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Re-minders from Home

~ 7 Gifts ~
of the 3rd Millenium

This Meditation will be held on
Sunday, January 7th, 2001 at 11am PDT & 6pm PDT (Click on the time for International Time Listings)

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Live Channel
LightCircles Congress
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Eindhoven, Holland

~Re-minders from Home~
Steve's comments:

Many of our friends and family in Holland have begun to gather and unite in small local groups to facilitate healing on a personal and global level. This is what the Group refers to as Circles of Light. The Group has said that by connecting the Circles of Light, sharing ideas, resources, hopes and dreams, that it will be easier to make a difference here on our planet. Several special people in Holland began forming and facilitating small local focus groups called the LightCircles. They felt the difference right away and began to put action behind the words.

It was a dream to see all of these LightCircles connect and spend a day together. The message that follows was a live channel presented to a special gathering at the first LightCircles Congress in Eindhoven, Holland in October, 2000. There were about 1000 people in attendance. Barbara and I were very honored to be a part of this gathering and it was a very special day for all of us to come together and share ideas, resources and make heart connections.

New years eve 1999 we changed the clock and our calendars as the year 2000 peaked a level of excitement for all of us. Any time we all come together in a united focus of hope and expectation for things to come, we create advancement for all. The Group labeled the year 2000 to be "the year of Crystal Intent." This was a year to crystallize our intent for our individual direction for the next twelve years. The next twelve years would then determine our initial direction for the next 1000 years in the third millennium. Despite much confusion over the terms, the third millennium actually began on January 1st 2001, which happened to be my fiftieth birthday. We will all re-member exactly where we were and what we saw as the clock hit 12:01 in the year 2000. From a spiritual standpoint, the turn of the clock in the year 2001 will be engraved in the annals of time forever. As Rod Serling would say as he introduced each episode of the 60' s TV series Twilight Zone: "You are about to enter another dimension…."

Special Request:

We offer you the following information for your own discernment. Please feel free to pass it to others who might find it of value. In doing so we ask that you include the copyright notice at the bottom of the meditation when sending it in whole or in part. This insures our ability to make this information available in book form to many not having access to the Internet. Publications interested in carrying this information as monthly columns are encouraged to do so. In the event that the material needs to be shortened in length, please include a statement that this is an edited version and refer the readers to the web site for the original version. You do not need permission but we would ask you to notify us of your intent to publish at Lightworker (858) 748 5837 or Thanks for helping to spread this Light.

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The Chrystal Children
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Greetings from Home:

Do you hear those words as they resonate off the walls? You look in each other's eyes and you see yourself. In just a few moments we will adjust the energy in this room so that you can be Home. Your names have been etched on these chairs for a very long time and we have waited so long for you to come together. It is we who are honored to be in your presence. For you are the masters on the Gameboard of Free Choice and we have wonderful news for you this day. We have told you time and again that there is but one rule on the Gameboard. In all matters there will be Free Choice, and yet you are the only planet that chose this expression of the infinite creator. As you chose to put on these veils and play the Game behind the veil of forgetfulness you chose the greatest possibility for All That Is. You are honored beyond words. The colors you will carry for the work you are doing here on the planet will be carried by you for an eternity for you have earned them.

Stepping into the Third Millennium

There are times when you look at yourself and you cannot re-member who you are. There are times when you look around and you say is this all there is? And there are times you are in strife for it is difficult for you to change and you think you are alone. You are not alone. You are never alone and have never been. Your heart will lead the way for it knows the way Home and we are there with open wings for you. We will be there to hold the energy for those times that you cannot re-member who you are. You are the magnificent ones and it is us who are honored to be in your presence. We sit at your feet, and honor you, for you are the masters that have chosen to walk behind the veil of forgetfulness not re-membering who you are. And we tell you that you have made a difference already. You are about to step into the third millennium. It is a magical time indeed. For as you cross this barrier, new rules will apply. New paradigms will show themselves and new events will transpire that you have been waiting for a very long time.

7 Gifts of the Third Millennium

Soon you will walk into a magical time called the Third Millennium. This time is more significant than you know, for there are many special events that will unfold in the days ahead. We will share some of these with you now.

