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~ Re-minders from Home

September 15th 2002
~ Laughter ~

The First Word

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And Now Book II

Welcome Home
the New Planet Earth

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~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve:

What you will read below was taken from the Group's portion of a 'Panel Channel' presented in Sante Fe, New Mexico July 21st 2002 at the Kryon Mid Summer Light Conference. With me onstage were: Ronna Herman bringing in Archangel Michael, Geoff Hoppe with Tobias and Lee Carroll with Kryon.Those of you who know our story are aware that both Geoff Hoppe and I got startedin the Kryon energy at roughly the same time. Although we all started together and support each other's work, we had gone our separate ways until this magical weekend. This was a real homecoming for Barbara and me.

The day started as Lee, Geoff and I went on stage to settle down for the 'panel channel'. Lee and Geoff started joking around about my hat. We took it from there and had a real laugh over what is now known in channeling circles as the 'Santa Fe Hat Trick'. We were having a great time and everyone was in hysterics when Ronna Herman surprised us all entering from the back of the room to 'settle the boys down'. Ronna is a very dear friend and an awesome channel. Lee and I were totally surprised to see her there. Both Barbara and I consider Ronna our sister so this was the perfect topper for an already special homecoming event. (Note: You can see the pictures from this event here in the family album of

Ronna began the channel with a powerful message from 'Mikie' as she calls him. Then the Group kicked in followed by Tobias with Kryon wrapping it all together. All of us took about 20 minutes each. The messages that day blended together as if we planned it. Trust me when I say we did not, although I'd be willing to bet there was a lot of planning on the other side of the veil. What you will read below is the Group's portion of this message. The Group wanted me to get this out to everyone as it contains some important validations for cosmic events that will be completed early next year. They also speak of a further pull into polarity before we see more Unity. This was actually a warning of sorts, not to go into fear, but to simply say that this would be an opportunity for us as Lightworkers to hold the Light. Then they gave a date of 03/03/03 as a day to celebrate the completion of this energy cycle. During this message the Group also asked me to do something that I had only done twice before. . .open my eyes in channel.

The entire Panel Channel and the infamous Santa Fe Hat Trick were all captured on video and available in the Lightworker Store for those who would like to share in this energy. The references the Group made to humor and laughter throughout this entire message had to do with the fact that the laughter in the room before we began channeling set the perfect energy for their message. That same laughter caused a lot of inter-dimensional attention and they said because of that we had a lot of onlookers that day. They love the laughter more than you will know! The laughter has been an important message for some time with the Group. In fact we used to have a very powerful seminar called Angel Play Plurkshop where we approached everything from the perspective of the angels in humor. The funny part was that we had to stop putting on that seminar as people did not want to spend time and money to come to a play - workshop. It seems that they wanted something more serious. (The Group is still laughing over that one.) We have since incorporated the best of that workshop into the 'Wings' experience. As you start reading the words below put a laugh in your heart and a smile on your face. That, they say, is the language of the angels.

Special Request
Copyright 2002 Steve Rother.
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Greetings from Home

You have called this place Home for you have made Home where you now sit. How did you do that? How did you bring Heaven to Earth in such a wondrous place? You created it this very day as you walked in here. Not just by your intent but in the same way the Universe was created in the very beginning for the first word that created it all was actually a laugh. Do you understand that laughter is the language of the angels? We love to laugh. If ever you find yourself out of balance at any point, especially when you get thinking too much, which you love to do, balance your energy with a laugh and share it with another. For you have created Home in this moment by coming together as family much the same way as these four here on this stage have done. We tell you the vibrations you sent out into the Universe this day with your laughter has caused so many to show up here and watch the miracles that are happening right now. It is joyous indeed for us to watch, for it is actually the conclusion and the highest outcome of the Game thus far that we could have hoped for. You have taken your Game beyond our highest dreams for you. What you have done is to elevate your own vibration so high that the veil is now beginning to thin. It is beginning to thin not because we have moved closer to you, but because you have moved closer to us. Do you feel it?

We ask the Keeper to do something now that he has been afraid that we might ask him to do and that is to open his eyes. For you should see yourselves through his eyes. You should see the beauty that you hold for yourselves. You should be imprinted with the images of the marvelous beauty of the Human Angels that now sit before you. The joy is unbelievable.

