Second Wave

               For Spiritually Evolving Humans

at the United Nations

Channel #2
The Government of MU
Presented to the Esoteric Soceity at the United Nations in Veinna, Austria.
April 26 2000

Steve, Barbara Rother and the group are five time
presenters at the
United Nations
on two continents. 


The United Nations
Vienna International Communuity  (VIC)
Vienna, Austria

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A live channel from the Group to a gathering at the
United Nations in Vienna.



The Government of MU

Presented at the United Nations

April 26 2000 Vienna, Austria  VIC

The following channel was presented to the Esoteric Society at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.  This was the second occasion that we were invited to speak.  In the audience were delegates, department heads, office managers, secretaries, engineers and scientists from the Atomic Energy Agency.  Directly following this presentation we presented what we believe is the first class on channeling ever presented at a United Nations facility. 

The VIC Esoteric Society meets in the Vienna International Community which is an international city housing all parts of the United Nations.  The members are primarily employees of the United Nations and many of its subsidiary organizations including UNIDO, (the United Nations Industrial Organization), The Atomic Energy Agency, (which oversees all atomic activity globally), UCBDO and several others.  The VIC society hires presenters to speak at special meetings, and this was the second year Barbara and I were asked to present information and a live channel from the Group. 

Upon arrival in Vienna, we went to the VIC.  We were actually entering the Vienna International Community and had to go through an extensive security check much like clearing customs.  In effect, we were entering a country within a country.  When the time came and the members began to filter into the room I was surprised to see so many familiar faces.  To us it was a Spiritual family re-union with many people we re-membered from the previous year.  It’s great to see how many very important, powerful people are reaching for higher truths during these times.  The gap between mainstream and metaphysics grows smaller.

The room soon filled and we began.  The Group presented the beautiful message below.  After the channel and a short break we began the channeling exercises.  We were delighted to find that most everyone connected in some way.  The entire process took five hours, which represented a large commitment for those participating.  We were very honored to be presenting this information.

This European tour in April/May 2000 lasted five weeks.  During this time Barbara and I presented seven seminars, including two corporate ones.  I love to bridge the gap between mainstream and metaphysics.  If you had told me six years ago that I would be teaching a class on channeling at the United Nations I would have thought you were crazy.   I guess the cosmic joke is on me!  We are evolving into a higher form of humanity.  That evolution includes all walks of life.  It’s a great time to be alive!

Greetings from Home. 

As we look around the room we see brothers and sisters looking into each other’s eyes.  We see those of you in the room are very powerful beings, for you have changed your destiny on the Planet of Free Choice.  Through your choices, through your connections, you have created a reality that resembles Home.  We tell you, it is our greatest honor to be sitting in your presence, for we are here to re-flect your magnificence.  We are here to hold the mirror up to you so that you may see who you are.  We are here to help you re-member.  The room is now filling with the entourages that are your own guides and oversouls.   We sit in your presence and we are honored to wash your feet, for you are the masters and we are here to help you re-member that.  For you to take even the smallest amount of your power and use it to create your reality is our highest dream.  We are honored to be here with you as you now do exactly that. 

Tonight we bring you information of great importance.  There are some in this room that will carry this information to very important areas.  We ask you not to judge yourself and think, no, it is not me, for my job is unimportant.  We tell you if only you knew how much trouble we went to, to put you into that position.  Even those of you who think you cannot make a difference are about to see for yourselves what a difference you can make.   We see the pain in your eyes and the difficulties that you experience on the Gameboard.  We tell you we love you for it, for what you are accomplishing would not be possible without the pain.  Bless it and release it, and do not get comfortable with it, for that pain is a temporary situation.  In the next few days many of you will be seeing a major influx of energy.  Use it.  Grab hold of this power and apply it in your life.  Dare to create your highest reality.  Dare to go after your passion.  That is where you are of the highest use to yourself and to those around you.  That is where you are of the highest use to the Universe. 

The ‘Government’ of Mu

The information we bring this night is about the formation of groups that will bring back the greatest of governments that has ever visited the Planet of Free Choice.  That was the government of Mu.  In the days of what you called Lemuria, there was a system of government that made space for empowered humans and we tell you that it is making its way back to the planet as we speak.  There are those of you in this room and those of you reading this who will act upon this information.  There are those who will plant the seeds.  Imagine a day when the governments of the world talk as one.  Imagine a day when the religions of the world find harmony.  Imagine a day when the hearts of mankind find balance through seeking their commonalities instead of searching for their differences.  We tell you that day is at hand.  Make space for this in your lives. 

