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OverLight 1  "Spiritual Psychology"

A course on intuitive spiritual counseling

Focusing on the
Energy Matrix- Energy Stamps and the
12 Primary Life Lessons

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The OverLight series is produced by Lightworker Paths to Empowerment Seminars in cooperation with local hosts.  Below are our hosts for each event.

Atlanta, GA Feb 8 - 13 2004 OverLight Spiritual Counseling

Jean Adrienne

When you speak to anyone seriously involved in metaphysics or New Age studies, they will tell you that the Earth’s energy is shifting toward enlightenment. Jean Adrienne and her work is a serious part of that shift.

Jean Adrienne is healer, teacher, lecturer and creator of Quantum change. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She also completed University of the South’s four year Education for Ministry Program.

Jean developed and offers the InnerSpeak process. InnerSpeak helps to facilitate communication, healing, empowerment and Spiritual growth. It is a process of assisting people in “listening” to their bodies and helping them remove both spiritual, emotional and physical obstacles.

Jean is a Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki and Seven Rays Master and uses these tools in her healing sessions. She is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizadek.

Soul Adventures, Jean’s first book, is the story of her soul from its inception many lifetimes ago to this present incarnation. In this book, you are led on a mystical journey of intrigue, through pain, guilt, hatred, rejection and death, until she finally finds the Unconditional Love she has always longed for. You get to be with the heroine as she remembers who she really is and why she is here. You are shown how to create the reality you desire, manifest your destiny, and find your authentic self, meeting your Angels, Teachers and Guides along the way.

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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 040404  OverLight Transition Team Modality 
See more information here.

Hosts are:
Michael and Melainah Yee ~ The call of the dolphins brought them together and in 1999 they formed the "Family of the Dolphins ~ Ka Ohana O Nai'a," a ministry to educate people about the dynamic spiritual connection between humans, dolphins and whales: The Cetacean Nation.

Michael and Melainah adhere to the ancient Hawaiian belief in the Aumakua (Spirit Guardians and Ancestors) which parallels the Native American totem belief systems. Their acknowledged Aumakua are the dolphins and whales (Nai'a and Kohola) consecrated in the ancient Hawaiian ritual, Ho'o Mautua, as performed by a Kahuna Pule.

Together they perform many sacred ceremonies and rituals in the Hawaiian tradition including weddings, blessings and spiritual journeys on the land and guided dolphin swims in the ocean, and invite others to join them and participate in this profound awakening of consciousness.

As an optional experience they will lead us on a Dolphin swim.

See their web site here.

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Elspeet, Holland   May 2 - 7 2004 New Location!
OverLight Spiritual Psychology ~ The 12 primary Life Lessons
Henning Linde and Mariana Beek
Contact them from the US at +31 30 2459616 or + 31 616 098 067 (10:00 am – 6.00 pm) or from Europe at: 031 030 2459616 or  031 0616 098 067 (10:00– 18:00 )

Henning has studied many different aspects of counselling and coaching and currently works as a trainer.  After working for years as a manager for the government, he decided to choose the highest level of joy and to start working as a trainer and spiritual counsellor. 

Mariana had worked as an artdirector and webdesigner for years when after some inspiring trainings on personal leadership she decided to follow her passion and is now studying towards certification as a polyenergetic therapist (someone who combines hypnotherapy, NLP, regression– and reincarnationtherapy, working with energy, communication and joy) and is interested in intuitive and vibrational healing.

As individuals and together, Henning and Mariana offer their own creative combination in training, intuitive and spiritual counseling, focussing, hypnotherapy, regressiontherapy, energywork, NLP, EFT, intuitive painting, essential oils, etcetera.
Both continue to follow their passion and choose the highest level of joy in their lifes.

Henning and Marianna will soon be presenting the "8 Sacred Rooms" from
Lightworker as two of the first Lightworker endorsed trainers.

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Baltimore, MD May 23 - 28 2004  OverLight Foundation Modality

Ruth M. Pocsai, Ph.D.
Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling was earned from the University of Metaphysics, a parent body of the International Metaphysical Ministry Seminary, granted on September 10, 2002, diploma in Applied Psychology from the UOL, Australia (1965), certified Past Life Therapist through AAPLE (1985), currently studying towards certification as a Life Coach.

From 1970 through 1984, Ruth was active in the Baltimore and surrounding areas introducing Color Awareness for better health, Sacred Geometry, Mandala Therapy and related metaphysical topics in workshops, seminars, local libraries, schools, and classes. During that time she served also at the Maryland Branch of the Theosophical Society as secretary, newsletter editor, activities coordinator and in 1983 as President of the Baltimore Lodge.

Currently, Ruth provides services in Regression Therapy, Amiel healing/energy balancing, intuitive counseling and ministerial services.

Ruth facilitates a weekly Circle of Light meeting in the Baltimore area,  Her web site can be found here>  and the Circles of Light Meetings can be found here>

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San Diego, CA  August 1-6 2004  OverLight Foundation Modality

Carol Holaday

Carol is a staff member who is responsible for much of Lightworkers inner workings.  Known as the Crystal Lady her knowledge of the mineral kingdom and the healing arts is extensive.  Teacher, healer and Crystal translator.

Her web site is>

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