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This page is for Hosts of the Lightworker seminars.    updated 9/20/06

Thanks for asking us to your area. Together we can empower a lot of people. This is an area for hosts resources and files. You can click on any of the files below to download them on to your computer. Sorry these files are not Macintosh compatible. The top two files require Microsoft Word, Excel and or Office. Most Windows machines have these programs when you purchase the computer. When you click on the links below you will be asked where you want to save the files. The default in windows is the My Documents folder. Once you download the file please go to "Start" menu and click on "My Documents" You will find the file there. Just double click on it and it will open on your machine.

Registration Spreadsheet. NOTE: If the file does not download when you click on it then please right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" and save the file to a directory of your choosing. (File name "HostReg.xls") This is a very simple Excell File that will help organize registration. It is designed to work with our main registration system. PLEASE LIST LAST NAME FIRST.  If you will use this file it will greatly simplify things for us when we get to your city. Otherwise we need to enter all the data by hand the night before the seminar. We really appreciate your using this form. Call if you have any questions.

Private session schedule (File name "sessionschedule.doc")
This is a Word document to show the times schedule for booking private sessions. Use those or make your own but please stay with the times shown. If you need to vary times from this schedule please contact Barbara first. Occasionally people would like to schedule on the half hour instead of the hour and it simply does not work for us. Private session always fill up. When people call to inquire about or register for the seminar, please ask them if they wish a session. If they want more information you can refer them to the Private Session Page. There are times when we offer reduced or free sessions as part of our work. We do not offer those when we travel.

Acrobat Reader
We often send you fliers for your approval before we go to print. To speed up this process it is very easy to send these files to you in a PDF format. Most computer already have Acrobat reader on them . However if you try to open the file and Windows asks you which program you would like to open it in, this means that Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your machine. For this you will need the free program Acrobat Reader. Get the latest version free above. If you are a Corel Draw user we can send you these in the original CDR format. Just ask.

We look forward to working with you as we spread the Light!

Contact Charmaine at Lightworker (702) 871 3317 or by E-mail here>   E-Mail Charmaine

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