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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

August 15 2007

~ Zero- Point ~
The New Energy

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~ Re-minders from Home ~

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Copyright 2007 Lightworker. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part. User agrees that this copyright notice shall be included with the published material. And agrees that
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From Steve:

For some time the group has talked about balancing our energy.  What exactly does that mean? Here they give us a view of what is ahead and how we can prepare for it today? 

In the midst of any toronado or hurricane these is a magical energy where all things are balanced.  This energy known as Zero-Point Energy and was first brought to our attention by Albert Einstein..  Zero Point is the natural state at rest of all things.  But the group says it is much more, it is the energy that we will be living in everyday.  It is the energy of the New Energy.

Welcome to Zero-Point.  

Big hugs and gentle nudges. .

Steve Rother

Greetings from Home

12th Dimension Creation

Dear ones, you sit at the edge of yet another wonderful leap in evolution.  Even so, there are many of you who are feeling stuck.  It is as if you are doing everything correct, yet it seems that there is little forward movement.  This feeling of being stuck compounds when you see everyone around you moving very quickly.  Let us give you another view of that situation this day.  As all humans evolve, you will find that one of the most empowering points about being multi-dimensional is that it offers you multiple points of perception.  This multiple view of any situation is what we have labeled the 12th dimension.  Since your reality is created by the point from which you view it, it can be said that in the new energy all things begin in the 12th dimension.  There are new shortcuts to creation that are now possible and they will become popular over the next few years. These shortcuts begin the creation process by helping you to place your creation in the 12th dimension; we will help you to experience that in this very message. 

To view an event from multiple points of perception in the 12th dimension, one must have access to all points on the timeline.  The human race is evolving at a faster pace than any being ever expected.  This day your forward movement is again about to take another huge leap forward.  Many are even starting to assimilate the higher energy and feel comfortable in their bodies again. Yes, and as many of you are now thinking, some are still struggling.  Please know that there is no race to be the first and the time is perfect in any given moment.  To better understand what is before you this day, let us recap the most recent evolutionary shifts humanity is currently dealing with: 
The re-wire of humanity has begun and the two halves of your brain are now re-wiring to allow for a thinner veil than you have ever had before. This is a physical change that will not be fully ‘discovered’ for several years.  In short, the bubble of biology is being upgraded to hold an advanced form of human.  Since the re-wiring is in the physical level of vibration, other physical aspects are also affected.

The Re-boot is one of the areas that have reacted as computers everywhere are failing.  In particular, data storage devices you call hard drives are the most sensitive and the least likely to adapt to higher energy.  You have already seen and will continue to experience unexplained failures in this area, especially in large systems.  The crystals are re-wiring themselves to accommodate higher energy just as the physical body is.  In reality this is happening on all levels of the game.

The Sexual Energy Infusion is one of the other changes in progress. With your new wiring you have a new relationship to your own physical body.  It is a higher spirit moving into a new vehicle.  This will excite the physical as the aging process that slowly drains the physical body slows and stops, it finds a surge of energy. Because this will be felt by most humans as an increase in sexual, life-force energy we have labeled this the Sexual Energy Infusion.  It is in progress now and will be felt very strongly over the next two years.  

Enter the Human Angels

All of these events are causing great stress to those of you who have chosen to take the first steps and lead the way for others.  You are the new bread of Human Angels that are ready to be called into action.  Our previous words were the clarion call: “And now will enter the Human Angel”.  The answer to our call was that you are receiving this message right now.  It is not for us to tell you that you are a Human Angel for that is a chosen title, but we speak of them more often now as they are beginning to make their presence felt on the Gameboard of Free Choice.  The role of these special beings will herald the dimensional shift directly ahead.

Removing Yourself from the Timeline

You have been having your human experience within a field of duality as a needed part of the game.  In the third dimension you needed duality for contrast, much the same way you needed a timeline to represent finiteness.  You see, in reality nothing is finite.  It was simply a needed illusion that made living in the third dimension easier.  All of humanity is now firmly seated within a field of Triality, in which the light and dark are balanced by a stronger connection to your own higher self.  You no longer need the illusion that you call ‘time’.  Your soul knows no time.  Even though it has experiences of playing the human game with the illusion of time it is truly timeless.  See things in the now and the illusion of time is gone.

Please understand, dear ones, that this will be a shift experienced over time. See how easy it was for you to go there just now?  Learning to live without the need to put everything into a timeline will become paramount.  It is very difficult for a being brought up in a time-based reality to shift to an infinite-based reality. Much of your entire thought process is time-based; the vast majority of all of your thoughts are based in the past or the future.  Of course, the only one that is real is the present or the now. 

