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The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

July15 2006

~ God With a Little 'g' ~
Redefining Reality

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~ Re-minders from Home ~

The 8 Sacred Rooms Experience

Moscow Lightworkers

From Steve:

The message that follows is one of the most powerful and direct messages that I recall hearing from the group. They lay out in plain words how many of our belief systems originated and how they can now change to allow us to move to the next level. I am aware that many will not agree with what is said below as it strikes at the heart of many religions and clearly rewrites history as we have known it. Still, it clearly offers direction for changing the road of humanity ahead that will work. It can help us develop the mindset of the empowered human. It's important that we not give our power away by getting wrapped up in conspiracy or drama or who is to blame for what, but rather take solid action to change our world today.

This month the group has asked me to start using the little g' when they sign off. This is really interesting to me as they never really call themselves by that name. I guess they gave up and are now going to let me call them the group as long as I now spell it with a little g'.

Big Hugs
Steve Rother

Special Request
Copyright 2006. Steve Rother. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translations of this material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at: http://Lightworker.com.
Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

Greetings from Home.

There is so much happening on this planet that we will move right into our message for today. We have very little time to put all the pieces in place to help you see the larger picture. We have spoken many times about the evolution of mankind. We are going to start at the beginning, showing you what is happening today in relationship to both who you are and to how you began.

The Search for God

Let us start by talking about what you believe to be the very beginning of your time called the Garden of Eden. Well, we must tell you that that was a contrived story and not quite exactly what you thought it was. So we are going to go back much further than the Garden of Eden when you were very simple beings. Even before the days of Atlantis, before the days of Lemuria when you began incarnating as souls on this planet, you originally began incarnating as spirits in ethereal form without the physical bodies. This was because the Earth was vibrating at such a fast rate that you were not able to inhabit the physical bodies on a hot planet. So your spirits began the Game of Free Choice on this planet long before you incarnated in physical form. Therefore, your history goes back many, many hundreds of thousands of years before the time that you believe man first incarnated on Earth. Understand that the Game of Free Choice was actually the search for god. In order to define and actualize god, it was necessary to pretend to be separate from the whole of god. With that in mind, let us tell you the story of how you evolved in relationship to what you call god.

We are going to talk about your relationship to that entity you call god and where it came from, so you can see the picture that includes the past, present and future. We tell you that you are now at a very magical point in the evolution of humankind; we have spoken of this before, for there are alternate realities that are taking place simultaneously with your own. There are magic points where one of those timelines bends slightly and crosses other ones leaving impressions that forever change the Game. You are at an amazingly immense juncture of time and space right now where you are meeting your Lemurian and Atlantean selves. But it even goes much further than that, so let us now take you back to your origins as humans so that you can more clearly understand your relationship with god. Some of the religions and indigenous beliefs say that god was always spelled with a little g'. God did not have a big G' for it was not a deity to be worshipped. Originally God was a form that walked along beside you to help you, as part of your day-to-day energy. You became very comfortable working with your god with a little g' and that was reflected in many cultures throughout the Earth. This helper in god-like form was included in the stories that were passed down from generation to generation throughout history, such as what you know of today as Greek mythology. There each god was given a specific area of responsibility. One was the god of water, one was responsible for communication, this god was the god of fire, that one the god of love and so forth, with each one walking alongside you, helping you with little g's'. It was important for them to be little g's,' for the secret was that you are god and these were but reflections of your own energy.

The Captors

There came a point in your history of playing the Game of Free Choice when a group of entities, not originally of Earth, came into your game with the intention of assisting you. They believed that early humans were directionless and needed guidance, so they took a position as your teachers and superiors. This was the first time in your history that your image of god took the form of a superior being with a big G'. Rules were given for you to follow and the ideas of polarity in the form of Heaven and Hell were introduced as a motivation to follow those rules. Guilt and shame began to be used for control as humans playing the game of free choice began to think of god with a big G'. Essentially, the human race was taken over and controlled by a race of beings. Since planet Earth was completely a free choice planet this was easy to accomplish; in fact, that race of beings was actually one of the six parental races that was instrumental in helping you to take form in physical bodies. At first this take over it did not work well, as humans rebelled and used their power against their captors. It was at this point that human DNA was altered to reduce that rebellion. This was the point at which 10 of the original 12 strands were disconnected and destroyed. It was done in such a way that it affected all humans everywhere. The energetic imprint of those strands is within each of you and is now being reactivated. The time of the fall into darkness, as you have known it, served to thicken the veil and prevent you from remembering your heritage and your true power. You can think of it as a horrible event if you wish, but it is important to remember that it was done from the heart and with the best of intention. They were there to help you, to try and guide beings that kept bumping into one another who did not know where they were going.

