Second Wave

               For Spiritually Evolving Humans

at the United Nations
Channel #4

The Balance to Power
May 2nd 2001
Vienna, Austria

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the
United Nations
on two continents. 


The United Nations
Vienna International Communuity  (VIC)
Vienna, Austria

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A live channel from the Group to a gathering of Lightworkers at the
United Nations in Vienna.





The Balance to Power

Presented at the United Nations
May 2nd 2001
Vienna, Austria

Greetings from Home.

Ahh, yes.  We look around the room and we see familiar faces.  But more importantly, we see family.  And as you look around this room and you see yourselves in the eyes of others, that is the important sight for that is the part of you that re-connects you to your own power.  That is the part of you that you will take when you leave this day.  You are becoming the Human Angels in the creation of Heaven on Earth, the process has begun already. 

In this moment we will shift the energy in the room.  And we will tell you a secret.  In the short time that you are together here, and the short time that you are in this energy, you will not age.  (Reaction from the audience) Ahh you like that.  In the short time that you are in this energy together, we will share with you the energy and the vibration of Home.  Take a deep breath, dear ones.  Breathe it in and accept it into your body.  That is a part of you that you have forgotten.  You have agreed to come in and place one foot in front of the other without knowing where you are going and not being able to re-member who you are, and we honor you so much.  You sit in our presence; you read the material the Keeper has put out in the form of these books.  You read the meditations and the messages on the internet.  And you honor us.  And we tell you; it is we that are honored to sit in your presence, for you are the ones that had the courage to forget who you are as you left behind your own heritage and the re-membrance of your own power.

The Choice of the Chosen Ones

There are many of you in this room who are here for the first time, but we tell you, your names reserved your spaces long before you got here.  We thank you for listening.  Find one thing that you can take from our time together and apply it in your own life as you leave here.  Find one thing that can make your life a little better.  That is the secret of the Universe and the secret of re-membering your power. 

You are at a very special crossroads.  You are the anointed ones.  There are many of you here in this room that were also in Atlantis.  Many of you have awakened to come back to do it differently this time.  And here you are. 

Your relationship to time is changing as you feel the energy shift.  The energy that has come in from the sun that has been released over the last month has set in motion many new events on Planet Earth.  In the months ahead you will have an opportunity to step into your power more than you imagined.  It is an opportunity for you to re-member and re-claim your own heritage and the birthright of your true power.  You are so accustomed to giving the power to your leaders.  You are so accustomed to giving the power to your teachers, your spiritual mentors, even us.  But those days are coming to a close for it is no longer appropriate for you to give your power to leaders.  It is no longer appropriate to give your power to anyone or anything. 

Do you choose the creation of Heaven on Earth?  Do you wish to change your reality to something more to your liking?  You have that opportunity now.  This is the gift your sun has set into motion for you.  Even now, its energy is being stored in the tectonic plates, for the Earth, too, is going through Her own evolution. 

Tools of Empowerment

We tell you one more secret today that is very important.  For in the shifting of the Planet Earth you have created the new energy.  In this New Energy there are tools that can help you hold and utilize your true power.  It is these tools that can so easily allow you to create the passion in your life and to see that passion on a daily basis.  Here we will offer you two important tools to use on the New Planet Earth.  So many of you are wrapped up with your own daily lives that you do not take time for you.  The art of be-ing has been largely neglected on your planet.  If we told you that you were God.  If we told you, you were not a part of God, but each one of you were the whole of God, would you then take five minutes for yourself?  Treat yourself in that fashion for that is the truth.  In taking time for you and just be-ing you are honoring God in the highest.  When you all treat yourself first and dare to have that which resonates in your own heart, it is then that you create Home.  That is when you bring the vibrations of Heaven to Earth.

Some of you are being touched by angels as we speak.  Just breathe in the energy, dear ones.  We know that you are so busy placing one foot in front of the other with so many tasks to do that you do not take that five minutes.  This time is for you to just be.  Breathe it in and you will re-claim the direction of your own daily lives.  You will once again hold the power and create the reality which supports you fully.   Have the courage to improve your own quality of life by allowing time to be. 

Ahh, but what is this second illustrious tool?  What is this elusive magic that we can give you in one stroke of the pen to help people understand how to connect to their power?  Power without balance is useless.   When you get into your egos and your entire energy is puffed up, there is no balance and without balance there is no power.  There is only one way to balance the power and that is with personal responsibility.  How do you claim responsibility? There is only one thing that you are responsible for.  That is your own happiness.  We have told you time and again.  You are in charge of your reality.  Your choices are the gifts that you have given yourself from the beginning of the Game.   You are the chosen ones and you have asked to be here.  Your choices have led you to a time of enhanced creation. 

