Paths 2 Empowerment

6 - 90 minute events
Online in the Evolution Center

January 24, 25,
February 28 & 29
11am-12:30pm US-Pacific Time
March 6 & 7 2012
6pm-7:30pm US-Pacific Time

The Three Stage Healing Modality taught in a special 6 session intensive.
Changing lives with a Multidimensional modality using
Words, Vibration and Hands on.

OverLight 4


Play each video to hear more from Steve about Inverse Wave Therapy

What Negative Behaviors rule your life that you would like to change?




Fear of Flying
Fear of Heights
Fear of Intimacy
Fear of Public Speaking
Fear of Snakes, Spiders
Any Fear or Phobia
Habitual Money Trouble
Major Trust Issues
Sexual Problems
Sexual Abuse
Relationship problems
Communication blocks
Poor Self Image
Writing blocks
Energy Illnesses
Chronic Fatigue
Weight problems
Most illnesses are created from repetitive negative behaviors, change that behavior and your body can then heal itself. 

3Inverse Wave Therapy is a tool to help people change and remove the blocks that hinder their lives.  From major fears and phobias to annoying negative habits or behaviors that never seem to go away and quietly rule your life.  These are the walls and subconscious blocks that Inverse Wave Therapy can help your clients change forever!

See detailed description below:
Inverse Wave Therapy

The Group states that who we are in each moment is determined by the vibrational wave pattern that we place in front of us in the linear time frame.   We live in the illusion of a linear time with a Past, Present and Future. Simply put; who we are is determined by who we think we are going to be.  4That thought is a vibrational wave pattern waiting for us to walk into it as we step into our future. 

8The basis of Inverse Wave Therapy is simple:  Identify the wave pattern that is creating your reality and expose it to the exact opposite wave pattern to neutralize it. This same technology is used everyday in our world in many applications including sound cancellation technology.  Once you remove the outside influences then you can easily re-write a new past to support the empowered human you wish to become.  Then you will become who you really believe that you are.

". . I experienced it as both sound and breeze and light that enveloped me, caressed me, loved me, communicated with me, received me, filled my whole space with harmony and joy, and saw how the vegetation around me was part of it all, as I am part of it as well. Quite an increadibly beautiful experience! And I’m just so grateful for it!

I’m sure this experience will develop into much more, now that it has set me free – and I thank you for helping me along!

All my love, cristina"



The techniques taught in this OverLight modality will produce profound changes in your clients and their families.  The material in this course is based on the concepts and ideals first seen in the book Spiritual Psychology. 

Take this course for yourself or become a trained Inverse Wave Therapy facilitator and offer it to others.

Read complete description of Inverse Wave Therapy here>




Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of

This event will include a Live Channel from "the group"

This course is teaching a healing modality for you to facilitate others. 

Steve will be using videos of past classes that they have taught as illustrations.

For your fullest enjoyment it will be helpful to have a message table or similar and a few willing volunteers to practice on.

Big hugs


CertificateThis course is part of the OverLight system and a certificate of completion is issued upon sucessful completion of the course. This certifies you in these techniques and idealology for use with clients.

This program is the same as the in person seminar training we have offered in years past, but has been reworked for online application.

We will also be offering a Teaching credential program online for this modality in the near future. Watch for announcements coming soon.


First Time Offered Online!

Presented online in the Lightworker Evolution Center

Recordings will be made available for playback/download within 4 hours of the initial airing so you may watch on your time schedule.

All live sessions will be recorded and available for playback and download in video and audio formats for 60 days after the event.


If you have not participated in any of our online webinars before you will need to test your computer (test by playing the Welcome link under the free section from the below link.) If you do not receive audio and video, click the test compatibility link at the top and download and INSTALL Microsoft SilverLight. Please read this page carefully and ensure your system has all the noted requirements in plenty of time before the event.

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Upon registration a confirmation email will be sent out serving as confirmation of your registration.

Approximately 24 hrs before the first scheduled day, you will receive an email to the address you provided at registration with a link and login userid and password. Please be sure to check your spam folders in case your computer does not recognize our sending email address (

A high speed internet connection is required. (1MB per sec or better) There is no telephone access to our online events as we stream both audio and video.

All sessions will be recorded and made available to the registrants for playback and download within 4 hrs after a live presentation.

For any questions or inquiries please call Meg Adamson-Gour +1 702-871-3317 ext 3


Registration Information


Seminar Fee: $295 for 6 sessions
Certified OverLight Facilitators receive $25 discount.
Ordained Lightworker Metaphysicians receive $50 discount.

This Event will include a live channel from "The group"
Space is limited register early.

Please note: There are two choices for registration

If you wish to receive your certificate mailed to your home address, it is an additional $20 USD fee- please choose registration plus certificate.

Otherwise, regular registration of $295 will include an emailed pdf certificate upon completion of the course.

Registration plus certificate mailed to your home:

Pay in full $315 USD

Pay $120 deposit and automated payment of $100 a month (our monthly billing amounts are kept at an equal number and this option rounds up to $320 USD)

NEW!! Family discount $25 USD- to qualify for the "Family" discount, you must have certification as an OverLight Facilitator, OR have attended a minimum of six premium online webinars.

Family Discount Pay In Full $290 USD

Family Discount $100.00 deposit and automated monthly payments of $98 for 2 months. 


Registration (with emailed pdf certificate)

Pay In Full $295 USD

Pay $100 deposit and an automated payment of $100 for 2 month  (our monthly billing amounts are kept at an even number and this option rounds up to $300 USD)

NEW!! Family discount $25 USD- to qualify for the "Family" discount, you must have certification as an OverLight Facilitator, OR have attended a minimum of six premium online webinars.

Family Discount Pay In Full $270 USD

Family Discount $100.00 deposit and automated monthly payments of $88 for 2 months. 

Lightworker Metaphysician's and Light Masters receive $50 USD discount. Please call the office to register and redeem your discount
+1- 702-871-3317 Ext 1 and speak to Charmaine Lee

If you are an existing Over Light Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology and intend this training to be your audit, please call the Lightworker offices to register.
Ext 1 and speak to Charmaine Lee

For any questions or inquiries on the material or training, please contact Meg Adamson-Gour  +1-702-871-3317  Ext 3 or email Meg here:

Registration is limited. There is a $100 non refundable deposit required to register.




1OverLight Modalities are for people wishing to move forward in personal and spiritual evolution.  Practical spirituality for real people.

Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of and the VirtualLight Broadcast. 
5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents. 
Author of 5 books now in 15 languages.

Certification as an OverLight Inverse Wave Therapy Facilitator is given upon completion of this training.


See our deposit and registration policy here.

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