Second Wave

               For Spiritually Evolving Humans

at the United Nations

Channel #5
The Six Precepts
for Holding Power on the
New Earth

Presented at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the
United Nations
on two continents. 

The United Nations Headquarters
New York City NY

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A live channel from the Group to a gathering at the
United Nations Headquarters in New York.






The Six Precepts

of Holding Power on the New Earth.

Presented at the United Nations

March 22nd 2002 New York City, NY

Remained unpublished until November 1 2006


Greetings from Home.

One Heart

Dear Ones we ask you to feel your hearts as you look around the room.  Your hearts are beating as one.  With each beat of your hearts you complete the connection to each other.  This is a wondrous sight to watch. So often you seek the answers to your questions without fully understanding your questions.  You try desperately to re-member how to use your true power.  Then when you find little bits of your power, you move so much into it that you forget that you are not the only holder of the power.  In fact, the real power that each of you has access to is at its highest point when you connect heart together as one.  And yet we tell you, through your own choices you have created a reality that changes not only your own planet Earth, but “All That Is”. There are entities watching every move you make, for your choices have not only affected your outcome of the Game, but theirs as well. You have opened a reality where you have now chosen to carry your full power while still playing the Game. Can you imagine the joy that we feel being in your presence? You are the masters of the Gameboard. You look at yourselves in the mirror and you say to yourself, “Oh, I am not a master.”  But we tell you, you are. The veil keeps you from seeing all of who you are. The veil keeps you from re-membering. There is a little dot right here on your head, (Steve poi9nted to his forehead) and it is very much like a black energy that keeps you from seeing all that you really are.  It keeps you from seeing your own connections to each other. In reality, each and every one of you are connected in ways you have never seen before.

You have in common one part of your lives that we wish to cover now, for the first two years of life in human form are magical indeed. In those first two years, you pick up imprints that you carry with you. Imprints that you teach one another and you share with each other. Those first two years are very important in your lives. From your perspective, your ability to learn begins after the second year. But from an energy perspective, learning begins the day you are born.

God on the Outside

Now we ask you to see yourself as an infant for a moment. Your parents enter the room, and you look to these giant beings who have tremendous power, and you trust them to take care of you. You trust them to comfort you, and you feel the most wonderful love. Yet they are so large that sometimes you cannot even perceive them with your own vision, for you are so tiny and they are so huge, and their energy matches their physical size. You see them as beings who have great power beyond yours.  As you start to awaken, as you start to take little bits of your power, you start seeing them less and less as divine creatures who take care of you.  Dear ones, this is how, in the very beginning of your life, you learned to see your power outside of yourselves.  It is interesting to note here that your parents have a tendency to hover above you at this impressionable stage and look down upon you.  It is due to this early imprint that most humans have a belief that Heaven or Home is up and that god lives up in the sky.  This is the first time you as a soul perceive your power outside of yourself.  This is necessary for you to play the game of pretending to be human.

You were the ones who scripted the Game.  And you did it for that exact reason, for that is the purpose of humanity on Planet Earth. God in infinite wisdom and infinite energy can do all things, with the exception of one. In infinite form, one cannot define oneself, one cannot study oneself, one cannot even see oneself. In order for this to happen, it was necessary to take form in a finite perspective. By becoming finite, you have taken the expression of the infinite energy of God and placed it in these little bubbles of biology that you love so.

Bubbles of Biology

We think it is absolutely amusing that many of you have wandered around for all the years that you have been here, and still you do not know how the bubbles of biology work. They are simply containers for the finite energy expression of the infinite energy of God. As such, each and every one of you has the ability to hold this power in yourself, and now you have crossed the threshold that allows you to do so willingly and openly. Dear ones, you are at the threshold of taking your power and holding it, for you are becoming the Human Angels on Planet Earth. You are becoming the ones who now take the power to the next level. You are becoming the ones who hold power in physical form, and the Grand Game of Hide and Seek is a success. You have done so well. You have scripted the Game before you.

Your highest intent on planet Earth was to come down and hold all the energy of god within your own physical being, and to wake up in these tiny little bodies and be confused.  We tell you, you have done so well with that. Now, you are starting to move the veil aside. You are starting to see the powers within. But it is not easy, for you have spent eons of time in your own existence learning how to place your power outside of yourself. To bring your power within yourself is one of the most difficult tasks you have before you now.  Stamped very deep within your own cellular memories are the memories of looking at giant powerful beings, your parents, giving you everything you need.  With that stamp it is easy to look at the sky and ask god in Heaven to give you what ever your heart desires.

