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Stepping into Action
Building the Lightworker Dream

Lightworker is growing and now you have an opportunity to join the team as we build the dream.

How You can Help
History Building our Team Why Non-Profit?
Donations   Volunteer Services
Into Action Donations


In February of 1996 Steve Rother began receiving and publishing messages on the Internet from loving entities simply known as "The Group." These became the monthly messages from Home that now make up the Beacons of Light Meditations. These messages were about personal empowerment and human evolution. Today, those messages have spread globally, and to form the base of the organization known as Lightworker.

Building the Team:

Many people have come together to form this organization, and now the work of Lightworker is spreading far beyond the original work of Steve, Barbara and the Group. Our sister site PLANETLightworker is an example of how this work is spreading and the commitment of our volunteer staff. The Lightworker organization is dedicated to helping people discover their own empowerment and providing a platform for this to happen.

We are at a stage of our growth where we are opening up areas for others to participate in more active roles as this family of Lightworkers grows even larger. The team of active people at Lightworker is once again expanding, and now we are pleased to offer you a personal invitation to participate as part of our team.

Why Non-Profit?

With the help of some key people, a platform for this work has been carefully constructed and is now in place ready to grow. On September 4th 1999, the Lightworker corporation was formed and granted non-profit status by the State of California. The board of directors are highly respected healers and teachers in the metaphysical community. After careful consideration we decided on the non profit form of organization. This allows us to give something in return for your support. Donation receipts are now given for qualifying Lightworker events.

How Can I Help?

Below we have outlined some ways that you can be a part of this work and help build the dream. If the information from the Group has helped you in the past we ask you to consider helping us to make this message of empowerment available to many more people.

Financial Support:

Financial donations are most useful and needed for this work to expand. We are accepting funding to expand, and that is the primary use of all monies we will collect. We have reached a lot of people with the technology from our web sites. The cost for our web sites is a large part of our expenses. We have many projects on the horizon that will help connect Lightworkers worldwide. With relatively little funding we can make this work of empowerment reach far beyond our original dreams. Donations to Lightworker are fully Tax Deductible as a charitable contribution. TO Donate in $20 increments please go to the Lightworker Store. For repeating and odd amount donations please see the Action Form.

To find our more about participating Click here.

Donations of Usable Goods

We are rapidly expanding and can use much in the way of equipment, computers, printers, office furniture and similar items. Computer equipment, office equipment and furnishings are also required to help us build this organization. All Items that are donated that include transportation to San Diego are the most useful but we will consider all offerings. To donate an item please send an e-mail to listing the particulars, including any technical specifications and weight if available. Please also let us know if you will be donating transportation costs to get it to us.

Volunteer Services

As this organization grows, there are many ways you can help. In most cases, volunteer services are not tax deductible. Still, there is much to do, and if you see a place where you can be in your passion we would like to hear from you. We are very proud to have a volunteer team that spans the globe. As we enter this new era of higher vibration we will expand the team even further. Organizational help of all kinds is required even to organize the volunteers. Technical and HTML web development help is needed to help us move into our next level. Editorial help is needed at the PlanetLightwoker magazine web site, as are content providers. Graphic arts, printing, book distribution and more are all required to bring this co-creation into reality. The current list of volunteer services requirements can be found at:

It is an exciting time to be here on the Planet as we step into our next stage of evolution. We invite you to take an active part of this work by stepping into action with us. If you have felt that the Lightworker message has helped you, and you wish to help spread that message in return, here is your chance. Together we are co-creating Home on this side of the veil.

Welcome Home
The Lightworker Board of Directors
Lorena, Barbara, Steve, Sandie and Ron

Step into Action

Treat each other with respect,
                                        nurture one another
                                                   and play well together..

..the Group