Eve's Pivotal Role

Even as captives with a thickened veil it was not long before you broke those bonds. The captors finally saw that you were capable of free choice and eventually left Earth all together. In fact, the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden was the story of having everything provided for you as long as you followed the rules. These stories of a harsh superior being that you were taught was god with a big G', were in fact stories of those who sought to help you by disconnecting your DNA. By your own definition, a god of light could never be defined as something to be feared darkness. They gave you the concept of being in the garden where God' provided everything for you as long as you did not break the rules. This gave the Game of Free Choice a new turn, as now the search for god became the search for rules.

It was not long before you started breaking the rules. It was not long before you broke free of those bonds. Even in the story, it was not long before Eve was tempted with the apple and in turn tempted Adam to fall into what you labeled original sin.' You humans are so imaginative! We tell you that Eve did a good job. Humans broke those bonds through exercising their own powers of creation. In this case it was in exercising your powers of creation through procreation. The story of the apple was invented much later, as the true story of the beauty of procreation was too shameful in the eyes of those who still chose to promote rules. Even though daily life was more difficult outside of the Garden of Eden, you then began life as creators. You have since carried the concept of god with a big G' throughout eons of time as a result of these experiences.

There were several indigenous cultures that were unaffected by these events and those are the ones that carried forward the concepts of living in unison with god with a little g'. The culture that later evolved into the Lemurian race came from such a line. We tell you that from the juncture of time and space where humanity is right now, it may be very empowering to return to the view of god with a little g'. You are here to work with your magnificence and not to deify people or things outside of yourselves. It is very difficult for you to see god, for being a spirit pretending to be human is not an easy task. Then again, if it were easy everyone would want to be a human.

Empowerment is Key

The search to define god is what you came in to do and it is difficult to do with an extra thick veil. Much like we have told you about Christopher and the Box of Truth, even if you manage to open that box of truth, you still cannot see inside it. You must reflect it through the eyes of other spirits on Earth. The same is true with the divinity within you. It must be reflected through others. There are two things that we help you to understand.

Number one: That you are god and you have a responsibility to use your powers of creation.

Number two: You are not the only god.

Keep in mind that you are a god with a little g' and there are a whole bunch of you walking around, bumping into each other trying to find what god really looks like and trying to find a definition of the meaning of life, yet all the while the joke is on you. All the answers have been held within your heart all the time. That is who you are. That is the divinity that you see within others. You clearly see it within them rather than seeing your own divinity because of the veil. We tell you that now more than ever before that veil is thinning and soon you will understand the true meaning of empowerment. This is the Age of Empowerment.

The easiest way to find your own empowerment is by helping to empower the people around you. That is what will bring god to life. That is what helps you to shine your greatest light, to empower the people around you in any way you can. It has not been popular on Earth before, for you have always believed that one vibration is somehow better than another vibration which set about a whole belief in spiritual competition. That is not true. That is simply an illusion of the Game Board. You can all be magnificent. When you help one to step into their empowerment and into their divinity, your own empowerment and divinity emerge. You can all walk in your power every day and that is what we are here to show you, to help you to re-member who you really are. We are here to hold the veil aside for just a moment so that something resonates within your heart that you already knew, so that you re-member. Then we ask you to find your flavor of that same truth and in turn to pass it on and find a way to use it in other areas of your life. That is where the magic is.

The Big G of Governments

Now let us take it a step further, for your whole belief in this big G' has caused a ripple throughout the Game of Free Choice that can now be addressed. One of the big G's that you have created is the big G' of Government. Yes, it will be changing but not in the way that most of you think. Many people believe that there will be a new wave of energy coming in that will distribute the wealth equally. We tell you that it would never work, for being poor is not a lack of money. Being poor is a state of mind. Being poor is an energy where you believe in your own lack of creation and your own unfamiliarity with creation. Therefore, an equal distribution of wealth will never work on your planet. Otherwise, there would be no free choice, would there? You would violate the prime directive even though it would be another heartfelt attempt to help.