Highest Expression of Humanity in the 5th Dimension

We tell you there is a God, and the cosmic joke is that it is you, all of you.  Dear ones, you are not separate from one another, and you are not separate from us. We are part of each other. That is the reason why oftentimes when you see each other, you re-member a brother that you had in a previous lifetime, you re-member a heart connection, you re-member the love that you shared. As you listen to us, you re-member part of yourself and you re-member Home.  Ahh, dear ones, Home is the collection of energy that you would call god. Home is the collection of energy that we all share. Through your choices you are now beginning to bring Home to your side of the veil. Can you see our joy? You are now beginning to create Home on Earth, and as you do, the support from our side of the veil is tremendous. No, we do not reach our hands through the veil and tell you which way to turn, but we do offer the cosmic winks. Dear ones, it is not appropriate for us to enter your field, but let us tell you that if you go within, you will find the power. Holding the power within is now the highest expression of humanity in the fifth dimension.

Six Precepts to Holding Power.

We wish to offer you some very simple suggestions for holding power within. It is not easy for humans to hold power. Giving it away to the outside--to parts of yourselves and reflections of yourselves that you see as higher--is what you are accustomed to. Dear ones, we as the Angels in Heaven do not want your power. We do not want you worshipping us for that is not what either of us are here for. None of the masters who walked the Earth asked for you to worship them. We do not want you taking every word that we say and following it blindly for that is the old way. Those actions very effectively take your power from you. We will not even give you a name to place on us as humans have a tendency to give power away to labels far too easily. It was the Keeper that gave us the name the group not us. What we hope you will do is to simply take some of these suggestions and take the one piece that you may be able to use and apply in some fashion in your life, some piece of information that may help you to become the Human Angels of Planet Earth.  And in that vein, we will offer you simple suggestions. Take what resonates in your own heart and leave the rest, for that is higher-vibrational living in the fifth dimension. These are the six precepts of holding power in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth.

1st Precept: Release the Illusion of Polarity

The first that we would ask you to consider is releasing the concept of right and wrong. You have done so well to take your truths and place them in a box that defines them very clearly, for a truth is something that you have held that applies in all situations. In the lower vibrations of where you have been, you have used judgment very well to get from point A to point B and to help you define your truths. But now, as you are rapidly moving through vibrational levels in rapid succession, you can now see that truth is not a stationary standard. Rather it is an evolution in progress. Therefore, we ask you to begin releasing some of the things that may actually hold you back. This includes some of the truths that have helped you get to a certain perspective. Right and wrong actually hold judgment. In its place, we will ask you to simply use discernment. Discernment is the art of making life choices without judgment. To use discernment, we suggest that you take only what resonates within your heart and leave the rest without judgment, for those things were simply placed there for someone else. They may not be your truths at your stage of evolution, but when you judge them, you attach a string to them and you carry them with you in everything that you do. What happens is, every time you think you are leaving something that is “wrong,” you end up creating much more of the same. We see what you are thinking: “If we release the concept of right and wrong, our Planet would be chaos, would it not?” No, for there is a much higher law that is in effect. It is simply a reflection of the Universal Energy, so the law of cause and effect is still in force. It is only “right” and “wrong” that we ask you to begin to release. In all areas, you can start grasping higher truths and finding different levels of things that feed you, and begin releasing things that do not.  We even tell you that an early mathematician and physicist by the name of Isaac Newton uncovered a high truth which he labeled his third law of motion. It said “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  We will take that a step further and tell you that for ever right or good there is an equal and opposite wrong or bad.  In fact they are an integral part of each other and one does not exist without the other. Understanding that light and dark are actually a part of the same creation may help you to release the third dimensional concepts of right and wrong.

2nd Precept: Embrace Responsibility

Each one of you is responsible for bringing your own version of Heaven to Earth, and that brings us very clearly to the second precept. The second precept is responsibility. There is much confusion about this. In the turmoil that you have experienced in your Game, you have wondered where your lines of responsibility are drawn. We tell you, they are very clearly only within yourself. To take responsibility for anyone or anything outside of yourself is clearly a misdirection of energy. How do you increase your personal power? How do you hold more power in physical form? How can you hold more power within a relationship? We tell you the equation is simple: Embrace more responsibility and you will increase your personal power. Hold the responsibility only for yourself, for your actions, and for what you hold in your heart---your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs---and you will change the world. Each and every one of you is responsible only for that piece of yourself which connects to the whole and changes the collective vibration.  When you are responsible within yourself, you look in each other’s eyes and you plant seeds of light. You go out across the street to the deli and you smile, and without saying a word you have planted very important seeds. Perhaps in that smile they have re-cognized the brother that was lost for many lifetimes. If you wish to increase your personal power in a relationship take more responsibility in that relationship.  If you wish to increase your power in the area of abundance we ask you to find ways of taking more responsibility in that same area.  Increase your personal responsibility fist by taking responsibility for your own happiness and create your own reality rather than letting it be created for you as most of you have done.  