Now if you look at the human body you will see two halves of the brain.  The right half of the brain is infinite and the left was designed to give you the illusion of time, or of being finite.

The left brain really has only one important job, which is to place everything in your experience into a time. The left brain marks time; the right brain in the one connection you have to Home.  It is infinite and represents the creative part of the human biology.  The entire re-wire that all of humanity is undergoing is to establish new connections between the two lobes of the brain.  This is needed to adapt the physical body for use with the higher vibrational beings you are rapidly becoming. What will eventually happen is that you will re-train what you know to be the left part of your brain to create a Zero-Point balance. This will be done through an activation of a part of your biology that exists in both the infinite and finite worlds.  This activation and the entire re-wire itself will help to make a much stronger connection between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Learning to live in the now without the need for the illusion of time lies ahead for all of humanity.  As you adjust to those thoughts you create that which you think about.  Own that responsibility and practice the art of infinite creation by removing your experiences from a timeline.

Beginning Multidimensional Life

One of the biggest events of your advancement is that you will open the door to the other dimensions of time and space.  You are learning to be a multidimensional being; becoming multidimensional will activate a new relationship to time and space. Again, this change can cause confusion and frustration in the beginning.  When your relationship to time changes you have the perception that time is running out and you are somehow stuck in time.  This factor -- combined with what we tell you next -- is what is causing the stuck in time feeling that most of you are dealing with.

The Vortex Guardians

The challenge is that many Lightworkers are feeling stuck or a lack of forward motion.  Most of you feel the forward movement, you just do not think it is touching your life.  The nature of a vortex is simply energy moving in a circular motion. Yet a vortex is so much more than that from our perspective.  A vortex is like a child in many ways.  Each one has a unique personality and flavor.  Some vortices have a specific purpose and others do not. 

A vortex may evolve into a portal if it is nurtured. Those with contracts that connect you strongly to the land where you live are most likely guardians of the vortex; these are contracts of the Guardians of the Vortex.  These people feel a definite draw to where they live.  Yet, there are times when these contracts are complete.  That is when the vortex begins its own evolution into a portal.  For now simply imagine a portal as door between the infinite and finite. The portal becomes active when the vortex becomes completely balanced, and this is the true work of the guardian. Much the same way that we work with you to balance your male and female energy, the vortex is also attempting the same balancing act. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a large vortex.  It has been balanced and unbalanced over and over again, changing between portal and vortex.  In its natural energy state (see zero-point below), it is a creation portal.  In fact, even the physical layout of Las Vegas is that of a flat city surrounded by mountains.  When the wind enters this large bowl it spins, creating a vortex.  That vortex has a purpose for creation and has been used by hotels and casino owners for that very purpose for some time.  There is a balancing of this energy taking place at this moment; that alone is calling in the people to take the next steps in stabilizing it as a creation portal.  People have been drawn to Las Vegas because they are attracted to the dream.  After all, it is the city of dreams. 


When a vortex attains a balance of energy, there is a zero-point energy at the center of the vortex.  At that very moment the vortex evolves into a portal.  This is part of all natural evolution cycles.  Zero-point energy is the perfect balance of all energies and has been used on earth since the beginning.  Even as we speak these words many are thinking that there is negative energy and positive energy that are canceling each other out to make a zero-point energy.  That is not true.  Zero-point energy is the true nature of everything.  Keep in mind that energy is infinite so it exists in many dimensions. Zero-point energy is a measurable energy that represents the natural state at rest of the Universal Energy in whatever form it is taking at the moment.  

You are just becoming accustomed to living in zero-point energy.  At first is feels as if you are being held back, another reason some are feeling stuck.  You are interpreting the lack of forward motion as being stuck, when actually you may have reached a zero-point energy in your life.  This is actually the most powerful point a person can attain; meditation and many spiritual practices are all aimed at achieving moments of zero-point energy.  You are closer than you think.

Do you remember as a child that you loved to spin around?  You were actually making a personal vortex for yourself attempting to re-member the zero-point energy that you live in when you are Home.  This is the same secret that led to the formation of the Dervishes of the Mevlevi that you know as the whirling Dervishes -- the sacred practice of forming a portal from a vortex. Now the process is much quicker.  A personal vortex can easily be created with just a thought.  It is now possible for everyone to live every moment of daily life in zero-point energy.