Instead, what has happened is that you have created all these beautiful governments which you have given a big G' to so you could deify them. You could ask them to create for you. You could then hold them responsible for your creations and give your power to them. You call them Government, emphasized with a big G'. Dear ones, you have created them in every region of the world. There are some big ones and there are some little ones. It makes no difference really, for they are all basically the same. We are not telling you that this is right or wrong, but only what has taken place. It is human nature to want to make life easier and have many of life's necessities provided for you by an organization. The challenge came when you began to ask them to lead you and create for you.

What would it be like for you to re-turn to the same energy you had in the days of Lemuria where you worked with a little g' in government? Government returned to being the servant of the people rather than a servant of itself. It is no secret to you that the rise and fall of Rome is repeating itself. As humans take more and more of their own empowerment, the role of Government will have to change. We hope you learn from history and change the outcome. Those of you sitting in this room, those of you watching this broadcast or reading these words are the ones who can change it. But first you say, What about me? How does that affect me? What can I do? Hold it in your heart first, for you have power unequalled throughout the universe. Each and every one of you choose the reality in which you live, so you may choose a reality where government has everything to say about you and you are controlled. Or you may choose a reality where you are your own person and you let government adapt to you. Do you really want to walk back into the Garden of Eden? We ask you to begin thinking about that now because much like shaking the carpet and creating a big ripple, when someone pulls the carpet, that ripple goes through the entire carpet and shakes everything up. We tell you that ripple does not need to happen in a destructive manner. It can be a gentle change. The world does not need to go through another global depression in order for you to change this system. It can happen one heart at a time. One of the biggest challenges is that very few of the Governments of Earth are actually directed only by the people they govern, even though that was their original intent.

Big C Corporations

People have formed other organizations that they gave the power of the big G' as well, but it is not actually a big g' because it is in hiding. It is a big C' and it is the world corporations that have been deified by the governments, and in many cases are directly influenced and work together with governments more than individuals. We tell you that corporations are actually controlling the majority of the actions and decisions made by many world leaders. On the other hand, there are also conspiracy theories that a wealthy elite on Mars are actually controlling your Earth. There are conspiracy theories about the governments of your world in hiding who are quietly manipulating everything. Are they true? Does it make any difference? No. Not if you do not choose that reality. What does make a difference is your own creationthe reality you create. You have created entities called corporations which are quietly running your world by your own design. It is not a conspiracy, but rather right out in the open for all to see. Yet most choose not to see it.

In many countries corporations are required by law to place profit before the public interest. That is very sad, for you have deified your corporations into a big C' and it has been done with a lot of help from the Government with a big G'.

Currently, it is law in the United States and other countries that a corporation must put profit before all other things including the public good. That must change for you to break the bonds of the Garden of Eden you now find yourselves in. Are you aware that on your planet today, corporations can actually own worldwide patents on life forms such as plants, biological forms and organs? These court rulings should be reviewed with a critical eye and made public for all to know. Imagine that a corporation holds a patent for a life saving plant, but it is required by law to withhold it from the public as it would decrease the profits from their existing product line. We are sad to say that this happens every day on Earth right now. We must also mention here that it is the corporate war machines that drive governments. Have you ever wondered why you still have a war at least every 20 years?

New Energy Corporations

What will you see on the New Planet Earth? Will you not have corporations? Will you not have businesses? Yes, although you may call them by a new name, they will still be a part of your game. What will the new energy corporations look like? Can you imagine a charter that required profit making corporations to put people and the public interest first?

Let us offer you a suggestion of what this used to look like in the days of Lemuria.. Government was actually a lack of laws and rules, but was rich in customs. It was a beautiful, empowering time for you had businesses at those times, too, and you had government-chartered businesses much like the corporations of today. The government of Lemuria gave businesses the right to operate in the public interest. The businesses in those days were required to show heart and place the public interest foremost in order to maintain their charter. In Lemuria government chartered businesses were the servants of the people and offered them special rights. They offered them the opportunity to be an entity of their own with the intent of placing public interest and human empowerment foremost.

Please do not go into fear here, for there is much discrepancy about corporations being all for profit. If you believe that all profit is bad, you will put yourself into a belief system of lack, which can cause you abundance challenges for the rest of your life. When a corporation puts the heart energy of the people first, they will actually make more money. Their bottom line will actually improve but very few have proved that out yet.