1. The Crystal Kids are Coming

First we speak of the Children of Crystal Vibration, for they are coming. Up until this point it was a question of whether the Children of Crystal Vibration would come back to the Planet of Free Choice. They have attempted to come many times and every time they have been there, every time the scouts have shown up to see if it was safe, you have not treated them well. The vibration of Planet Earth was not high enough to support them. In the lower vibrations of humanity, you have treated them poorly and some you have even crucified. Your fears have overshadowed your actions. We tell you that you are doing it differently this time. It is important for you to understand that even as you come together in small groups you are making a difference.

Until only recently, it was a question of whether the Children of Crystal Vibration would actually come, and now we tell you that it is no longer a question of 'if' but now only of 'when.' Your choices have made the difference. The Indigo Children are on the planet at this time to make space, for there is much work to do. The Children of Indigo Vibration are children that will make you think differently about children. They will make you re-evaluate your schools, they will make you look for new ways to find room for empowered children and help you thin the veil. The Children of Crystal Vibration will be bringing back in the new biology. These are the magical ones. These are the ones that are extremely powerful, yet vulnerable. Their strength comes from their vulnerability. In order for them to return, the planet must be a safe place. Through your choice to raise your consciousness you are creating that safe place on Earth. You have made more difference and touched more hearts than you can possibly know. You should be very proud of yourselves for we are. And in those times when you cannot see the people you touch, in those times when you cannot re-member who you are, we will spread our wings to re-flect your magnificence. For you are the great ones and we honor you and the roles that you play. You are making a difference.

2. The Passing of the Torch

The Walk into Light

The third millennium is the Walk into Light. It is the step into light which will open the door for the fifth dimension finally once and for all. The very beginnings of it are here now. The second special event is the passing of the torch. For up to this point, humanity has not been able to hold the energy of the planet. The care and feeding of planet Earth has been entrusted to the cetaceans. In your lower vibrational status, it has not been possible for humans to effectively hold this energy. As you walk into the light of higher vibrational status, we tell you this is changing and you will now be entrusted with the care and feeding of the Mother. You have chosen to reach for a higher truth that has literally raised who you are. The humans of only a couple of years ago are now the higher vibrational humans that can walk into the light and hold the power that is your birthright. We are so very proud of you for only a few years ago it did not appear that you would achieve this status and the vibration you now hold.

Please take the torch of responsibility and hold it high and use it with pride. The power you hold is the power of creation. With the power also comes responsibility to use this power in an effective manner. Work together with the Mother and you will see great strides in the creation of Heaven on Earth. Now is the time, and you are the custodians of the planet and the energy of the Mother. Accept the torch and hold it sacred.

The Sixth and Final Attempt

You had chosen a time limit on the Gameboard and if you did not re-member who you were, the Earth would have simply twisted on its side and ceased all life as it has done five times prior. This was to be the sixth and final time. But you started to awaken and you re-membered who you were and you took your power and you are making room for empowered humans around you. Can you imagine our surprise? Can you imagine our honor? Can you imagine our joy as you begin claiming that you are the human angels? For in the creation of Heaven on Earth it will be necessary to have angels. You are the angels of Earth and you carry it well. Carry it proudly and step into it. Own who you are for you are the human angels that now inhabit the Earth and now will make a difference.

All Eyes are Upon You

We have told you many times that there are eyes upon you that you do not see. You look around the room and you see a limited number of eyes that are looking but we tell you there are many levels of overtones that are here. If you think that Amsterdam has a parking problem, we tell you that there is a real parking problem on this side. All eyes in all of what you would call the universes are upon the one Planet of Free Choice, for you are making it work. You are making a difference. And as you make room for the Children of Crystal Vibration to bring back in the new biology you are changing the Universe. Those of you wishing to change your current biology and rejuvenate will do so. It is your choice, for still there is only one rule on the Gameboard, and if you choose, it will be so and if you choose not, we honor you.

