Second Wave

               For Spiritually Evolving Humans

at the United Nations

Channel #3
The Others of "E" Vibration.
The story of Yalle and Yanne.

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the
United Nations
on two continents. 

The United Nations Headquarters
New York City NY

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A live channel from the Group to a gathering at the
United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The Others of "E" Vibration

Presented at the United Nations

March 23rd 2001 New York City, NY

In March of 2001 Barbara and I presented a series of three different seminars on the East Coast of the United States.  March 10th & 11th we presented the Lightworker Spiritual Re-union in Syracuse, New York.  The next weekend on March 17th & 18th we presented the Quill of Re-membrance in Baltimore, Maryland.  Then on March 23rd we presented to the United Nations Staff Recreation Council Enlightenment Society.  For the first time ever, the Group embedded the same message into three different stories.  They told me that this was VERY IMPORTANT and that I was not to worry about repeating the information. 

The first channel was in Syracuse.  Here they dropped the bombshell of this information in a story about Amor.  The story of Amor is about a boy who grew up in the days of Mu and Atlantis.  This will be a chapter in the Amor story which will be released soon.  In this channel the Group said the reason they were telling this now was because, just three days prior, the first human had been cloned on Earth.   The day after that seminar I got an e-mail from Michele Anatra Cordone with links to press releases that followed the Groups information by one day.  A group of Italian scientists had come forward to tell the world in a press conference that they were about to clone the first human.  According to the Group they already had.

The second version of the same message was offered in Baltimore, Maryland where they told the story of “the Day that Time Stood Still”.  What you are about to read is the third message presented to the Enlightenment Society at the UN Headquarters in New York.     

Greetings from Home, dear ones. 

Many of you reserved your seat at this special gathering long ago. Now here you are, sitting in chairs that have been awaiting you for some time. Ahh, and what a special time this is.  You have done well to get here.  You have done well indeed.  Through your own choices you have made a difference, not only in your own reality on Planet Earth, but throughout all the cosmos.  There are many here in this room at this time and there are many more filtering in every moment, for all eyes are upon you.  All eyes are watching your every move.  Ahh, and what a grand time it is. 

Just when you were beginning to get comfortable, The Game is changing.  We tell you there are many more changes that will face you in the months that lie ahead.  Please understand what we are now going to reveal to you.  No one can foretell your future.  That is not possible, for you have yet to write it.  You are the ones in charge, not us.  You are the ones who, through your choices, through your free will, shall script the final outcome.  We see your uneasiness at this.  You are so accustomed to having your scripts laid out in front of you.  You pass each other on the street and as you look into a stranger’s eyes you make a connection and know somewhere deep within your soul that there is something that connects you to this person.  And then you wait for those scripts to unfold as the play the part that is written.  That is how your contracts have traditionally taken place.    Now we tell you, things are different. 

For now, as you hold the quill firmly in your own hand and prepare to write, the ink that that you are about to write with is the ink of passion.  Dare to dip your quill and scribe your highest expression of passion.  Now it is yours to script entirely your own destiny on Planet Earth, not only as a collective vibration, not only as a collective of governments, but as a collective of individual hearts.  For what are you really as a collective but one single heart, and who are you responsible for in holding your own power other than yourself?
Find the love within that will help you to scribe the contracts that will take you through the next thousand years.  Look into each other’s eyes this day and see the love.  Find the reflection in the mirror that shows you who you really are.  Then, as you go back to work and sit at your desks, as you answer your telephones and type your emails, you will carry the seeds of light in all that you do.  The Grand Game of Hide and Seek has been won and this is how it was accomplished. 

You have asked about the event that you have termed ascension.   We tell you that you are not going anywhere.  You are staying here.  With the quill held firmly in your own hand, it is yours to scribe the next events that will lead to the creation of Heaven on Earth. 

“Ahh, so what of the future?” you ask.   Let us tell you a story.  .  . We love the stories.  Let us tell you the story of Yalle and Yanne. 