Many corporations even this day are already beginning to shift that vision. They are already beginning to change and we ask you to align yourself with those people and organizations. You have a choice as to where you spend your money and how you form your own corporations. Many of you receiving this message today are leaders of global corporations and governments. We ask you to become part of the solution instead part of the problem. The shift ahead does not need to be difficult. It does not need to be destructive. It can be from the heart and reflect an empowered mentality of the New Earth. Even as you form your own small businesses, put that energy into your business plan. How can I be of service? Support the corporations that put that into their business plan. Demand that governments be transparent and begin to be of service to the public good, and recognize that all governments serve citizens of the Earth. Elect the people that will change the legislature to allow the corporations to use the heart energy. If a corporation is to be deemed a legal entity then make it law that it must illustrate that it has a heart and uses it. This is about using practical magic on planet Earth. This is about learning to honor the god within each one of you and becoming comfortable with god walking side-by-side with you.

When you hold hands on this planet, you will change the face of humanity. You are at an evolutionary cycle never before seen. You are at an evolutionary point of history that nobody ever anticipated when you began this Game. You have chosen well. You are about to make new choices and we ask you not to keep them all in the metaphysical realm, but take them into your daily lives. Learn how to apply them in your kitchens, in your grocery stores, in your workplace, in your corporations, in your governments and everywhere you go. That is the magic you hold. With all the might in heaven, we cannot come down and change your life. We cannot come down and change your world. All we can help you to do is to re-member who you are.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together.


The group with a little 'g'.

Final note from Steve:

When we formed the Lightworker corporation, we did so as a spiritual non profit corporation. Our very wise Lightworker attorney, David Solinger, steered us in that direction from the beginning. But since the majority of funding that pays for our programs comes from seminars, private sessions and book sales rather than donations, I have always wondered if that was the best corporate form for us. Now that this message has been presented I can see that the group was probably on David's shoulder from the beginning.

It's not that we can't make a profit. Like most businesses we must make a profit or we will be out of business. What this has done for us is to clearly state that our first responsibility is to our stated purpose of the betterment of humanity. The group says there will come a day when all corporations are required to put the public interest before the profit. Then, corporations and governments will return to be the public servants of the New Earth, rather than the destructive, out of control entities that many have become.

In the months ahead we will make a space in the VirtualLight project to highlight the new energy corporations that are already heading in that direction. They are out there already and it will be helpful for all of us to know what the new role models in the business world look like. We will also invite business leaders with this vision to be interviewed on the VirtualLight TV broadcast.

The group has always said that when we hold hands together, we create miracles. Let us create one now.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve Rother
with a little g'

Connecting the Heart

July 4 th Celebration Four Times

By Barbara Rother

Steve and I just returned from a magical trip connecting spiritual family. First we were in Riga , Latvia . This is a country not far from Russia . It is such a beautiful area filled with loving people. We presented an evening event then Eight Sacred Rooms the following day. We enjoyed meeting Lightworkers from Latvia and many surrounding areas. We even had an opportunity to go to the beach at the Baltic Sea to enjoy its beauty and a nice meal. Toward the end of our time there I was feeling a little homesick. I always look forward to the 4 th of July, the US Independence Day. I love the fireworks that are a part of this celebration. I said to myself that I would just have to wait until next year to see the display of exploding colors. Then two days later, as I was in bed almost asleep, I heard loud noises outside my hotel window. As I got up to see what was going on I was delighted to watch a magnificent display of fireworks! I heard the next day that it was a celebration of the city but to me it was bringing me a bit of home. I was as excited as a child. I tried to wake Steve but he slept right though this. This was meant for me, as it was my creation.

Soon after that we boarded a train and traveled overnight to Moscow . I had never been on an overnight train. It was a fun adventure. We settled into a lovely hotel that had a beautiful view of the park outside our window. Our time was filled with television and magazine interviews, bookstores and seminars. This was our second time in Moscow. The first time was last December when it was a cold winter wonderland of snow. This time the weather was warm and pleasant. All the people we met on this trip were delightful. I look forward to returning to Russia in December and then next March. I feel a sense of home there. But then I feel that wherever we travel. Home truly is where the heart is.

Our hotel with all its beauty was the perfect setting for weddings. While we were there they had three. I felt the excitement and joy of the events. Much to my delight, as part of the wedding receptions, all the guest and the bride and groom would all go outside overlooking the park and watch fireworks. This happened right outside our hotel room window. I know the celebration was for the wedding party but in some way it seemed like it was happening just because of my desire to see the bright lights explode over the sky.

The world is so connected as one. Celebrations are the same all over the globe whether they are for weddings, birthdays or the 4 th of July. I got to see my fireworks four times. I love creating my reality.

With my Love and Light,


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