this was exactly what I needed. Looking forward to tomorrow’s class."

LightMaster Level 1

1st Quarter= EXPANSION What is it, how to get there and how to live there.

2nd Quarter= HARMONICS Once you expand, how to harmonize the world around you.

3rd Quarter= MAGNETICS Learning to use and control your field consciously. - Experience Magnetic Everpresence and Invisibility.

4th Quarter= RHYTHM Becoming aware of your personal rhythm and how to change it at will.


LightMaster Level 2 (requires completion of LightMaster 1)

1st Quarter= LightGrounding   Making it easier for all to ground their own light and find passion.

2nd Quarter= Healing and OverLaying the Matrix.  A human Energy Matrix does not change throughout an incarnation. But it is possible to clean, heal and generally repair scar tissue that we carry in our matrix.

3rd Quarter= Discerning Responsibility  Stepping into the Age of Empowerment by using Responsibility as a leveraging tool.

4th Quarter= Movement within Time       Concepts of Time. True meaning of the Golden Mean Signature of time imprints and moving time elements on the fabric with time shifting experiments.

From Judith about the Light Master Course

"Light Master Level 1 laid down the foundations. Level 2 is where the expansion begins in earnest and the magic of creating the path under our very feet becomes reality. A powerful process of transformation and remembering. Like the 20 watt lightbulb that realizes it can hold 20,000 watts ... and much much more. The mind may struggle and throw up doubts, but the heart knows the truth. And Steve and the Group lovingly firmly lead the way."


LightMaster Level 3 FINAL  "The Integration."

From Claudia about the LightMaster course

"This evolutionary program is professionally designed (including scientific and spiritual knowledge) to propel you forward onto your path. It deepens your understanding about the happenings, changes and occurrences not only on a personal level, but teaches you the tremendous effect we all have on a global scale while working through it. Steve truly is a Master Teacher!!"

From Paul about the LightMaster course

"Thanks Steve and Barbara. The lightmaster course is very cutting edge. I am learning so much from it as someone who has been in lightwork since 25 years. Great job! Thanks!"

The Lightworker Light Master training is a year long journey we will take together while working with new tools and playing at the cutting edge of the new energy.This course is not for everyone and this is what we term an "advanced class" that will not cover the basics or fundamentals. This will be the space where we will talk about and try out all the new concepts and techniques the group is giving Steve.

This is the inner group of people within the personal setting of the Evolution Center who will be the first to try out all of the ideas and important tools for Mastering Light as they come in from the group.
This course is for people willing to look at their entire life from a different perspective. If you have not been willing to rethink areas of your life that are not working, then this is not a course for you. The work we will be doing will move fast and may very well bring up issues previously hidden or thought to have been cleared. If this does happen to you it will help you clear the issue on much deeper levels.

The words "LightMaster" are a human invention from this side of the veil but we offer them proudly to illustrate the high level of integrity and inner work this course requires and the high amount of light you carry in all areas of your life as a result of the work we will do together.

We will offer you a different way to look at your own life. Once you have multiple perspectives then you can decide which visions of yourself empower you the most. We will help you take them as your own and incorporate them into your being by using the principles in your own daily life with the aid and guidance of the class. We will help you to see your own inner beauty until you can learn to see that beauty and express it in all that you do.

Steve Rother is a global empowerment teacher. This course will generally be taught by Steve but could occasionally have guest speakers or ion house experts. This is not follow the leader. It's all about learning to follow yourself. During our time together we wish to show you the world through the eyes of the group and the ideas that will help us all to carry more light in our physical bodies.

We will turn you loose to interact with your world using these tools. The data is collected and discussed at the next meeting. Also special Q & A sessions will be given to cover any subjects within the year. This is the inside mastery group that Steve will share the most recent ideas from the group with and detail what they are currently working on.

In this course you will see that Steve teaches from the human perspective. He will share with you experiences through his process that he considers great successes as well as those he considers to be least successful. Since a majority of this course will be based on the very latest information from the group it is expected that Steve will be presenting the majority of the time.

In the setting of the Evolution Center at you have an exceptional range of electronic teaching tools.

There will be twenty four 90 minute segments per year. See schedule below.

We will honor this course as the teacher training requirement for teaching the OverLight series of seminars. (To be able to teach any OverLight modality, you must have attended two trainings -online is also accepted, one at regular pricing and the other an audit at half price, and paid your classification fee. This plus this year long course qualifies you as an OverLight teacher of the specific Modalities you have trained in.)