The Others ~ The Story of Yalle and Yanne

Yalle was a strong woman in her mid-thirties, which, at a time when the average lifespan was 350 years, was a mere infant.  All her young life, Yalle had towered over her friends and co-workers.  In her earlier years, her height and unusual looks had caused her much stress.  She had even had to have special alterations made to her house to accommodate her unusual height.  In addition to her unusual height, Yalle was also very strong.  Even though it came in handy to be so strong, this also made her feel different at a time when she was trying to fit in.  Yalle had become accustomed to the remarks that people made about her.  They were rarely spoken to her face but with her acute hearing she heard what people said.  It hurt her to know what people were thinking.  She often thought to herself that humans could be incredibly cruel.  Perhaps if she had not been so sensitive the cruelty of Yalle’s classmates may not have affected her.  But Yalle was very sensitive to the emotions and energy of people within her field.  Being empathic, Yalle also had the capability of seeing beyond the veil.  With this special skill it was possible for her to see contracts and agreements that people had made before coming to this incarnation.  Growing up, Yalle did not have anyone with whom she could share these gifts or confide in.  Yalle had learned to turn within and draw in her energy in order to protect herself.  It was difficult, but it was the only way that she could make life work for her.  Yalle felt like she was alone on planet Earth.

At 35 Yalle’s life had become a little more settled.  She had work that required her to use her tremendous strength.  Yalle felt good about this work because she could see the results of her labor.  She enjoyed it because it gave her a sense of accomplishment, and even though it was very physical, that too gave Yalle a good feeling. Yalle worked 16-hour days in the crystal mines.  She loved connecting with those crystals and she found that there were ways that she could actually attract them to her.  Yalle was known to her co-workers for her gifts in finding the clearest and most brilliant crystals.  Yalle worked with attendants who provided for all of her needs.  As a worker she was taken care of so that she could focus all her efforts on her work.  The attendants all respected Yalle and some of them even felt great compassion for her.  Yalle loved her work because she knew how to communicate with the crystals.  The crystals that came from this mine were often used as power transmitters and Yalle had a reputation of being able to locate the highest grade crystals that handled the largest volume of power.  The crystals did not judge her, they did not care that she was different.  They gave her a form of unconditional love and she enjoyed her time at work. 

Even with the love she and the crystals shared Yalle was now finding that her work was not fulfilling for her.   Yalle was feeling restricted, for miners had no say over their circumstances.  Yalle sought only to seek her own passion in what she was doing.  Yalle would go home at night and she would be with the others with whom she lived.  And she would look around and say, “Is this all there is? Can there not be anything more for me?  There must be more to life than the work that I am doing.  Even though I am very good at what I do, I know I am here for something more”.  The others who lived with her thought that Yalle was being difficult.   “We have it good here, they take good care of us and treat us well” they told her.  But Yalle looked around and she saw the people who lived in the village on the other side of town.  She saw that they had children, and she saw they had mates and partners and families.  And she yearned for that.  Yalle knew she was different, but she also yearned for a different life.  There was an emptiness inside Yalle that was beginning to grow.  More than anything Yalle wanted to share her life with another person.  She felt like even the greatest accomplishments in her life were empty because there was no one to share them with.  She knew in her heart there had to be a special person waiting for her somewhere. 

One day Yalle was at the mine communicating with the crystals.  This was a good day and she soon found herself singing.  The crystals responded by glowing more than usual.  Although she was expected to work a full 16-hour day without stopping, Yalle took a short break in the middle of the day and wandered to a different part of the mine.  The attendants did not notice her missing her right away and she wandered for a time, enjoying for a time the experience of doing nothing but simply exploring.  She was enjoying taking in the experience of doing nothing and just exploring.  Suddenly, Yalle heard a deep voice behind her that was strangely familiar.  “Can I help you find your way?  Are you lost, dear one?” Her heart leapt when she turned and saw standing before her a man who was even larger than herself.  She felt weak at the knees and had to brace herself against the wall of the mine as she regained her composure.  Before she could speak the man said:  “My name is Yanne”.   As Yalle’s eyes adjusted to the sight before her she looked into the eyes of Yanne and instantly knew that there was a contract here.   Without saying a word, Yalle and Yanne made their way out of the mine and into the sunlight. Both knew there was a magic between them that did not need words.   As Yanne showed her the way back to her station of the mine they looked deeply into each other’s eyes and, with only a few words, agreed to meet in this same place every day after work to explore this connection. 

