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You are not here by accident. We are very happy that you have found us. Here at Lightworker you will find a joyous re-union in progress. It is a re-union of people re-connecting to their own power and each other. We invite you to join in on any level that you feel comfortable. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.

Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.  The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.

The monthly Beacons of Light~ Reminders from Home are translated into several languages each month and have been presented at the United Nations five times on two continents.  Here at Lightworker we will not tell you which way to turn or if you are right or wrong as those concepts are an illusion of the polarity that we are now leaving.  What we will offer is a view of humanity from the perspective of spirit, not to help you ascend off the Earth, but rather to help you have a wonderful human experience while you are here. 

We hope you enjoy your time spent here. It is a very special place for us and we are glad you have found us… Welcome Home.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges
Steve & Barbara Rother

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Hi Lightworkers,

As you can see we have been busy!  We have upgraded our entire system for Lightworker.com as we had completely outgrown the old site and this change will give us the room to grow securely.

Let me first explain that Lightworker is a non profit corporation and thus resources may slow our plans, but we have big plans ahead for new interactive programs and video features.

For now these are the features that are open: The VirtualLight Broadcast is being delivered live each month and all of the past broadcasts are set up with free unlimited viewing, including downloads of each segment.

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home Library is also now available.

The 8 Sacred Rooms of Creation

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Re-member Cards

Our Sister site Paths2Empowerment.com has much of the work of Steve and Barbara in video and we will be offering more here soon.

Thanks for being a part of the family, we are honored that you are here.

Steve, Barbara and the entire Lightworker Team

 Latest Beacons of Light

~ Your Piece of the Puzzle on the Gameboard ~

July 18, 2016

Greetings Dear Ones.

You are on a path of joy. We have watched as many of you have started to evolve in so many different ways, and this day we wish to share that you have a very unique light. It is your light which has often been missing from the world around you. So, that is what we are asking all of you to do in this time we have together. You have changed planet Earth drastically and it continues to adapt moment by moment. […]

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Upcoming Event in the Evolution Center:
The Duality Factor: Hidden in Plain Sight

August 5 & 9, 2016


What will be taught in this event-
From the group:

The energy has increased in intensity over the past few months. The duality factor is playing out globally. Every choice becomes more important as the path of least resistance becomes more evident. It’s a new world, it’s a new dimension. Tensions are naturally high as the comfort of normal is, at times, forcibly and suddenly removed. Sometimes it seems one is frozen in time, unable to move in any direction. Most have been attempting to stay out of the way of change and hide long enough to let it blow over. . . but it never will.

In the times of empowerment, many people are feeling disempowered and the revolt is clearly in progress in many ways. The revolt takes many forms and has done so for many years now often under different labels. At this point it is often a revolt for the sake of revolting rather than actually attempting to correct something. Recent revolts on earth are around globalization, corporations having power, the shrinking middle class and inept government.

It is helpful to keep in mind our views of humanity in general as you have lived a very long time in a field of duality. It is how you learned to see things as normal in the first place.  Duality  basically means seeing things in opposites. As a race of beings humanity has both thrived on and been impeded by duality. It has been used to define each of you as different and those differences gives you identity and uniqueness.  A special place among many.  More than just pride, it gives a person a base from which to work and a purpose.

Today we see that many on earth argue a position because they inherited it from their parents  Generational hate is spread in the same manner. It is taught. These, and more are the pitfalls of duality.

In drastic times of change humans are predictable.  When in fear, people will tend to step backwards on their path to feel safe. It is simple human nature to do so and should not be judged. The sad part to watch is the intentional propagation of fear for the purpose of control. It is the oldest trick in the book, and yet it often succeeds.

Watch for the game of opposites to play out in major issues and look away from the edges of duality. They will always draw your attention yet rarely deserve it.  Attempts to see from another perspective will yield big results during these times. Learning to search for the third aspect will remove your world from duality.

“33rd in the Grand Book of Customs of Mu: “Man lives in a field of duality but exists in multiples of threes.” The 33rd custom is about learning to see beyond duality by seeing the third aspect of everything.  Even in relationships where two people are engaged, it will not be stable until a third leg is formed usually by something they have in common that they both put energy into. The same is true with all of life. In times on earth when people are looking to extremes for answers, learning to see everything in three’s pulls the game out of duality and into understanding.”

New worlds await when one can see them. Stepping away from the edge of the cliff will not only be safer but will yield a wider angle of perception.

Humans have entered the age of empowerment. Stepping out of duality does not mean that one will lose identity.  Quite the opposite, your uniqueness and individuality will play a much larger role in your world to come.  It is difficult to understand that your perceived weaknesses are actually your hidden strengths and yet when you do a whole new world opens before you.  Search for the ways you are alike rather than the ways in which you are separate and begin to see the world with an understanding of Universal Mathematics of three’s.


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Amor Stories- Episodes 1-5


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Amor Episode 1- Amor’s takes the “Walk into Life”

Amor Episode 2- Amor chooses a tutor and makes Conscious Contracts.

Amor Episode 3- Amor learns of Forgiveness

Amor Episode 4- Amor learns the meaning of Friendship

Amor Episode 5- Amor goes on a quest to the Enchanted Forest

Each episode of the Amor series is designed to awaken your consciousness and remind you how to create an Empowered Society on Earth, again.



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