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Choice - - - Expressions of God

Greetings from Home.

Our re-unions with you are truly a special time for us. Through your choices you have set into motion a shift that will reverberate throughout the entire universe. It is us that are deeply honored to be in your presence. We offer you information to help you re-member your own power. Humanity is awakening and now reaching for a higher truth in all areas. This global awakening is only now possible because of the choices you have made thus far. The Game of Hide and Seek as you scripted it, has been won and now it is moving to the next level. These are exciting times throughout all of creation. You now stand at the door to your next stage of evolution. You are closer than you realize. As you evolve to higher levels, you also set the tone for other races to follow. For this reason all eyes are now upon you with great anticipation. You are honored more than you can understand.


Relax and breathe. Feel the energy as it enters through the top of your head and filters into your body with each breath. See your guides as they join you for the journey ahead. Feel them enter behind you, just over your shoulder. You may not see them but you can feel them there. Feel how they add to your own vibration and strengthen it. .
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Steve & Barbara Rother
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The Mills of Holland Oct 1999

I stood at the entrance. There was a feeling I received from simply standing there. I knew I was going inside but had not moved a muscle yet. I was enjoying the moment and had no need to move. I then stepped onto the first of three stairs leading up to the large wooden doors. Just as my foot hit the step the door opened and there they were. Their smiles preceded them in all that they did. Their gentle, loving, laughter was music to my ears. I took a breath and stepped up the last two steps into the now open doorway. They embraced me the way only they can. I was home and I really felt like one of the Group. I knew I was in for a treat. I was in my special place. I was in the familiar Tavern of Light that the Group had taken me to so often. This is where they brought me when there was something they wanted to show me personally. Here I have seen the secrets of the Universe. Here they have shown me the simplicity of all that is.

This time they tell me they have brought me here to see something from my own life. We all sat at a round table and they reached out as we took each other's hands. There was energy running through the circle and suddenly I found myself looking at events from my own life. I felt a little like Ebenezer Scrooge with eight ghosts standing next to me. They were showing me choices I had made in the past. They specifically shared with me some of the choices I had made that I thought to be wrong choices. It was interesting and I re-member that they showed me how one thing led to the other. Had I seen my life from this perspective before I could have saved a lot of time. But still, I could easily see that I needed to experience all that those choices had to offer to get where I was going. I asked how I could have made better choices. This is how they responded.

Special Request:

We offer you the following information for your own discernment. Please feel free to pass it to others who might find it of value. In doing so we ask that you include the copyright notice at the bottom of the meditation when sending it in whole or in part. This insures our ability to make this information available in book form to many not having access to the Internet. Publications interested in carrying this information as monthly columns are encouraged to do so. If material is edited for length please state at the top that this material has been edited and if the reader wishes the complee version they may find it at http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/ . Please notify us of your intent to publish at Lightworker (858) 748 5837 or Keeper@Lightworker.com. Thanks for helping to spread this Light.

Greetings from Home.

Our re-unions with you are truly a special time for us. Through your choices you have set into motion a shift that will reverberate throughout the entire universe. It is us that are deeply honored to be in your presence. We offer you information to help you re-member your own power. Humanity is awakening and now reaching for a higher truth in all areas. This global awakening is only now possible because of the choices you have made thus far. The Game of Hide and Seek as you scripted it, has been won and now it is moving to the next level. These are exciting times throughout all of creation. You now stand at the door to your next stage of evolution. You are closer than you realize. As you evolve to higher levels, you also set the tone for other races to follow. For this reason all eyes are now upon you with great anticipation. You are honored more than you can understand.

Rules of the Game

On your Gameboard you have recorded volumes of rules to help define your existence. The Game was an attempt to allow the Creator to realize definition by taking form in biology, behind a veil that makes you forget that you are in fact the Creator. You can see the humor from our perspective, as we see you attempting to define even the veil. In the simplicity of Home there are no such definitions or rules. This was actually the motivation for the Game in the beginning. It was your own rules that defined the Game that began the search for definition. We tell you that there is only one rule that you placed on the Game as originally scripted:

In all Matters there will be Free Choice

It is Free Choice which allows all action on the Gameboard to emulate the Universal energy. This prime directive allows the natural balance to be maintained during the Game. You have choice in all matters.

Scripting Contracts

All of your environment is a result of choice. Prior to each incarnation, you scripted contracts and set up lessons for yourselves. You asked people to play parts that set you up with the opportunity to repay, or accumulate karma. The contracts each of you scripted were many, yet there is only one rule to the Game. Therefore all contracts are only potential contracts until they are chosen on the Gameboard. It is the choice that activates the contracts. All that you experience is a direct result of the choices you have made.