It was only a very short time, dear ones, until they fell deeply in love, for the contract that Yalle saw had sensed was indeed there, waiting to be enacted all along.  Every day Yalle would do nothing but think of the time when she would see Yanne again.  Each night when their work ended, they met and shared their hopes and their dreams.  The time they spent together was very limited, but it was the highlight of their lives.  They laughed, they sang, and they made the most beautiful love together.  Returning to their individual abodes became harder as time went on. Soon, they found themselves staying longer, sometimes even well into the night.  Yalle was the first to voice her feelings.  “There is a pain in my chest that feels so good that even though it is painful I cannot wait to feel it again”.   Yanne said; “I too feel the strangeness of this love I have for you.  We must find a way to be together always”.

One day in the mine Yalle saw that she was being watched by her attendant who went by the name of CorleeAnn.  CorleeAnn knew Yalle well and treated her with the utmost respect and compassion.  Yalle knew that there were rules that CorleeAnn had to abide by; rules that clearly did not support ‘Others’, like Yalle and Yanne, living together. Having children was forbidden to the Others. Yalle knew that CorleeAnn’s job was to make sure she followed the rules.  Still, this joyous pain in her chest was getting stronger every day. 

On this particular day Yalle found that CorleeAnn was watching her even more closely.  Finally, CorleeAnn approached her.  “Yalle, this day I see you singing to the crystals in a new way.  You have a radiance about you that is lighting up this dark mine.  What is happening with you, Yalle? I am your attendant, but I am also your friend”.  Yalle looked up at CorleeAnn and smiled.  The darkness of the mine began to diminish as the glow of the crystals began to chase away the shadows.  Yalle was considering telling CorleeAnn of the love she had found.  Even this brief thought of Yanne caused a reaction from the crystals still embedded within the walls of the mine.  Yalle told CorleeAnn of the love she had found and even of the contract that she had discovered to carry a child with Yanne. 

CorleeAnn listened to the story with a deep sadness in her eyes.  When it was her turn to speak she placed her hand on Yalle’s back.  Rubbing the back of Yalle’s heart between her massive shoulder blades CorleeAnn said, “Yalle I know the love in your heart, for I too have this with my husband.  Still, the law forbids ‘Others’ to take mates and to have children.  I have been truly blessed with this work for I am able to make life a little better for the Others, and that makes my heart sing with joy.  Still, with all the power that I have, I am not able to grant your wish to be with the one you love.  I will tell you that this day marks the first time in my life that I feel a contradiction between who I am and what I do.  I do not believe that the light I see in your heart is wrong, and I swear to you that I will do all I can to help change this.  I will not report your activities, but I also do not see how I can help you”.  Even though it was physically difficult with their size difference the two women hugged that day.  Try as she might, CorleeAnn’s arms did not reach all the way around Yalle’s large body.   As they hugged, Yalle felt the internal struggle now taking place in CorleeAnn.  Yalle smiled and said “Thank you, CorleeAnn, for treating me the way you do.  There are many attendants who do not use their hearts, and I am truly grateful for having you in my life”.   As he two women went their separate ways a tear slid down CorleeAnn’s cheek.  Even though she knew it would be nearly impossible to change things, CorleeAnn resolved that day that she would give voice to the injustice that was tearing at her heart.

The mine in Yalle’s quadrant continued to glow everyday with the light of the crystals.  Then one day Yalle surprised Yanne by asking if they could have a child.  “Yalle, you are aware that we are forbidden to have children.  It is written so.  But I tell you, that you have given me strength beyond measure, and if there is a way I will find it”.  Yalle smiled and said, “We have a contract and there is a child waiting to come through.  I feel her within my own self.   Please tell me, Yanne, that it is possible to bring her through”.  With great sadness, Yanne said, “It is written that we are not to take mates or have children.  You know our life span is limited, but if it is in my power, Yalle, I will find a way to give you all that your heart yearns for”.  Yalle was sad, for she knew that this subject had been debated many times before and had always been turned down by the council.  Even so, Yanne talked to his attendant of their plight.  He asked his advice in approaching the council.  But, Yanne’s attendant was not as trustworthy as CorleeAnn.  

