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a word to Re-member

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In live channel, the Group has been telling the story of Amor. The story begins with Amor as a twelve year old boy living in the days of Mu (Lemuria). The Group says it is time to tell this story because we are at a point in our evolution that is very similar to where we were in the days of Mu.

In the very first chapter of this story, the Group told of how Amor was at his Walk into Life. This was a custom where a twelve year old boy or girl would declare their commitment to be a responsible adult. There were no laws to speak of in the days of Mu, but there were customs that they adhered to. One of those customs was when a person walked into Life they would choose one other person, usually older, to whom they would make a commitment to help them transition when it was time. At the very last moment Amor chose a man whom he knew only slightly named Etu. Etu was a linguist who worked with the ancient languages. During the months and years that followed, Amor and Etu got to know each other as the custom suggested.

After being apart for some time Amor was summoned to the house of Etu, for it was his time. Even though Etu was a very young man he was still leaving. Amor came to his side and in that moment the two men completed their sacred contract. Amor gave permission and guidance for Etu to leave if he chose. Etu then had Amor come close to the bed. He told him that he had a gift for Amor. As Amor bent down to hear Etu told him the gift was a word and the word was ESPAVO. In the last hours of his life Etu explained that the word ESPAVO was used in the ancient days of Mu. It was a greeting that was used for both hello and and goodbye. Etu told Amor that it was now time to bring back this ancient word into use for the time of evolution was nearing. This word was to help people re-member their true place in the Universe.

Literally translated it means:

"Thank you for taking your power."

We invite you to use this ancient greeting once again. This is the time of power and we thank you for being here with us.

ESPAVO dear ones


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