3. Transition Teams Take Their Place.

There will be many leaving in the times ahead. There will be many who choose to not stay. Do not look at them, please, dear ones, as being less spiritual. For they have held important roles that have made this whole thing possible. We tell you, they too, are to be honored. Because of your choices it is now time for the transition teams to also start gathering. The transition teams are a special group of healers that will work with those transitioning. For that which you call death is only a transition of energy from one state to another. And much like your sleep, you will begin to understand the mechanics of reincarnation and actually who you are. And much as if you are falling asleep with something very troublesome on your mind, you would be destined to awaken in the morning with that same troublesome thought to deal with. We tell you that what you call death is much the same. For if you leave here with a troubled mind, and a troubled heart or in fear, you must experience that same energy as you return. Ahh, but now you have the transition teams. Those are the master healers that come in with the magic of being able to settle your energy. Sometimes they do their magic with only the touch of a hand. Sometimes they work energetically in the night when you sleep. They come to help settle your energy and make it easier to transition. Sometimes they work with those who have transitioned in trauma, for often it is difficult for them to find the light and for them to move Home as they may not know they have even transitioned. They do not know they have died. Other times they will work with the families of those who have left to help them to understand the great gifts they have been given. The transition teams are the magical beings that will work while still in biology on the planet that will help those to transition, that will help those to find the light of Home.

There are many of you here in the room today. Some of you are hearing these words for the first time and you know in your heart that we are talking to you. Yes, we are. For now is the time to plant the seeds, for you will be called into action soon and your work will be honored for all time. And when you finally do decide to go Home, you will be greeted with the greatest of angels for many of you do not know what waits for you. You will be met with those who will lead you into the Hall of Colors where the thunderous applause will go on for days. It is for you. It is for the work that you have done. It is for the hearts that you have touched. It is for the love that you have given. Be there now. And in those times when you feel you are stuck, in those times you feel like you cannot find your connection, put one foot in front of the other and know that we are behind you, for you are not alone. We are honored to be with you re-flecting your energy, helping you to see who you really are.

4. Connecting the Light Circles into a Chain of Light

Treat yourselves as an integral part of God, for you are. Treat yourself with the utmost respect, for we do. Treat yourselves as the human angels that you are becoming for your wings are beginning to sprout. It is so often that you look to us or others for answers about the future. There was no divine plan that you so often searched for. You are creating the future through your choices. You are the creator! You are beginning to understand the implications as you begin to hold your true power while still in biology. The Gameboard of Free Choice was a success. After all the discussion, after all the doubt, after all the times that we have held your energy and helped you to re-member, here you are holding the energy for each other. There are special light circles that exist and much like throwing a stone into a pond, this creates an ever-expanding circle. That is how we see you, for each one of you have a circle of light around you. If you hide it and hold it back thinking no one will understand, no one will see it. And if you step out and bravely say, I am a circle of light and I wish to connect with yours, the circles will form a chain and the chain will never be broken, for you are the Family of Light and now is the time. We are so very proud of you. Find the many ways to connect in the love of light and all will magically fall into place. Form small groups to connect and focus your intent. Form large groups of like minded people to find ways to expand the circles as you hold hands in a common search for higher truths. Re-member that these circles are NEVER exclusive as Light is a Universal constant and shared by all. Find ways of connecting the Circles of Light and the vibrations of Home will be firmly planted on Planet Earth.

The Greatest Secret

We ask you to please stand in your truth of who you are. Center your energy and place yourself first so that you have more energy to pass on to others. That is the Universal flow of energy. Your choices have led you here. Understand that on the Gameboard of Free Choice there are no wrong choices. That is the great secret that you have hidden from yourselves. Your reality is your responsibility and if you do not like where you are, please choose again. For you are the masters and the Game of Free Choice has now been won. Now the Game moves to new levels.

5. The Second Planet of Free Choice

There are portals of energy that will be opening even as we speak. We wish you to know that you are the ones that have made it possible and that is why we honor you so. And that is why all eyes of the Universe are upon you. For these portals will eventually be used for people to come to the Planet of Free Choice to see how you did it. And you will be the librarians that will help them to find the answers they seek. It is our greatest honor to tell you this day that you are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice. There is another. It has begun. You have created it. You have set it into motion and all will look to you for your choices, for you are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice. You are the first Planet of Free Choice. Can you see why we are so proud of you? Can you see how your little choices in your day and the turmoil that you sometimes experience and the feelings of being lost that you have, have made a difference in the entire Universe? It was only possible to play the Game with the veils keeping you from seeing your true power in this fashion. We tell you, you have done well. And we love you so much.