We tell you this day you are creating miracles here, for family has come together on many different levels. We speak to you this morning about some of those inter-dimensional levels. As the Crystal Energy has been filtering into the Earth, and the planet has begun changing, your evolution has been set into motion. As this happens, miracles are unfolding. Family who has not seen each other since the beginning of time has come back together. Original spiritual family is now greeting one another. Take just a moment and look side to side, and in front and in back of you, and see the grand re-unions that you now have. It is wonderful. Now we ask you to close your eyes for just a moment and see yourselves the way we see you, for you are the most wondrous spirits that have gone through eons of evolution to take form in these wonderful physical bodies. Feel the very center of your being ebbing out through your own physicality as you reach to the hand next to you and now take hold. We will ask you to form an interweaving network of hands for there are many of you here in the room that have asked for a miracle. You have come here asking for miracles to change your life to heal you. No, we cannot create the miracles. It is not our job; it is yours. You are the creators. You are the energy that has started the Universe from the very first. And we tell you now that you have the opportunity to add one unto the other. For it does not add one, two, three, four, it adds one, ten, one hundred, one thousand. It is exponential. You will now run that energy throughout all of you, sharing the miracle of life as the grand re-union is in progress.

Dear ones, if you could only see what we see, you would be so proud of yourselves. For we tell you, you have already won the Game. And here you are standing at the edge of the Gameboard asking, "What can I do now? What more can I do, how can I be of service? Where is my passion?" Now do you feel the excitement? Release your hands now and as you do feel the energy that has been shared between all of you. What a gift you have received. A rather large miracle has just taken place. . . and you have created it.

In the next several months we tell you there will be inter-dimensional lines opening and as those lines of reality intersect with your own, some very odd things will be happening. There are wondrous things that are happening here on the Gameboard at this moment. And some of them you have already begun to see. For as you move into this extra area of reality that has existed within the space between your finger and your eye, we tell you that miracles are happening. The vortices on Earth have begun spinning again, all of them. Some of you have felt that you are the keepers of the vortex. You have done well to do that. Now some of those vortices will be turning into portals. And they will intersect the inter-dimensional realities that have tied the entire Universe together. In that time you will see some very strange things. One of the first things that you will see since you have lived so long in a field of polarity is a move into polarity. You will see division. In that division we ask you to feed your light for this is the time of Lightworkers to grab each other's hands and to come together as spiritual family and create the miracles that you have just created here. When you do, you bless the Earth. You bless yourselves. You create the miracles of the Game.

Over several months you will see changes. It may even appear to be a step backward. Please do not be fooled by the polarity illusion. It is necessary for you to move forward. But we tell you, dear ones, if you ever forget who you are, come together with spiritual family and look very deeply in each other's eyes and you will see God.

Some of you have been feeling stuck. Many of you have been wondering, "Where is my passion? How can I find it? How can I step forward in what I came here to do?" Ahh, we hear the questions. It is not for us to answer those. It is for you to feel those for that is your emotional intuition that you will develop. It is a tool of the higher vibrations of the fifth dimension, and the New Planet Earth and you will begin using it right away. It will get you through some of these separations and divisions of polarity that you now face. Hold your light high and proud for when you do there can be no more shadows on Planet Earth.

After some of these divisions start to progress we ask you to look for a very special day, a day of celebration, a day of joy, a day to help you find some of your passion. For it will also coincide with the completion of the grid. 03/03/03. We love the numbers. The Keeper does not understand that for even as he goes to his microwave oven he cannot punch in one minute anymore. It has to be one minute and eleven seconds. We tell you that much of that is simply the interconnection. For as you turn and look at the clock face and you see 12:12 or 11:11, it is your own advancement that is doing it. You know perfectly well those have been there twice every day. It is a trigger. It is your own higher self that is saying, "Stop and look right now for it is time for you to advance and evolve." Those are the triggers that connect the inter-dimensional realities that you will be seeing. Enjoy the ride, dear ones. It will be a joyous occasion. And on 03/03/03 celebrate. Have a party. Have a party of Light and celebrate the work that you have done thus far. For as you step into the next dimension things will happen. We know that some of you have been feeling stuck. Some of you have been feeling like no matter what you do, even as you move toward your passion it has not been time. You feel that you have hit a brick wall. You sit alone in your in your room and you feel alone. You feel unsupported. We tell you the timing had to be perfect. For the collective vibration of Humanity had to be high enough to support what you are about to do. It is getting there very rapidly due to your choices. On 03/03/03 celebrate light and have a grand re-union of Home.