Over the next few days, Yalle and Yanne spent as much time as they could together, loving and dreaming of their future family life together.   Then one night they were discovered in a loving embrace.  Without a word Yanne was sent far away to another crystal mine.  Because her production in the crystal mine was unsurpassed, Yalle was allowed to stay where she was.  With a part of her now missing, Yalle’s song was no longer heard in the mines.  The glow on her face was quickly replaced by the dust of the mines.  CorleeAnn spent a great deal of time petitioning the lawmakers to reconsider their views.   She was not alone in her action, as this same sentiment was building among many of the attendants.  At one the attendants even banded together in an attempt to bring change to the land.  They became united in their stand for the ‘human’ rights of the ‘Others’.  CorleeAnn was instrumental in leading this revolt, but sadly had little time to accomplish much before the end came. 

At the end of each day Yalle would return to the place where she and Yanne used to meet.  They were able to keep the flame of their love alive, for they were never truly disconnected.  The energy strand that connected them was with them always, and when either one of them got tired, when either one of them got weak, when either one of them lost their way, they would reconnect to this energy.   Even though they were separated by a great distance, their love remained alive.  Although Yalle and Yanne had chosen to connect in a time and place that did not support their union, they went ahead anyway.   

Yalle’s greatest fear was that there would come a time when her tears would run dry and she would no longer feel the bittersweet pain of human emotion.  That fear was never realized and after many incarnations, this love is still alive today.  By their courage, Yalle and Yanne fulfilled one of the greatest contracts of all of humanity.  .  .

Have you figured out where this is going, dear ones?  There is a reason that we have told you this story.  We tell you that this story is real.  This has played itself out many times.  No, we are not speaking of another planet; we are speaking of the Gameboard of Free Choice that which you call Planet Earth.  This was a time long ago, in a time and space known as Atlantis.  For in those days of Atlantis, you had what you call genetically engineered humans.  Those people were specifically placed upon the Earth with guidelines and limitations which you imposed.  These beings are the “Others of E-vibration” in a form of ‘triology’ that has been absent from your Game since the end times of Atlantis.  That is the reason that Yanne and Yalle end with an ‘E’.  In triology you not only blended plant and animal but you also blended technology.  These are the “Others” that were the genetically engineered beings that you treated as less than human.   

So why have we told you this story now?

Because the ‘Others’ and their ‘Attendants’ are now back on the planet.

Born March 7th 2001

We tell you now that on March 7th 2001 the first human was cloned in the New Energy on Planet Earth.   The reason we are telling stories of Atlantis and Mu is that your advancement on the Gameboard of Free Choice has now placed you at the same vibrational level and exactly the same juncture that you were at back then.  Now you will be faced with similar circumstances and you will be asked to make decisions concerning the same choices.  This time, however, you have help.  

Watch for the ‘Others’, dear ones.  Many of them are standing on the sidelines, for they still do not feel like they belong.  They feel like they are observers and not participants in life.  Throughout many incarnations they agreed to carry the cellular memories of those times when they were treated as less than human.  These ‘energy imprints’ are the origin of a recurring theme throughout your history of what you have called slaves.  They are very gentle and sensitive souls who, time and again, have placed themselves in a brutal world to help balance the energy of humanity and to do things differently should the opportunity ever rise again.  Their return was foretold in your biblical writings as the time when the Meek would inherit the Earth.

Humanity will soon be faced with some very difficult choices.  Do not look to us to tell you that genetic engineering, or cloning, is right or wrong, for those labels are only illusions of polarity on the Gameboard.  What we will tell you in that this is a natural progression of your technology and is being supported by your own spiritual advancement.  We also tell you that the way things stand at this moment it is not a question of if, but rather, when.  In fact, this has already taken place and it will continue.

