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The Intent of the Lightworker Corporation, is to provide space for empowered humans to gather and connect in Cyberspace. This is a place for Lightworkers built by Lightworkers. If you would like to take a more active role and join the team, there are many places where you may be of assistance. Listed below are some of the volunteer positions that we are looking to fill at this time.

If you would like to provide content or participate on any other level that you do not see listed, then please feel free to contact us here..

How can I help?

There are many ways you can be a part of this family. Showing your support by participating and being there for others is important work here. You can accomplish that in the message boards or the chat room by your presence. All of us are a different flavors of the truth and this is a place for those flavors to shine. If you do not see what interests you then consider starting a discussion of that topic or providing us with articles on that subject. We are interested in making a place for all to connect. Below we have listed some of the ways you can help us build this community. The focus of all the work of the Lightworker organization is to help others realize their empowerment. It is our intention to take this message of empowerment mainstream. The information from the Group has opened doors for Barbara and Steve to travel all over the world connecting the Circles of Light. It is the intent of the Lightworker organization to now open those same doors and help others in this family to step into their own empowerment. We're glad your with us. Together we are making a difference. Together we are creating our version of Home on this side of the veil.


If this work resonates with you and you wish to help us build this vision, we invite you to be a part of the Team that is now forming. In this respect we are looking for assistance in a number of areas. These range from simply supporting our work by making donations to organizing fundraising activities on our behalf. For further information please see the Lightworker Vision. or to make a donation go directly to the Lightworker Store to make donations or the Action form to make repeating or odd amount donations
Lightworker is a legal non-profit organization giving receipts for seminar registrations, private sessions and donations that reflect a charitable contribution to Lightworker.

Potential openings

Web Graphics

Web Designers -- VirtualLight Project.

The VirtualLight progject is one of the new area of Lightworker.  Take a look and see if there are any area where you might fit in.  Contact the VIrtualLight editor here.

Book & Music Store Manager

We have an active Bookstore at Lightworker. We would love to have a responsible person to keep the titles rotating and finding new Books and Music to add the the bookstore on a regular basis. Dreamweaver or HTML markup knowledge helpful but we will train.
Contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Music and Book Reviewer

We have a space for a Book and or Music reviewer. Each month we would like to have a written review submitted about the music world. Capturing feelings and expressing them as words is a special gift. Do you have this? Dreamweaver or HTML markup knowledge helpful but we will train.
Contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator..


Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Croatian, Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and others:

Our aim is to provide translations of the Beacons of Light Meditations every month. We need people who can start immediately, working backwards from the most recent Beacons of Light Meditation. . See a sample here. We are very proud of our translation team! If you are interested in being a part of this team, See the rest of the team here, please contact our Translation Team Manager for instructions.

Writers, Content Providers:

We encourage submissions of and proposals for articles on any topic of interest to our audience. Articles should be no longer than 1500 words in length, and should be accompanied by a brief biography, photograph of the author, and details of books, services or web site links that you would like promoted in return. Contact the VirtualLight submissions editor.

Proof Reading & Corrections:

Web Angels are people who shine their Lights in all corners looking for anything out of place.
Web Angels have the primary purposes of correcting mistakes or broken links on the sites.

To report Typos, Spelling and Gramatical errors please go here Corrections Page


Every month we do up to two seminars in the Paths to empowerment series. Each seminar has a live channel from the Group and these need to be transcribed into text in a word processor format. You will receive a tape to transcribe each month or twice a month depending on how much time you choose to devote.

For further instructions and detailed transcription information please click here. or contact our transcription co-ordinator Becky Hannah

Seminar Hosts:

Paths to Empowerment Seminars present a series of seminars with information from the Group. These events, from Steve & Barbara Rother are entirely hosted by people in local communities who are interested in connecting with others of like vibration. If you would like to host a seminar, we have put together a host packet that outlines all the details of how this works. This packet is not online. Click here to read this information on Hosting.


Treat each other with respect,
                                        nurture one another
                                                   and play well together..

..the Group