This course is virtual and continually evolving and changing. The energy we build together with this special group of people is important to the work we will do.

This is a Lightworker Certified course, Certificate of Light Master will be issued in your name upon completion of one year.

From Lezlee about the LightMaster course:

"I had been feeling a little icky about my ex leaving. I thought this might be the last time I ever see him as he drove off with the last of his things and had met his nice new girlfriend who is probably a pretty good match for him now. I rose too quickly and he couldn’t keep up. I heard then from my higher self “step up” AND “you can’t step up with your heart closed” and I laughed and laughed, THEN I saw a bumper sticker that said “Breathe” which I MYSELF designed 8 years ago. I stopped dead in my tracks on my walk through this parking lot and was stunned at this very REAL manifestation of a physical sign directly from my higher self. WOW!

I knew you’d love this story! Thank You SOOO much!

Love, Lezlee"

For questions contact Meg Adamson-Gour +1 702-871-3317 ext 3


Seminar Fee: $1195USD

Registration is limited.  

Payment options available, see below for details.

Date and Time Schedule.:

Please see all classes listed below.


Lightworker's Online Evolution Training Center

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Upon registration a confirmation email will be sent out serving as confirmation of your registration.

Approximately 24 hrs before the first scheduled day, you will receive an email to the address you provided at registration with a link and login userid and password. Please be sure to check your spam folders in case your computer does not recognize our sending email address.

A high speed internet connection is required. There is no telephone access to our online events as we stream both audio and video.

All sessions will be recorded and made available to the registrants for playback and download 4 hrs after each initial airing.

Register Here- For Level 1 Only

Pay In Full $1195 USD

Pay $100 deposit and automated equal monthly payments of $100 for 11 months

Pay $200 deposit and automated equal monthly payments of $200 for 5 months

Pay $600 deposit and pay $600 March 15 2012 (automated billing on cc)

REGISTER HERE For Level 1 Only

Registration is limited. There is a $150 non refundable deposit required to register.

Lightworker Metaphysician's receive a 50% discount.
Please call the central office for registration at +1 702-871-3317

CLASS SCHEDULE: (all class times are posted below in Pacific Time )

Level 1-2012
Sept 19 &20- 6pm PT
Oct 11 & 12- 6pm PT
Nov 20 & 21- 6pm PT
Dec 18 &19
- 11am PT

Level 1- 2013
Jan 22 & 23- 6pm & 11am PT
Feb 26 & 27- 11am PT
Mar 19 &20- 6pm & 11am PT
Apr 18 & 19- 6pm PT
May - 21 & 22- 6pm PT
June - 19 & 20- 6pm PT
July - 17 & 18- 11am PT
Aug - 13 & 20- 6pm & 11 am PT **Note BOTH date changes from August 14 & 19 to 13 & 20**

Level 2- 2012- Class Schedule Only. Registration links were sent via email to eligible students. Please contact the office if you did not receive.

Sept 26 & 27- 11am PT
Oct 10 & 11- 11am PT
Nov 20 & 21- 11am PT
Dec 18 & 19 6pm PT

Level 2- 2013
Jan 17 & 18- 11am PT
Feb 27 & 28- 6pm PT
March 20 & 21- 11am PT (March 21 will be a special merged class with LM level 3 students and the Oracle)
April 16 & 17- 6pm PT
May 16 & 17- 11am PT
June 18 & 19- 6pm & 11am PT
July 16 & 17- 6pm PT
Aug 20 & 21- 6pm PT


Level 3- 2012- Class Schedule Only. Registration links were sent via email to eligible students. Please contact the office if you did not receive.

Sept 13 & 14- 11am PT
Oct 4 & 5- 6pm PT
Oct 29 & 30- 6pm PT
Dec 27 & 28- 11am PT

Level 3- 2013
Jan 16 & 17- 6pm PT
Feb 19 & 20- 11am PT
March 21 & 22- 6pm PT (* please note the March 21 6pm class has been moved to 11am and merged with Level 2 for a special Oracle presentation healing and activation)
April 17 & 18- 11am PT
May 22 & 23- 11am PT
June 20 & 21- 11am PT
July 18 & 19- 6pm PT
Aug 22 & 23- 6pm PT

OverLight Modalities are for people wishing to move forward in personal and spiritual evolution.  Practical spirituality for real people. 1

Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of and the VirtualLight Broadcast. 
5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents.  5 books now in 15 languages.

This event will include regular channels throughout from "the group"


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