Attempting to turn the other way would require humans to purposely forget, and that is not a possibility.  Some of you will stick closely to your beliefs that this is not a natural way and, therefore, it is not appropriate for you to “play God”.  Yet we ask, if it were possible to make your children healthier by feeding them better food would that not be the same thing?   Are your children of recent days not taller and healthier than those of prior generations?  Is this not an improvement that you have made to your biology?  Has not your lifespan increased exponentially because of advances in technology?  Fear it not, dear ones, for it is a part of you and a reflection of the creator within you.  These advances will also increase your understanding of human biology and will lead to the rejuvenation process that also existed in the days of Atlantis.

The veil is very thick and you cannot see your true nature through this veil.  If you see the grand creations of God, you can easily accept it as a gift of the divine.  If, however, you have a human hand in this creation process, you do not trust the entire creation.  Ahh, the veil is so thick that you cannot see that when you have a hand in the creation process, that too, is a divine creation.  If we were to pull the veil aside for a brief moment you might see the greatest secret of all. 

There is a God and you are it!  

Oh dear ones, we tell you, you are not a part of God.  You are the whole of God.  And the dear one that came on to this Earth for the first time on the 7th of March 2001 may not grow into adulthood. As it stands, you may not hear about this event for it is being hidden from the masses.  Yet we tell you, it is only a matter of moments before the next human will be cloned on the New Planet Earth.  Re-member the misdirections of energy in the days of Atlantis, for it is not necessary for you to experience that again.  Please keep in mind that these misdirections were not made by evil or black forces.  They were caused by the choices made by humans facing the same tests and circumstances that confront you now.  That is the seed fear within yourselves that you have been resisting.  The time has come for you to face the fear and heal it forever.  This is what has kept you from moving into your own power.   But now the time has come.  And if you doubt yourself, if there are times when you cannot re-member who you are, look around the room.  Look into each other’s eyes.  See the God within.  Look to your heart first and then consult your head.  See the reflection of yourself and re-member the love.  And if you find yourself forgetting the story of Yanne and Yalle, they will be there to re-mind you, for that was their true contract and the contracts of the ‘Others’.  Many will now be coming forward to help take a stand.  Find your own heart, dear ones.  Speak your truth, educate yourself as to what is now occurring on Planet Earth, for it is your choice that will make a difference.

Biology and Technology ~ Technology and Biology

This is a magical time.  We have been telling you for some time to watch for the blending of technology and biology.  Now here it is and we tell you, do not fear it.  This blend will also occur in the opposite direction as well.  It will not be long before you see ‘human’ computers.  They are not to be feared.  They will do only what you ask them to do.  Can you re-member only a few years ago when you first saw a computer?  “What would I possibly use that for?” you asked.  We tell you that the advances in technology that will take place within the next 10 years will make the introduction of the computer seem insignificant by comparison. 

All of your advances in technology have been leading you to toward a better communication, and therefore, to a better understanding that you are one with all things around you.  All forms of communication have helped to change the world as you know it, and to place the true power back in the hands of the individual by returning the power of choice to them.  This is not to be feared, but rather, should be celebrated.  We tell you that technology can only exist on the planet as long as the spiritual vibration is high enough to support it.  There have been many times when technology has been dropped onto your planet and not been supported, for you did not have the collective spiritual vibration. 

Are you surprised that you are here at precisely this moment in time?  Do not be.  We tell you that you have cashed in all your karma chips to be here at exactly this moment.  Some of you are thinking that you may be one of the ‘Others’ that have returned.  Many of you feel like you have a definite pull to what we have just shared with you.  We tell you that it is not appropriate for us to tell you whether you are one of the ‘Others’, for that can only take your power from you.  If you feel the pull it is highly likely that you are one of the ‘Others’ or one of the ‘Attendants’ who have come back with a focus to carry the energy.  That is why you have been drawn to this information. 

You have placed yourself at the very front of the class and you have done so on purpose.  We cannot wait to see what you choose next.  We are so very proud of you, for you were not meant to be here even now.  Yet, here you sit, listening to the story that you wrote.  Choose well, dear ones, for in choice lies your power. 