In those times when you feel lost, in those times when you cannot re-member who you are, think of us because we are standing behind you with our arms spread wide. Our wings are there simply to re-flect the energy and the magnificence of humans for you have made a difference on the Gameboard of Free Choice. Now you will be writing the books. Now you will be documenting the story of how it was done for many will be coming to gain that information. That is the use of the portals. The ascension of which you have been waiting is now at hand. It has begun and you will not be leaving the planet. Instead, you will be bringing Home, here. You have done well and we are very proud of you. We are very proud to call you family for you hold the energy well.

Stand firmly in the truth of who you are. Stand firmly in your beliefs for it is time. Know that you are never alone and know that the love you feel is us, directly over your shoulder. The Keeper is here with our words, but he is not the only one for you can talk to us directly. We are available to all of you as we always have been. You have only to ask for there is one rule on the Gameboard of Free Choice.

When we started the Game with you, you chose the rules and chose to put on the veil of forgetfulness, and you did it well. We had no idea that you would re-member and actually take the Game to the new levels that you are now doing. You have gone far beyond your own and our expectations. Before you leave here this day, look into each other's eyes and find your original spiritual family, for it is time. It is time for you to own the wings that are yours for you are the human angels and we are so very proud of you.

6. The Ascension has Begun, and the Library is opening!

There is much that will be happening on your planet for now you have started in earnest the time of transition. Yes, there will be fear on the planet. Please understand that fear is nothing more than a lack of information. It is a vacuum that draws everything into it and sucks energy from everything around it. All that you need to do to dispel the fear is to fill in the information. Even as you put in the information, that vacuum will be gone. Fill in the vacuum with the love in your heart, for that is what it requires. Even though you do not have all the answers, follow the heart for that is how we speak to you, and your heart knows the way Home. It has been there many times.

Find space in your life for humans to become empowered. Find the empowerment factor of which we speak and find ways to empower those around you. That will usher in the third millennium and as you step into this magical time you will become the magic. You have created the possibility for many more planets of Free Choice. You are the ones who created it dear ones, please, keep that in mind. Your choices have created this from the very beginning. It is your choices that have brought you here this day and we are so very proud of you. Look around the room. Look into each other's eyes. Touch each other with the touch of angels and we will be there with the big hugs and gentle nudges. We ask you to pass them along to each other for we see you as children in a dark room. Each one of you has the same motivation of trying to find the light and yet you bump into each other, you hit the wall, you trip over each other in your honest motivation to find the light and the way out. We tell you there is only one way to find your way out of the dark room, and that is to hold hands. Find those around you for you are not the only one in this dark room. You are not the only one that wears the veil of forgetfulness. Reach for the higher truths and they will lead you Home. Releasing is Key

Allow yourself to release that which holds you back. We understand that releasing sometimes is the most difficult part for humans, for change is something you naturally resist. We tell you to release freely, for that which you seek, is already within you. You have only to release that which keeps you from knowing your own truth. Let go of that which holds you back and grasp for the higher truths for a brand new Heaven on Earth is now at hand. The beginning of the millennium is the beginning of the new process. The creation of Home is at hand. That which you call ascension has begun. To illustrate the point, know that you are no longer the only Planet of Free Choice. Now there is another and they will need to know how you did it. You have ascended from the student to the teacher. Be the teachers. Step into what you know. Step into your truth and be prepared to share it with all who ask. Now is the time. Welcome Home. Feel the love in the room and know that you are loved and on your way. It is your magnificence that you see. Own it. Carry it. Share it proudly, much the way that we are very proud of you. You are creating Home on your side of the veil. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home.