Does it matter what the leader of this country does?  Yes, of course, it does.  But how is it going to affect you?  That is truly your choice.  You ask “Is it appropriate to give my power away in any fashion?”  No, it is not.  And yet we understand that you have been doing it for so long that old habits die hard.  You look to us for answers.  “Tell us which way to turn, tell us which way to look and what to watch for”. you say.  Some of you come to us to hear these very things.  Often we speak in general terms so as not to take your power from you.  All the time you know those answers in your own heart, you simply are not accustomed to trusting yourself.  Ahh, but the veil is thick.  It is so much easier to see magnificence in others than it is to see it in yourself.  So how do you begin to see it in yourself?  You do that by taking personal responsibility for your own happiness.  Dare to do one thing this next week that will improve your quality of life in some small way. 

"Ahh, but I am not worthy," you say.  Or, "But if I do that, how does that help others?  How can I change the world if I am doing something for myself?”   Ingrained deeply within your own cellular memories is the belief that you must suffer to achieve a higher vibration.  That truth was appropriate in the lower vibrations of who you were but it no longer has the same effect.  Choose first that which feeds your own heart.  Choose that which creates your highest reality and if you are not happy in your reality, have the courage to choose again. 

Aligning the Energy of Home

We know these are only words.  We know that it is so difficult for you to apply these principles as you peer into your reality from behind the veils that you have built so well.  If we could only remove the veils for a short time you would see who you are.  We cannot remove the veil, for that would take away your power.  So instead, we offer you these short interludes to help re-mind you of what it feels like to be Home.  Breathe it in dear ones, for as we fill this room the vibrations of Home are here around you now.  We have taken our wings and touched each and every one of you here in this room.  Fear not, for it is your own heart you are feeling.  There is nothing that we are doing to you.  We are simply creating the space and you are choosing to walk into it, and in that choice you are creating Home on your side of the veil.  In that choice you are changing All That Is.  Choose for yourselves and all will fall comfortably in rightful order.  Be responsible for yourselves and your power will increase. 

If you are ever feeling drained, it is because you are taking responsibility for others.  Even though you may do so out of an honest desire to help, in reality you are taking their power from them.  It is not yours to take responsibility for your mate, for your boss or those working under your care.  As a facilitator it is not yours to take responsibility for those who come to you for healing.  It is not yours to take responsibility for your children.  Rather, teach them how to take responsibility for themselves by taking responsibility for yourselves first.  Align the energy in this fashion and you will walk with a centeredness that will be evident in everything you do.  Then you will carry the vibrations of Home every time you flash your smile and every time you walk into a room.   The energy will emanate from your own heart and it will change the world. 

Dealing with the Memories of Home

You are with us in these short times together.  And as we share the memories of Home the tears come to your eyes for you re-member that which you are longing for.  You are only able to play the Game because you have forgotten the longing of Home.  Yes, there are some of you who are tired.  Yes, there are some of you that will be leaving.  There are some of you who wish to go Home.  We tell you, when that time comes, the choice is yours for we will welcome you with open arms.  The joy that you will feel when you all enter the great hall of honor, the applause that will ring out for you, will resound for eons.  The applause will be for you who have dared to play the Game behind the veil of forgetfulness.  The echoes of the cheers that will resound will last forever in your own cellular memories, for you have chosen to be here at exactly this time.  And if you choose to stay we will walk beside you when you allow, with gentle re-minders of the vibrations of Home.  The lives you touch with those vibrations will reach far beyond your understanding.  You are the Family of Light and you will remind others in the same way that we are now reminding you. Be proud of your heritage for you are becoming the Human Angels that will walk the New Planet Earth

Be responsible for carrying the vibrations of home in all that you do.  Be responsible for following your heart's desire, for only when you do will you be touched by the angels.  The touch of an angel is something that you all can look forward to.  But know that the touch of an angel comes with responsibility.  It comes with the responsibility to pass it on to others.  Work together to Re-member Home and Heaven will come to Earth.  Then you will long for it no more.  We see the tears, we understand that you miss Home.  Know that we miss you as well and that we will play together again.  That is our promise to you.  For try as you might you cannot separate yourself from Home.  You are a part of us and we are a part of you and we thank you for the time that you have allowed us to reflect for you a re-membrance of Home.

Claim responsibility for your own power and your own happiness for this will increase your power.  That is the most courageous gift that you can give to the entire Universe.  Those around you will applaud you for taking those actions, for they take the greatest of courage sometimes.  There are four of you here in this room now, that have made great shifts in your lives in the last six months.  We applaud you.  We applaud you.  We applaud you. 

Have the courage, dear ones, to reach for your own passion.  Balance your responsibility first and then find your power.  And if you ever forget who you are, if you ever forget why you are here, we will touch you with the touch of the angels, for we are here to re-mind you.  It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect.  Nurture and empower one another and play well together.    

And so it is. 

the Group

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