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A Class on Channeling
at the United Nations in
Vienna, Austria
April 26 2000

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the
United Nations
on two continents. 


The United Nations
Vienna International Communuity  (VIC)
Vienna, Austria

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A course on the art of channeling presented to the Esoteric Society
at the
United Nations in Vienna.

Teaching Channeling at the
United Nations

By Steve Rother

This is the story of the events that preceded teaching a class on channeling at the United Nations April 26th 2000.  We believe it to be the first class on the art of channeling ever presented at a UN facility anywhere.

The idea came to me when I was talking to a friend on the phone. I was telling her that I was very excited that we had just been asked to speak before a group at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. She asked; "what are you going to talk about?" That was the first time I really thought about the focus of this presentation. Last year the whole thing lasted about 3 hours. I presented a live channel from the Group, which included questions to the Group from the UN employees. I had an hour preceding the channel to tell the story of how a building contractor turned into a channeler, and it was all I could do to keep it to an hour. Now I realized that we had an opportunity to focus this session in another direction and my mind went crazy with the possibilities. Then the Group dropped the thought in my head and I heard my own voice tell the person on the phone that we were going to teach a class in channeling at the United Nations.

When I first started channeling as part of our seminars the Group wanted me also to teach channeling. They say that we humans have a tendency to mystify things we do not understand and channeling is no exception. They have told me that, from their point of view, this form of communication is very common and is no different than receiving inspiration from any source. They say that with practice we can all learn to listen to the guidance that sits on our shoulders. We all look at the famous channels and hear that one day they suddenly began receiving messages from the other side. The Group says there are two ways you can attain this ability. The first is through mastering this form of communication in a previous lifetime and bringing these attributes forward. These are the people who suddenly begin receiving very clear information. The other way is to develop and master this art of listening to spirit in this lifetime.

The group gave me an illustration by placing me at the keyboard of a beautiful grand piano. They made me aware of the beautiful music flowing through my head. The problem is that I do not know how to play the piano and therefore can not express what I am hearing. In fact, most of the time I am not even aware of the music flowing through my head because I am not looking for it. Much the way we all can learn to play the piano and develop the natural flow of music in our heads, we also can learn to express the inner guidance that we all have access to. One of the most difficult parts is to learn to trust what we are getting. When we first start taking piano lessons we usually hit a large number of sour notes. Similarly, when we first begin to channel we often interpret energy incorrectly. In the piano lessons we expect to make mistakes when learning but in channeling we do not allow ourselves this latitude. The most interesting part of this analogy is that it is far easier to learn the art of channeling than it is to learn the piano.

The VIC Esoteric Society is a group that meets weekly at the Vienna International Community that houses the UN and many of the UN organizations. Its members are primarily employees of the United Nations and many of its subsidiary organizations including UNIDO, (the United Nations Industrial Organization), The Atomic Energy Agency, (which oversees all atomic activity globally) and several others. The VIC society hires presenters to speak at special meetings and this was the second year I had been asked to present information from the Group. When the president of the society asked me what I would be speaking about, I told her I would present an introductory talk and live channel and then I would present a segment from our seminars on how to channel that would include a channeling exercise. Neither one of us knew how it would go over with the members of the society but we both agreed it was worth a try.

We arrived early at the United Nations and had to go through security at the Vienna International Center. The V.I.C. is a small international city made up of several beautiful buildings in the heart of Vienna. Since we were essentially going into another country we had to go through a security check. This year it was much easier than last because we did not bring the sword or the scepter that we use in our seminars. At 5:00 pm the normal workday finished and the members began to filter in. I was very surprised to see so many familiar faces and to us it was a spiritual family re-union with many people we remembered from the previous year.

As the room filled we began our introductions. I did a short introduction and told everyone that after the live channel we would present a class on channeling for those that wished to stay. Normal presentations for this venue are 90 minutes but we would be there for 4 hours for those who wished to stay and experience this. Then I started the live channel and the Group presented a beautiful message about planet Earth in the years ahead. They spoke of a form of Government designed for empowered humans that would be re-emerging soon. They said it was a form of non-government and is a return of the Lemurian ways. They spoke much of Lemuria and Atlantis; of what went wrong and how that can be avoided this time. They talked about Hitler and the eight million Lightworkers and the role they played in the evolution of planet Earth. They talked about the importance of working with the Indigo children to help them with their tasks of redefining the role of children everywhere. Then they also talked about the return of the Crystal Children and how we can prepare the planet to easily accept them. At one point the Group challenged those in attendance to create a formal space for the uniting of the religions of the world. They said that finding the common threads in the religions will quickly lead to a peaceful co-existence and understanding of our fellow men. Their message was followed by questions from the audience addressed directly to the Group. There were many beautiful things the Group shared with everyone and I will never forget the overwhelming honor they had for this gathering of souls. I will also always re-member opening my eyes after the channel to see all the teary eyes staring back at me. I re-member thinking how this powerful gathering of souls was exactly the same as all the Lightworkers that attend our seminars and it made me very peaceful inside to know that these people were playing such important roles.

We took a short break and many had to leave because of children waiting at home or trains they had to catch, but they all left us with hugs. When we reconvened there were about 25 people who wanted to channel. I talked for some time on what channeling really is and what it is not. I explained the way I present this information at corporate seminars. Even though I usually do not present channeling exercises at the corporate seminars, I do talk a lot about tapping into intuition and getting in the flow. I talked about how everyone has access to this ability but very few trust themselves enough to bring it through. I really can't teach anyone to channel because everyone already has the ability. What I can do is to tell them what it feels like for me and provide them with a space to experience and practice their own abilities. We did several exercises designed to get the flow moving. We did exercises in self -channeling as well as channeling for others. We did psychometry exercises and non-dominant writing exercises as a way of getting the energy moving. Then we closed with a free form channeling exercise for everyone. I will say that these people did at least as well as any of the Lightworker seminars and it was a very special experience for us to present this at the United Nations.

Our European tour in April 2000 lasted five weeks, during which time we presented seven seminars including two corporate seminars. The channeling exercise at the United Nations was one that we will always re-member. If you had told me four years ago that I would be teaching a class on channeling at the United Nations I would have thought you were crazy. I guess the cosmic joke is on me!

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