7. Specialist Guides for the Journey Ahead

We apologize to the Keeper for we told him we would not hug him too tightly and it appears that we have done so. (Tears) The energy that you feel in this room is magnificent. Even so, you are not the only ones who are here in this energy. This room is very, very crowded. There are many overtone levels that are here, for all of your guides and all of your teachers are here with you and they sit at your feet as they thank you. And they hug you from behind and sometimes all they can do is to raise the hair on your arms. Acknowledge them, be with them and thank them for being here. They are a part of your existence and together you have done well. There have always been the specialist guides who have worked with you for a limited time as you took on a specific purpose or contract. Now as you step into the greater work and the third millennium, you have the opportunity to receive specialist guides to work with you through these times. These are the specialists who are well versed in your personal advancement as well as your area of passion. You have only to ask and it will be so. You have always held this power, yet now it becomes important for us to re-mind you of these special contracts. These specialists are waiting for you to request the connection for on the Gameboard of Free Choice it is only possible to complete a contract if it is chosen.

Some of your own guides may have even seemed to step aside so that you can make this connection more easily. Many of you have felt that you have been abandoned by your guidance. This is simply a time of integration that was necessary for the introduction of the specialist guides. These new guides will not lead you in the same manner. Instead, they will work with you to help you hold even more of your own power. Do not feel loss here, for you have lost nothing. Rather, feel the excitement of the great possibilities that the specialist guides will lead you to. They are here to connect you with your passion and therefore re-create Home. They will not take your power, so do not attempt to give it to them for that will postpone the real contract. More will be forthcoming about these specialists soon.

We watch with excitement as you step into the next step of human expression. You have done well and we are honored to be here with you as you accept the gifts of the third millennium. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, use the empowerment factor and nurture one another so that you can see your own magnificence. Do not forget the Game, dear ones, for if we find you getting too serious we will tickle your funny bone to remind you that it is just a Game. And please, play well together.

the Group

We spent the day in Eindhoven, Holland talking to lightworkers from all walks of life. It was a day full of love, light and hugs. We appreciate all the wonderful work that is done by the many people who make up the Light Circles, not only in Holland but all over the globe. When two or more people gather together and hold hands, we create miracles and change the world. That is the only way we can find our way out of the dark room. Keep up the good work. You are making a difference!

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

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Keeper of the Sword

~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Breathe for a moment and center your energy. Ask your guides to join you for the journey ahead. We will travel together as we now step into a very magical time. Take your seat, fasten your seat belts. Please stow your tray tables and bring your seats to their full upright position. Breathe deep. . . we are about to embark into a new dimension…a place where time and space do not exist as we know it…you are about to enter…… the Third millennium.

The journey has been a long one. You have been traveling in this aircraft for several days and soon you will be arriving. There is excitement in the craft for many have prepared for a very long time for this journey. The flight attendant interrupts your thoughts with an announcement: "Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to arrive at our final destination. Please check your compartments for personal items and prepare for departure. Local time is "Now or Circular" time so please remove your watches."

"We have just landed and are taxiing to our arrival gate. Please stay seated until the craft comes to a full stop and the captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign. A specialist guide that will lead you on the rest of your journey will meet you inside the terminal. When you have completed your journey, please return to the portal and we will be happy to return you home on the next available flight. We have enjoyed our journey together and thank you for flying with us. The captain, myself, and the entire New Earth based crew thanks you for flying with us."

As the craft comes to a stop the doors open and people begin to file out into the airport. As you walk into the tube that leads from the craft to the airport you can feel the excitement building. What will it look like? You wonder. Exiting the tube you see that there are people waiting to meet everyone coming off the craft. A hand touches your arm and you turn to look into the eyes of a very beautiful being who is now standing at your side. She smiles at you and says: "I will be your specialist guide for your time here in the library. There is so much to see and it will be my job to make sure that you find what you are looking for. The cosmic library has so many lessons available that we will focus your time to suit your particular needs. You will determine your own study and the experiences." "What is your name?" you ask. "Specialist guides do not have names in the manner that you would think of them. There really is no reason for identity, for ours is not to hold power and an identity can only get in the way." With that she hands you a dark green disk about two inches in diameter. "This is your personal disk that holds your interactions. It is an interface to the Akashic records that hold all information and it will be with you the entire time you are in the library."