3rd Precept: Choose your Point of Perception

Now we move to the third precept, which is simply perception. Your entire reality is a direct product of your perception of it.  Life is a stage and you are in the audience. What we tell you now is that the play changes drastically when you change the seat from which you view it. Your angle of perception determines your reality.  What we tell you now is that even after you have set your angle of perception, it is entirely possible to shift it to another location.  If you do not care for the play you are watching on stage, stand up and change your seat.  You are beginning to realize this now, because as you discover more of the higher attributes of the fifth dimensional reality, you will see that there are even alternate realities that run concurrent to your own. You sit here in this room and listen to our words through the Keeper, and yet there may be another one of you that is sitting in a slightly different reality. What you have not known is that it is entirely possible to jump from one reality to the next and that will depend on your point of perception. Changing your perception ever so slightly will create a different outcome. We ask you not only to become aware of your point of perception in relation to events and things around you, but also to become aware of how you perceive your own power. If you watch the news on television and see how horrible the world really is, then you are destined to live in a horrible world and you will attract exactly those experiences.  Rather, if you watch the new on television and look for possibilities rather than insurmountable problems, then your experiences will be filled with possibilities. When you look inside yourself, you will find the real power.

You are awakening from the dream, and you are starting to understand that you are the masters of the Gameboard. It has not been easy. Some of the lessons you have chosen have run you straight up against a brick wall that would keep you from seeing your power. You think that someone has pulled the rug out from under you or had power over you. We tell you it is hard to see, we understand that. Yet, if you will change your perception of your own power to within instead of without, you will see the difference.
A slight shift of perception is to see that much of what you may have experienced as running up against a brick wall may have been by contract, to help facilitate a life lesson, or to activate your own awakening. Many of you are powerful master healers only because you have experienced something very negative in your life that has pushed you into taking your power. Adopt this point of perception and you will find your self holding your own power.

You have been motivated so much by pain on your Planet. You are so afraid of emotional pain, you are so afraid of physical pain, you will do anything to avoid pain, and we tell you that if you could see it from our side of the veil you would understand that it is different. When you actually do come Home and re-connect with those who have been a part of your painful experiences, you will slap each other on the back, you will shake each other’s hands, you will hug each other with the touch of an Angel. And you will even re-member that pain as a joyous human experience that may have motivated you. Shift the perception of your own power to within, and understand that you always have choice. In every moment you have choice. If you have released the concept of “right” and “wrong,” you can see that there are no wrong choices. And if you take responsibility, you can release the most useless human emotion that you have remaining from the third vibration. In the lower vibrations from which you have come, you have carried with you important things that have stirred your energy for your own survival. And we tell you that in those areas you have used judgment to get from point A to point B.  The most useless human emotion that you have remaining from the third vibration is the “G” word: guilt. Guilt is a very negative point of perception.  If you are following the six precepts, you can see that you are here right now. And if you are taking responsibility for where you are, it does not mean that you are taking responsibility for anyone other than yourself. See where you are at this moment, and if there is something that you can do about it then do it. Otherwise, release the guilt. You have had much leeway in this in the third dimension where you have survived for so long, but in the fifth dimensional state of higher-vibrational living, there will be no room for the “G” word. Begin releasing it now and you will be well prepared for the transition into the next dimension.

4th Precept: Dance in your Passion

In the lower vibrations o from which you are evolving passion was something that you experienced only occasionally. Passion was only something that you experienced as a result of lining up the energy in a certain way, and it was wonderful. It was a spice of life added in moderation.  In the higher vibrations passion is the state in which you live daily life. Your work paradigm and your primary motivation in the third dimension has been about survival. Therefore, the work paradigm has been very clearly two words: work hard. You have been taught and you have seen that in the lower vibrations from which you have come, your truth was that if you worked hard enough, you could get anything you wanted. But now you are seeing, as you move to higher vibrational levels, this no longer applies. We tell you that you are no longer simply seeking survival.  You are now seeking unity consciousness and a higher truth. And as that becomes the primary motivation, you must follow your heart. It is at this point that passion becomes the most important piece.  

We tell you now that your success in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth is directly proportionate to the amount of joy and passion that you experience on a daily basis.