Back-up Plans- - Alternate Contracts

Because you knew of this rule when scripting these contracts and because you are aware that the veil is very effective, all important contracts have back-up plans in place. Often you see these back-up plans in ways you would not expect. It is very often that a woman makes a contract to be a mother and role model for a little girl. Then at the last moment the contract is not fulfilled. Perhaps it is even the child that chooses against the contract being fulfilled. Often these contracts are fulfilled in the back-up plans and the woman finds herself forming a second marriage to a man who has a young girl to which she feels a special bond. In this case the contract of being a role model is fulfilled in the back-up plan. Often the back-up contract entails the birth of a grandchild to fulfil the original contract. Many possibilities are used as you are very imaginative in your scripting of these roles. It is important to re-member that there is never judgment about your choices. This is often difficult to understand in your humanness, but it is so.

Predisposed versus Predestined

When scripting your roles you often have particular areas you wish to encounter in each phase of the Game. This is the predisposition that you often carry into each life from previous lifetimes. Sometimes you carry in a lesson that was particularly painful or difficult, or one that caused you great karmic debts. All of your mastered attributes are available for you to bring forward if you choose. These are the reason you often find yourself in similar situations and lessons life after life. Often, this is thought to be what you have called destiny. You are not destined to anything, as all is free choice. You are usually predisposed as per your scripting of your own contracts.

Past Lives a Helpful View

This predisposition is seen within each lifetime in creating the same relationships again and again until you move past the lesson you have been trying to show yourself. You can not imagine how you managed to do it again and yet here you are. Here, it can be very helpful to view your past lives for clues to the predisposition you have placed in your path. Although past lives are helpful to view patterns, it is important to know that each lesson has firm root within experiences in your current incarnation. You have everything you need in the current lifetime to move to the next level. Use past life information for viewing patterns that run through multiple lifetimes. Even if you find the origin of a pattern in a past life, re-member that one must also clear the experiences within the current incarnation for change to begin. There is always a direct relationship with life lessons to experiences within the current lifetime.

The Choice is Yours

In your life experiences, you find that you are predisposed in certain areas. We tell you that even though you have predisposition, you have complete choice as to where each incarnation takes you. All seeds are placed firmly within your being at the beginning of each incarnation. Polarity enhances the opposites of your potential and we see you turning one way or the other. It is often that you find yourself drawn to things with no conscious explanation and we tell you that many times it is because this is the playing field that you have set for your own choices to unfold. Such is the case of the man who finds himself always at the ocean edge. The playing field he has chosen is the ocean. From here his choices can take him to playing the role of a captain of a stately vessel, or to the homeless person who resides on the docks. We wish to re-mind you that there is no judgment as to which role you choose. All choices are honored. The only question to ask is which one best enables you to experience your own lessons. It is always possible to change the roles if your circumstances are not to your liking.

Another example of these scripts in action is the young lady who chose to experience what you term abuse as a child. During these times on the Gameboard, the male energy has been overly dominant and the feminine has not been supported. Those that scripted roles including this abuse have provided the force needed to pull the pendulum of human advancement far to one side. In this time during the Game there are many who have chosen this particular life lesson. As a result of these vast numbers, much has been accomplished. As a direct result of this effort, it is now possible for the return of the feminine energy to the planet. This achieves the balance needed for the evolution that is now in progress. In this woman's situation, the scripts were written and the players knew their parts well, but it was her choice that determined the outcome of the Game. In this case she chose to walk into the contract and help balance the overall feminine energy of the planet through her experience of abuse. Today, this woman has further choice to either hang on to the resentment and allow it to drain her energy, or to use her experience to move forward and help others find balance.

Another example of predisposition would be the man who found himself playing the role of the judge that sentenced very harshly three lifetimes ago. In the next lifetime he again scripted a similar role to allow himself to make different choices only to find himself falling prey to his ego as his lesson of compassion eluded him once again. The next incarnation he placed himself once more with these similar attributes. This time his choices within that lifetime took him to a different conclusion and he found himself on the other side of the bench being the recipient of a very harsh and unjust sentence. This is a man who has a predisposition around the legal system. The final determination, about which side of the bench he will play his part, will be the choices he makes during his life on the Gameboard.

One who played an important role in the advancement of humanity called Hitler, also had choices. His predisposition was to be a leader who could have a profound effect on the Game and the advancement of humanity. How he chose to use that predisposition was a choice he made on the Gameboard. He also had the opportunity to be a leader who could have eased in an age of empowerment for all people on the Gameboard. Instead he fell to his ego and went in the opposite direction. It is important to note that either action would have had the same final effect. Ultimately, humans took their own power because he clearly showed the consequences of giving that power away.

Many now in your prisons also hold the predisposition to be great contributors to the Game. Their current environments, as are yours, are a direct result of the choices made on the Gameboard.