For those of you who have been feeling stuck in your work, we will tell you something we told the Keeper when he first started this work. For as we started coming through him, he said, "How can I get this out to people? How can I make this available? Why do I feel blocked?" For he, too, felt stuck. And we said dear one, be patient. For the timing is not the timing on your side of the veil, it is the timing of Home. We told him at that time to do a very special ceremony for it helped him move forward very quickly. We will now share that with you. We simply ask you to sit upright in your chair and put your hands flat on your lap with your palms up. When you get ready, express your intent to move forward. And then reach around and grab your behind with both hands because you are going to move. (Laughter) And there are so many of you that did it! Share the touch of the Human Angel with each other, dear ones, for you have each other. You are never alone. Look to the Human Angel sitting next to you. As you leave this room this day, look to the car that is driving next to you. Look to the person that is in the grocery store in front of you in line. See the divinity within each of them and open your eyes to that divinity the same way we have asked the Keeper to open his. Share that love. For that is Lightwork.

We ask you to please treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


the Group

March 3rd 2003 falls on a Monday. This is the day the Group says to take some time to celebrate Light. We will organize something online for people to participate. This date also coincides with the message that Kryon gave that said the magnetic grid adjustments would be fully complete early next year. I also wondered about the progression of these dates and if it will continue. Last year the Group said to celebrate 02/02/02 and now they are saying 03/03/03. The first year of Master Numbers was actually 01/01/01 and they said nothing because every one was already celebrating that day. If this pattern continues it will end on the date 12/12/12. For now they are strangely silent. That would be just like the Group to do a long sting of numbers like that. As for me, for now I will be content to punch in one minute and eleven seconds on the microwave.


Big HUGS and gentle nudges

" the Keeper"

Connecting the Heart

From Barbara

Our time in Santa Fe, New Mexico was a memorable event. This was a time that will always bring a warm, loving feeling to my heart. It truly was a family gathering. We connected with some familiar faces but re-connected with family who we had never met in person before. It was such a blending of energy with Lee and Jan, Ronna, Geoff and Linda but also with all the people who came for this magical event. The angels were full of laughter and so was everyone who attended. It was a growing experience but we all did it with a smile on our face! Lee, Ronna and Geoff's channels were special as always. To experience their three angelic sources plus Steve and the Group was a moment captured in history.

When Steve opened his eyes during his channel a flood of tears filled my eyes. You would think I would get use to Steve channeling since I experience this twice a month during our many wonderful events. But this was the first time since we began our work six years ago that I wasn't side by side with him as he channeled. Usually as he channels I feel the energy bouncing back and forth from us. It is an experience that I treasure. This was the first time that I was in the front row watching as an observer as the team of channels did their magic. I was able to really observe Steve. When Steve opened his eyes I saw and felt so much love and compassion. I know that this is an important part of Steve but I could actually see the Group coming through him. This is where my emotional tears came from. It was overwhelming beautiful. I could see the crystal stream of light illuminated through his eyes touching each and everyones soul.

I paid attention as they said we are again moving into polarity and would again see division. My first thought was that I want no part of that! I see life with a huge pendulum that swings with polarity. I feel such joy in my life right now. Everything is magnificently right in my world, but wasn't it only a couple of months ago that I wrote about going through such an emotional down swing? The times between these opposite periods have been an enjoyable time of living. I have learned to be thankful for the times of elation and the steady times of happiness. But I have also learned to appreciate the swing toward upheaval of my life. Though unpleasant as that upheaval may seem at the time, my greatest periods of growth have been reached during these polarity movements. I know that I can handle anything that comes along in life by centering myself and re-membering who I am. I will celebrate the return to the pendulum swinging to the positive after I have learned my lesson from any experience that comes my way. I personally look forward to the celebration of 03/03/03. What happens in between that will be a life experience. I am thankful for what everyday brings into my world of living. I celebrate with all of you the joy of life and light.

With all my love and light,

Barbara Rother

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