Ahh, we love the re-action you have just given us. For many of you have started thinking, “I am still working at a job that I do not care for. If only I could move into my passion, if only I could do what I came here to do, if only I could be the healer that I know that I am.”  Some of you have not been supported to do the work that you are passionate about on a daily basis, hour by hour. We also tell you that as you move more into the higher vibrations, it will become critical that you experience as much passion as you can, especially if you are not working in a field that you are passionate about. We also tell you that you no longer have the tolerance for mismatches of energy. In the work you are currently doing, if there not at least some pieces that you are passionate about, it is only a matter of time before you leave that work. Fear it not, dear ones, for all change leads to something better. There will be much change ahead. As you move to higher-vibrational levels, dare to reach for that which resonates within your own heart as passion. Dare to reach for that which adds to you and does not take from you. For as each one of you does that on an individual basis, you become a higher use to the Universe and to the others sitting around you.

Dear ones, your joy is passed one to the other as you plant the seeds of light, and it becomes incredibly important to each one of you. Dare to go after the passion. If you find that you are in a situation where you must spend a certain number of hours doing a job that you are not passionate about, we ask you to find those little things in that job that you are passionate about, and to focus on those. Find ways to do things on the weekends, find ways to do things in the evenings. Find ways to connect to people at work who share your passion. If you can find ways to put the extraordinary back in the mundane, you may find that there is more passion even in the work that you are at.

Humans have a tendency at this stage to cut and run. It is much easier for you to quit the job and go find a new one than it is for you to change it into something that you are passionate about. Find opportunities for both, and look for the magic in the mundane. Even if you are only able to experience it as you pass one another in the elevator, that may be enough. Carry that energy freely and spread it amongst yourselves, and you will find pieces of your passion. And if you look and you still cannot find your passion, it is simply because you are taking yourselves far too seriously. If we find you getting too serious, we will tickle your funny bone to re-mind you that it is only a Game. Laugh often, dear ones, for that settles the energy and allows the passion to find you. If you begin playing the Game and having fun, you will find your passion. The higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth will support passion as a life style.

5th Precept: Honor the Flow of Energy

The fifth precept is an important one, for it is the flow of energy. The fifth precept is all about how energy moves around you. So often, you have seen energy and you have put yourself in the energy flow, thinking that you could collect energy, thinking that you could grab it and that it would become part of you and add to you. We tell you, it does not work that way. Much of what you experience as a lack of abundance is only because you see energy as coming into you, and you have tried to increase the flow of energy into you so that you would have an abundance of energy, and we tell you it is not necessary to do that.  It is more helpful to adopt the attitude of “flow”, rather than an expectation of receiving. See yourself as the dolphin, for the dolphin has such a sleek design that it can swim through the murkiest of waters and nothing sticks to it. The dolphin is probably one of the most abundant creatures that you have on planet Earth, for it has everything in every moment and has to carry nothing with it. It also knows how to have fun. As it dances from here to there, if it finds something that detracts from it, it simply moves elsewhere and finds more of the passion. Allow yourself to go through the energy effortlessly, knowing that all energy is temporal. As it moves through you, allow the energy to become part of you only momentarily as you allow it to flow through you. If you allow this flow-through, you will adopt an attitude of dancing through life joyously, and you will see that in the higher vibrations it is much easier to simply allow yourself to flow through the energy.  The moment you take responsibility for someone else’s energy, that energy sticks to you. It becomes part of you, and you must now either release it or change it in some fashion. That has caused much difficulty on your Planet. You are responsible only for yourself and your flow through life.
As you start taking that attitude, even your own world leaders will begin understanding that they do not have the power that they thought they had. The days of Mu will re-turn, and the world leaders will become the trusted servants that they were originally designed to be. At that time they will accurately reflect the collective hearts of all of humanity. That time, dear ones, is closer than you think. That is part of the reason why you are seeing so many of your world leaders take notice. At this present time you often hear them say, “This is right and that is wrong.” “This is good and this is evil.” Please understand that as they collect more information they will be allowed to use it in a more productive way.

6th Precept: Make Space for Empowered Humans

This brings us to the sixth precept. The sixth precept is one of the most important. We have been talking up to this point about how you go within, how you take responsibility only for yourself. But you know that you are all connected to one another, so how do you re-act to those around you? By making space for empowered humans in your life. Anything that you can do to empower another human being will ultimately reflect on your own energy, will ultimately increase your vibrations, and will bring Home to Planet Earth. Use the empowerment factor, dear ones. Allow yourselves to empower and make space not only in your governments, but also in your businesses and in your personal relationships. In relationship to your children, make space for the empowered humans. Make space for them to be fully empowered in their own energy, standing right next to you, for that is where the magic is.

Take some of the precepts that we have offered you. Take it and play with it and use it. Find a way to pass it on. Look in the mirror, dear ones, and see the teachers that you are. You are changing the planet of free choice. You are changing humanity.  You are the Masters of the Gameboard who are changing All That Is. It is we who are honored to be in your presence this day and we thank you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect and nurture one another. Use the empowerment factor and play well together.


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