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Radio interviews are a great way to reach a lot of people.
Here is our formula for success:

Also see our Promotion page for the Radio and Television producers.

Give Steve a call in radio show in a local market near an upcoming seminar. We advertise the show on our web site with the call in numbers and we will fill the lines every time offering free 2 minute readings from the Group. Here we offer callers a look at themselves from the perspective of the Group. In 2 minutes or less we ask the caller to talk for just a few seconds while the Group shows Steve what we are going to talk about. They can ask a question or just get an overview on what the Group shows Steve first. It's a very grounded form of channeling and like Steve's private sessions this is a 'guided conversation'. With typical commercial breaks every 7 to 10 minutes this works out well.

We have never failed to fill the phone lines during the entire broadcast. In St.Louis recently there were callers from Australia and Israel. This was partly due to the fact that it was a 10 pm show and they had toll free international lines set up. In one show on Wisdom Radio Steve lost his connection on a commercial break and lines had to be cleared so he could call back in.

This is an e-mail I received from one of our Radio hosts Celeste Kelley in the "Good Heavens Ask Celeste" program.

April 29, 2002
Hello Steve
Just a quick note to tell you thanks again for making our show such a hit and ”forcing” the radio station to re-evaluate their phone system yesterday. The callers were wonderful and it was great that they called in from other countries. I thought you would want to know that yesterday’s show overwhelmed our phone system, we had 15 lines filled plus more people calling in each time we heard a beep on the phone. The staff couldn't make any calls out the entire two hours of the show because the incoming calls took over the entire phone system! I had warned them earlier but they didn’t think this would happen. ();-)

Ken, our producer, was awed by “the Group” and your professional manner. He said when you opened your mouth and all those things were coming out he was floored! He has been on his own studies but hasn’t gotten involved with psychics, channeling, and too much of the “occult” things that are out there. This was awesome for him, and he said he has been studying your website since the show.

See if there is a Monday in May or June you could return. You really can phone it in if you wanted to, but it wouldn’t be as much fun for us!

Love and hugs,
WSRadio Carlsbad, Ca.

On the Shadoworlds program in St. Louis we received calls from Israel, Australia and all over the United States.

One to two hours are preferred. Steve will not share the studio with another guest and still offer the 2 minute readings. If another interview format is preferred we will gladly offer that. Barbara always sit in and will require her own microphone and headset.

The Radio program will do best if it also has internet broadcast capabilities. Most radio stations do now. Toll free call in numbers are a must and international toll free numbers will bring international callers. 4 dedicated phone lines are preferred. We are concerned about exposing our callers to the frustration of dealing with unprofessional people at some radio stations. We do not concern ourselves with the popularity of Steve, Barbara and the Group in any given market. We are not trying to blow our own horn here, we simply want to make sure that the radio station is prepared and that they know that we will bring our own listeners and callers.

To discuss this event contact:
Barbara Rother at (702) 871 3317 or e-mail her here.

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