Choosing to Move Forward

You may often find yourself with similar life issues repeating life after life. You script them in this manner to help you master that particular attribute. Please do not judge yourself harshly when we tell you that it is common for you to experience the same circumstances for many lifetimes before making the choices that allow you to move on. In the lower vibration, from which you are evolving, it has been common to experience entire lifetimes without ever addressing the issues at hand. Because of your choices as a collective, that is now changing. Many of you are moving energy at an astounding rate. It is for this reason that we are so very proud of you. It also was within your choices to leave and return Home without dealing with the circumstances you have set up for yourselves. We are truly honored to be addressing so many who have chosen to boldly move forward. It is your choices that have made human evolution a reality. Understand that each and every choice is your birthright and the most important expression of the Creator within biological form.

Choosing by Default

It may surprise you to know that the vast majority of all choices made on the Gameboard are made by default. You have a statement in physics that illustrates this point. It simply states that a body in motion tends to remain in motion. Every aspect of your lives can be altered by choice. Free Choice on the Gameboard is the link that ties you directly to your Higher Self and therefore your full power. Another part of the Game are the veils you wear that so often keep you from seeing all of your choices. This is the difficulty that many experience. So many times one does not think they really have a choice and therefore a choice is made by default. The body in motion stays in motion unaltered by your own choice. Familiarity also hampers choice in similar ways. Much the way many resist healing because the pain is familiar, so you can also resist making choices that will cause change.

Please do not confuse these issues with making room for Spirit in your lives through synchronicity. A synchronistic lifestyle is a choice within itself. Your task is to hold your own power while remaining in biology. Once you have connected with that power, you will use it to create Home on your side of the veil. This can only be done by expressing your own heart through the choices you make. This is the Gift. This is the Gift that links you to your Higher Selves and to Home. We strongly urge you to use this link.

Cellular Memories - - - The Seed Fear

All experiences on the Gameboard are held within your biology as cellular memories. These cellular memories are the part of you that carry the predisposition. It is for that reason that often choices must be made in what would seem to be opposition to your own biology. This is being experienced now by many as the seed fear of Atlantis. As you begin holding your own power, a deep seeded fear appears reminding you of the last time you held such power. The destruction of Atlantis was needed for a cleansing yet it left many of you with a cellular memory that remains strong even today. The cellular memories within you, carry the predisposition from previous experiences as well as lifetimes. If you have been working on this same issue for several lifetimes there may be a strong resistance within your biology to move forward. This usually surfaces as an unexplained fear. There is a difference between these cellular fears and the knowing of your heart. Understand that all fear is simply a lack of knowledge. Find the missing knowledge then move forward to making the choices of the heart. Making choices from fear alone, is the way of the old energy.

The Secret of the Game

Life behind the veil would have you believe that there are choices that are correct and choices that are incorrect. The grand secret of the Game is that there are no wrong choices. All choice leads you to answers about yourselves and that is the nature of the Game. Follow your heart and let your search for passion in your lives lead the way. Know that there are no wrong choices. There is only feedback. Act as if you were Creator playing the Game, experiencing all that you can and enjoying the ride. For that is your true heritage. And above all, remember that all reality is only a small choice away. If you are not experiencing passion and joy in your life then please choose again.

Many of you reading and hearing our message do not see yourselves in the same Light as do we. We tell you that you have chosen to spread the vibration of the Light. Even those of you who do not think you do anything, breath a higher truth in every breath you take. You carry this light in every word you speak. In doing so you have chosen the title of Lightworker. This is a chosen title that is given freely to all. Although it is given to all, it is held only by a special few that actually do the work. You are those few. You are the precursors of the Light, and it is we who are honored to be in your presence.

Now is a time when you feel the nudge from spirit to move forward. Action is the catalyst that places all choices into motion. Feel your calling and move toward it now. It is time. It is now time to create Home on your side of the veil. Your choices have made this possible and now you are creating it. The love we hold for you as part of this great family has no expression in your world. Be aware that we are available to all who seek us. It is our greatest honor to be here with information during the time of your evolution. We hug each and every one of you when you allow it. We thank you for that opportunity. It is in love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.- - - The Group

This message was completed on a plane during a long ride to Holland. As this information came in, I became aware of the choices I have made and the ones I am now making. It is my passion to be here in this role of connecting family on a Global basis with this information. I have had a lot of roles I have played during my times here on Earth and most of them have just missed the mark of finding my passion.

The other day Barbara and I were talking. She had just bought a lottery ticket and wanted to look for the wining numbers. This naturally brought out a discussion about what we would do with the money. I don't need to tell you all that we've had this discussion before. This time it was different. This time we both realized that if we won the lottery we would do exactly what we were already doing. That was a big realization for me. This is my passion.

