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Inner Child Cards

Welcome to the Inspiration Room.
Here you will find answers . . . you have only to re-member your questions. 
Visit here when you wish a gentle nudge from spirit. Enjoy the journey.

First choose a deck:
Cards by Isha Lerner

Inner Child Cards
A journey into fairy tales, myth and nature. Explore the mystical meaning of fairy tales, the healing journey of the Soul, and the sacred teachings of the tarot.

Power of Flowers
An Archetypal Journey Through Nature. Journey into the sacred wisdom of Natura; the soul of Nature, and the healing language of flowers.

Triple Goddess Cards

The Triple Goddess Tarot Online Reading offers you one of the twenty-six archetypal Goddess images, revealing the current healing and transformation process taking place in your life today. 
Cards by James Richardson
Elixirs of Life Cards
The Elixir cards are a simple tool for managing your inner state and choosing the way you want to feel. Enjoy.

More decks available soon

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