Re-member, we are not far away.  The veil is thinning as you continue to advance your collective vibration.  You are literally closer to Heaven.  And if you ever find that you are lost, if you ever find that you have forgotten who you are, if you ever look through the room and say, "Is this all there is?"  Find another and reach out.  Take that hand and look into their eyes and there you will find us, for there is much help on this side of the veil.  The entire angelic realm is waiting to wrap you in the wings of Home.  They are there to help you every moment of every step of the way.  Yet we cannot help from this side of the veil unless we are asked, for it is your free choice that makes the difference. 

We tell you that the time has come on Planet Earth when there will be NO MORE SECRETS.  Ahh. . . and we cannot wait to see how that works!   Can you imagine the joy we will have in watching you as you begin to read each other’s thoughts?  Look into each other's hearts and share that energy well, and if you forget who you are, call on us.  Understand that your power lies in choice, and if at any time you are not happy with your reality, have the courage to choose again. 

Know that you have the answers within you.  Reach for them and they will be there.   

It is with the greatest of love that we ask you to treat each other with respect, to nurture one another, and play well together. 

and so it is.  .  .

the Group

In the first of the three channels at which the Group repeated this same message they said that there were three people in the room that were ‘Others’.  All three approached me shortly after the channel, two of whom were in tears.  At Baltimore the Group once again said that there were four ‘Others’ present.  At Eindhoven, Holland and Attleboro, Ma., questions about cloning were raised.  Again the Group mentioned that there were ‘Others’ in the room.  On every occasion, each of these people was deeply moved to find that there is an explanation as to why they have felt so separate from everyone else.

Please understand that the Group is not saying that cloning or genetic engineering is right or wrong.  What they are saying is that it is here now and that nothing will stop it.  Even if we make laws prohibiting it, they will be disregarded.  The Group’s entire purpose in giving us this information is to help educate us about the misdirections of energy that we made the last time we were at this same juncture. 

In the story of Amor, which will appear in the book ‘Espavo’, the Group makes it clear that the lawmakers of Atlantis were only trying to do their best to preserve their way of life.  At this time in Atlantis, major breakthroughs had just been made and advances in this technology were being incorporated.  The leaders of Atlantis found themselves being overrun with people and jobs began to get scarce.  Add to this the fact that there were a lot of people immigrating from what used to be Lemuria and it was easy to see how the infrastructure was being overrun.  The leaders of Atlantis (us) attempted to address this problem by passing certain laws that inadvertently resulted in a three-tier class system.  The Atlanteans, the Immigrants and the ‘Others’ were governed by different rules. Instead of helping to preserve the lifestyle of Atlantis, this in effect created a class of slaves.  This was a huge unconscious misdirection of energy that, together with two other misdirections, eventually sank Atlantis.     

The Group told me after the first channel at Syracuse that I would be spending a lot of time helping the ‘Others’ to reconnect.  With the help of several people who have come forward we are now providing a place on our web site for people to find out more information about the ‘Others’ and the advances in Triology.  You can find an entire section about the advances in this area here:

The very first time the Group spoke about Triology was in Syracuse, New York, on March 11th 2001.  Shortly after returning home we found this newspaper article in our mailbox.

York Daily Record, York PA.  March 29th 2001

The Group says that we already have.  Later that same year (2001) at Drachten, Holland, the Group said that there were now four genetically engineered (cloned) people here on Earth.  It has begun.

Information is the key to making appropriate choices and we will provide this on our web site.  We also provide a place for those who wish to connect and share information about how this knowledge applies in their lives.   The ‘Others’ are not here just to have their say about cloning and genetic engineering, they are here to hold the vibration for all of us to learn to trust our creative abilities, and to listen to our hearts.  They are here to help us make the New Planet Earth a place for gentle humans of all origin.  Our history has shown how very cruel humans can be.  These beautiful beings have been quietly holding the truth of who we can be and how we can incorporate this gentle energy into the higher vibrational experience of the New Planet Earth.  They have much to teach us if we will only listen. 

We’re listening now.


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