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We are constantly asked to provide links to other sites. Unfortunatly it is not possible to accomodate all the requests we recieve. We have limited the links to only those who volunteer or provide services to the Lightworker organization. We are very proud to share these sites with you here.

Please see the
Extended Family links
that include hosts, staff and volunteers that make the Lightworker family grow.

kryon.jpg - 21538 Bytes If you have not yet read this or seen this work we highly recommend it.  Directly from the heart and an important part of this family. The Kryon magazine "In Spirit" is also online.  Lee Carroll and Kryon have activated many famous channels including The Group through Steve Rother and Tobias through Geoff Hoppe.  Wonderful teachings of love and wonderful people make the Kryon site a special place. 

Children of the New Earth. Makeing the planet
safe for all of our Higher Vibrational Children.
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ronna.gif - 5576 Bytes Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman is a part of this family.  Steve & Barbara have done several seminars with Ronna.  We are proud to call her a very dear friend.
Isha Lerners is the author of both decks available on the Lightworker site. She also offers private readings a newsleter and much more. The Sedona Journal of Emergence Offers Source Answers - Channeled Material - to Satisfy the Heart and to Inspire Lives

Earth Keeper  Tyberonn began his work with the Hot Spot section of Lightworker.  Now he has published a book and has a very active web site and is teaching serminars.  See Tyberonn here> Crimson Circle is based on Geoff Hoppe channeling Tobias.  Known worldwide as leaders in the new energy Geoff and Linda travel the world connecting Shambra.  Geoff and Steve met around the Kryon seminars, started channeling about the same time and were very good friends even then. 

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