When I write this information the Group sometimes interacts with me in ways I re-member only later. This time it was immediate. As I was writing, they showed me how many of my own choices have placed me here. Many of the things I thought to be wrong choices were only setting me up for where I was going. Many times I didn't listen to the feedback from my choices but that only meant that I would usually repeat that choice again. It was only about four years ago that I started really listening. That was when everything started happening for me. If I could go back in time to tell myself a message it would be that I was much closer to my passion and my joy than I thought. It was only a slight shift that opened the doors for me.

Allow me to share that message with all of you. I know many of you are critical of your past choices and the circumstances in which you find yourself. Let me honestly tell you that you are much closer than you may think. If you're feeling stuck and not even sure where your passion is, have the courage to choose again.
BIG HUGS and gentle nudges

Steve Rother

Keeper of the Sword

~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Relax and breathe. Feel the energy as it enters through the top of your head and filters into your body with each breath. See your guides as they join you for the journey ahead. Feel them enter behind you, just over your shoulder. You may not see them but you can feel them there. Feel how they add to your own vibration and strengthen it. You have a confidence about yourself when they are around you like this.

Your guides tap you on your shoulder, as they have done so many times before. This means they are directing your attention to something they want you to see. Looking up you see a path ahead that was not there a moment ago. They motion you forward as you take the first step onto the path before you. Walking down the road you become aware that you are not alone although every time you look there is no one else.

Just around a corner now your vision widens, as the path grows into a street. On the left hand side of this street is a wooden building with a porch that circles the building. There is gentle music coming from this place. Two large wooden doors look very inviting as your guides nudge you towards the first of three steps. Stepping up, you suddenly notice that there are no other buildings on the street. Just then the doors open as if you were expected. A tall, burly man behind the counter looks up as you enter. He smiles and laughs in a very gentle, loving way and you feel very sure of yourself. His smile fills the room with Light. His laughter balances the energy and you instantly feel very safe, in fact, you feel very much at Home.

"We have been waiting for you. Glad you made it." he says with gentle laughter in each word. Looking around the room you see several thick, wooden tables and chairs. In the center of the room is a huge round table with twelve chairs. Off to the far end of the room is a door leading somewhere. "Where are we?" you ask. Now he laughs out loud and says "It's funny that you don't re-member being here. You have been here often." He stands up straight and tall and with great pride says "This is the Tavern of Light." "Welcome Home." His smile is now so wide that it fills the room with a bright white Light. You notice that even though the light is very bright that it does not hurt your eyes. In fact, this Light invigorates you.

Just then the door opens at the end of the room and you see eight familiar friends walking towards you. You can't quite place their names but you know them well. As they approach, you begin to feel an energy within you that is so strong that it makes you glow. The love you have for these beings is beyond description. They all begin to hug you in turn, as the man from behind the counter comes out for a proper hug. "Now that we are all here it is time for a special surprise." The elderly gentleman with a white beard lowers his finger and points to the round table in the center of the room. A quiet hush falls over the entire room as you take a seat at the table. As they all take a seat, they tell you that this is a special occasion. Just then, at the center of the table, you see a three dimensional holographic movie. It is a movie of your life with you as the star. An angelic woman speaks for the Group in a gentle voice: "Since your time on the Gameboard has been extended, we wish to show you some tools that you have carried all along, yet have been unaware of." "First let us take you back and show you your Game plan thus far." The hologram on the table now begins to show you some of your own past lives. You watch as the Group tells you something they wish you to know about your past lives.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Now we will take you to the choices you have made in this lifetime."

Once again the movie begins to show you some of the choices you have made in this lifetime and some of the resulting circumstances. Take a moment to observe.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Now let us take you on a final journey to see some of the potentials that await you on the path ahead:"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Coming back into the room, you now have a feeling of confidence and a sense of peace. You look around at the others at the table. They are all smiling widely with sparks of this gentle Light emanating from their eyes. Such love you fondly re-member and tears fill your eyes as they hold the space for you.

"The love we hold for you is much stronger than we have been able to tell you before." "The veil allows you to only see a very small portion of who we are and how much we love you." "Trust that we are here for you always." With that they all stand to say goodbye. "You carry the seeds of the Light from this tavern to all whom you encounter." "Offer your own smile and gentle loving laughter to all who will accept it." "Be aware of the choices you make and make them with confidence for we are with you always."

Then everyone stands in unison as the Group hugs you as only they can. Stepping out the front door of the tavern you now see that the street is full of buildings and activity. It is a scene from your own hometown and you know in that instant you are back where you began this journey. Returning now to consciousness you feel different. There is a confidence that is with you now that you carry, knowing that all is well and you are on your path. Every time you walk past a mirror you smile. In that instant you see the brief flash of Light in your own eyes that re-mind you of Home and the Tavern of Light, and you smile from deep within.

And so it is- - - - - - -

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