The Ones Who Stepped Aside

There were many who stepped aside when it looked like there may be a possibility of taking the game to a new level.  They stepped aside so that the best of the best could enter and be here for the miracle to happen.  There was a time not too long ago that only those with a specific purpose would enter the game.  It was needed to change the direction of the human experience; it was celebrated throughout all that is.  Today we celebrate that same event.  The spirits who stepped aside are now waiting to do their part, and they will gladly help those they stepped aside for.  All those beings have to do is to open to it and accept it. 

Dear ones, you are the ones they stepped aside for.  You are the ones who had the greatest chance of changing the direction of humanity.  You are the chosen ones who will usher in a new age.  You may be thinking right now that you have little to offer in this great change.  Yet, we tell you without exception that there are no beings on earth who do not have a specific unique gift to give all of humanity.  We ask you now to take your place.  Small steps in the direction of your passion will help you to stay in the now until you re-member the mastery of zero-point energy. 

We leave you with only three simple re-minders:
Treat each other with respect,
Nurture one another and
Play well together.


The group

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Reality and Your Point of View

Barbara -CLast November CNN was doing a follow-up series on Hurricane Katrina.  They interviewed a young man, 20 years old from New Orleans.  He has a severe form of Leukemia and was on the waiting list for a bone marrow transplant.  His doctors in New Orleans had found a donor, but the day before the hurricane hit, the transplant fell through and he fled to Hartford, Connecticut with his father to avoid the upcoming disastrous weather.

When the interviewer sat down with this young man, she was amazed by what he said; “I’m grateful I didn’t get that transplant, because I would have been in the hospital when the hurricane hit, and too ill for them to move me.”  He felt like his life had been saved.  Most of us would have been so disappointed to lose the chance of having a transplant to save our life but this young man saw the gift in the situation.  He was so hopeful, and certain that they’d find another donor.  But then the interviewer talked to his doctor who told her that even with the transplant this man had only a 10 to 20 percent chance of survival.  This information sounded so grim it was hard to understand how he could remain so optimistic.  This young man saw everyday he was alive was a blessing and was determined to live it to its fullest.  This man is an inspiration to all of us.  His reality was created by his point of view.

Years ago if something happened in my life that seemed like a disaster I had a difficult time dealing with the situation and would tend to feel sorry for myself and stay in state of depression for a while.  As I have grown on my spiritual path these past twelve years I am proud to say I have come a long way with mastering my thoughts in most situations.  This is not to say that I don’t have “bad” days when nothing seems to go right but now I am able to bounce back and know that I just have to change my perspective and give myself a little time to readjust my attitude. Funny, once I do this life magically turns around into more pleasant circumstances.

Years ago I was tested with how to deal with such a situation.  Steve and I were enjoying a fun day shopping and site seeing in Amsterdam, Holland.  We had less then an hour before we needed to catch a train to go to a location where we were to present a seminar that evening. I went to reach for my wallet to purchase one last souvenir when I realized it was missing.  I recalled just a few moments ago two young men had rudely bumped into me.  I knew then that they had pick pocketed my wallet from my purse.  I was so upset it brought me to tears.  I felt invaded.   There was no time for us to report this to the police since we had to catch the train.  It was a long, silent train ride to location where we were to present our event.  Steve tried to comfort me but I needed to work this out myself.

By the time we arrived and began our talk I felt a shift of my attitude.  I had decided to let the situation go.  It was only a wallet.  Steve and I were safe.  I released the attachment.  I shared this experience with the people attending our seminar.  A special lady came up to me at the break and said that she was a police officer in Amsterdam working in the burglary department.  She made a promise to me that she would locate my wallet.  I said thank you, but in the back of my mind I was thinking what are the odds that she could actually do that.  As I looked into her eyes I knew she would somehow find it.  A day before we were to fly back home I received a call from this policewomen.  She said she had found my wallet!  She and her partner had raided a home in Amsterdam.  Among all the stolen goods they had discovered a bucket filled with wallets.  I had told her my wallet was red.  She picked up the one red wallet in the group. All my credit cards and money were missing only my license was there identifying my wallet. I kept that wallet for many years as a reminder of changing my attitude about situations and losing my attachments to the outcome. To this day I always keep a red wallet in my purse.

I want to share this poem that Steve gave me years ago by Collin McCarty   

         Reaching for Rainbows

If we can take a chance now and then,
seek and search, discover and dream,
grow and go through each day
with the knowledge that we can
only take as much as we can give
and we can only get as much out of life
as we allow ourselves to live…
then we can be truly happy.
we can realize a dream or two and
we can make a habit of reaching out for
rainbows and coloring our lives with
wonderful days.

Love and Light,


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