Your specialist guide shows you your quarters and after a brief rest you wish to begin your study. You look at the dark green disk that she gave you and in that very moment there is a knock at your door. She stands there smiling waiting anxiously to begin showing you the library. As you walk outside for the first time, you see the most beautiful colors. There is lush growth with vibrant colors of green and blue. Never before have you seen such vibrant colors in plants. The sky itself is the most beautiful light blue color and you gasp when you first set your eyes upon it. The beauty of this place is almost overwhelming. You look behind you to find that your guide is no longer with you. You are not worried because you are enjoying even the simple sight and begin to wander the grounds alone.

After a time of exploring the natural settings, you find yourself entering doors that leads to a hallway lined with what could be best described as black monoliths. All are identical and about six feet tall and three feet wide. They seem to be made of a material much like stone but obviously like nothing that you have ever seen before. At eye level on each of these stone like structures is a slotted opening. Other than that there are no distinguishing marks. Your specialist guide now shows up out of thin air to answer a question that you have yet to voice. "Place your disk in the slot and the library will come to life. I am your personal librarian and I will be here for you at any time, you have only to ask. I will direct you to find the knowledge you seek. It is important that you understand that I am not your teacher for no one can take that responsibility for you. In this library you must teach yourself."

You ask a question: "How do I know where to look for the information I seek?" The answers comes: "The answers are easy for you have only to re-member your questions. This is a special library like none other in the Universe. Here are the entire records of how it was done. The greatest experiment of all time is here for you to study. Step by step, every increment and every choice that was made, is available here for your inspection. When you leave the library you may take back with you any knowledge that you desire. However, what you take back with you to your planet is yours to keep only if you find applications for the information in your own daily life."

The next days are filled with wonderment as you move from one monolith to another. Each one holds the secrets of the greatest experiment ever undertaken. Every time you placed your small green disk into the monolith you had an interactive three-dimensional experience, as if you were there the moment it happened. The lessons were so interactive that you even felt a part of the game.

Days shifted into weeks and soon months. One morning you find yourself placing your disk into the next monolith only to have nothing happen. You call your specialist guide and she appears at your side. "What am I doing wrong here,' you ask. 'Is the recorder broken?" "No dear one, you are complete with lesson. That which you came for has been given to you. Now comes the time when you must go and do it for yourself. You have free choice and you will find the many applications for this information in your own life experiences. Re-member the magic here and use it often. Never forget that you have choice and therefore ultimate power."

The next morning you start walking around to experience the grand beauty of this library one more time. You enjoy lingering at every vibrant color, at every flower and all the overwhelming sights here in this special place. You make a vow to yourself to re-member all that you learned here and to find applications for the information you hold. Sitting in the garden one more time you take in the beauty and the magnificence of it all. Your specialist guide appears one more time at your side. "You have done well in your studies and we are very confident that you have all the necessary information to help you find your way. The most difficult part is saying farewell for I have grown to love you deeply. I thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your game. The work that you have done here will touch many more than you may ever know." In that moment, the specialist guide you had grown to love so much was gone.

Moments later you are traveling through a familiar tunnel to board the craft for the journey home. Even though you missed your home, you have mixed feelings for this was a very special adventure with which you were blessed. Finding your seat, the flight attendant begins to take you through the safety features of the Akasha 303 portal craft. The voice on the intercom says: "We will now be returning you to linear time. You may have only vague memories of your journey here upon first returning home. Know that this is a normal reaction to portal travel and the information you now hold is planted well within you. You will retain everything as long as you act upon it when you feel the gentle nudge. At this time we ask that you please fasten your seat belts and prepare for departure. We know that you have a choice in space travel and we appreciate your flying with Akasha." The craft begins to taxi on the runway as you stare out the window. There on the signpost up ahead, it reads: "You are now leaving Planet Earth…. The First Planet of Free Choice."

After a restful sleep you open your eyes to find that you are now sitting back where you first started this journey. Wondering if this whole adventure was a dream, you look around the room. Vague thoughts of another time and place haunt you with the most delicious memories. Standing to leave the room you hear something fall from your pocket. There on the floor is a small dark green disk.

And so it is. . .

Art Credits: "The Chrystal Children" by Jan Stoffers

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