We challenge you to create the organization necessary to make room for the blending of all the religions of the world, and you will see a reemergence of the government of Mu. 

The government that you call Lemuria is actually a form of non-government, for by its very nature it is self-regulating.  Begin by applying the basic principles of empowerment.  First, empower those around you.  Learn to live with human empowerment as the rule and primary motivation of all organization.  Empower first yourself and have the courage to use your power.  Walk forward into the life of your own choosing.  Dare to create the best for yourself.  Center your own energy by placing your needs first.  Fill your cup first, then turn around and fill others.  By doing this you will have much more to give to others.  Start then to restructure the competition that has created the illusion of separateness in your reality.  The economists of your world even now know that as one does well, all do well.  As you have seen, when one economy dips, others do not rise.  In reality, they all fall in sympathy.  This is not competition.  This is a common thread that connects you all, becoming stronger as you step into the next level of evolution. 

The government of Mu had no laws.  Free choice was always honored and it was balanced with the responsibility of cause and effect.  If one were to cause an infringement upon another’s choices, the effect would be swift and self-imposed.  We tell you that when you inhabited Mu your vibrations were very high indeed.  You held your power within, not without.  Therefore, laws as such were not required.  Instead you relied on customs that were treated with greatest respect and honor.  All customs were focused on empowerment.  Even though there were governors they were servants and not leaders.  Collective power was not afforded the governors, they were trusted servants who watched the relationship to the Universal Energy in comparison to all actions within the land of Mu.  There were no penalties other than extradition in only the most extreme cases.  When there was infringement upon another’s free choice the perpetrator would ultimately decide the best way to reconcile the energy.  Mu was a highly evolved spiritual society where it was not a right but an honored privilege to be in communion with the highest vibration of souls.  Life in Mu was all about choice.  You could choose to walk in your power or not.  You are just now reaching a state in your evolution this time around that will begin to support the return to the ideals of Mu.  We ask you to move slowly and to allow this transition to occur gently.    

Start with Self First

Choose your state of mind carefully for your own reality is also part of a collective.  This is why we implore you to dare to create the highest, most generous reality that you can.  As you take responsibility for your own joy, feel the vibrations of Home spread to others around you.  This will spread to your organizations, businesses and governments of the New Planet Earth.  Feel the love of Mu that is your birthright and you will feel the power that has been yours all along.  Then we ask you to find ways of utilizing the power.  Use it first to create the things that you wish to have in your lives that make life easier for you, for it is your right to be comfortable on the planet.  Treat yourself as if the highest of masters were coming to visit you.  Would you not afford them your best linen?   Would you not set a place for them with the finest china and feed them only the finest foods?  We tell you, you are that master.  Treat yourself with that respect and all will fall into place around you.  Set your own tone intentionally through these actions and watch the magic begin.  Treat yourself well, for only when you do, and only when you allow yourselves to become fully involved in your passion, can you re-flect the energy of Home to others around you. 

The Shifting Energy

It is a wondrous time in which you live and we tell you there is much magic in the air.  You will see it soon if you have not seen it already.  The setbacks ahead will only serve to hasten a global understanding of Unity.  Know that as the collective vibration rises, so also do you rise.  Even the economies of the world are all interconnecting as they emulate the Universal Energy.   As one grows, they all grow.  And as one expands, they all expand.  This is the Universal Energy in action.  Allow yourselves to be in a constant state of expansion, constantly reaching for the higher truths that help you expand.  Take charge only of your own vibration and know that this action alone will leave your mark on everything around you.  Then we ask you to do something that is very difficult, for we ask you then to accept the best as it is re-turned to you. 

The organization of the days of Mu is making its way back now.  Apply it on the smallest scales to begin with.  Apply it in your home.  Apply it in your schools, apply it in your businesses.  Apply it in all the relationships around you.  Be comfortable with placing empowered people in your field. 
Instead of seeing your differences, search for your similarities.  Then give others the tools, and hold them responsible for finding their own empowerment — with love and temperance. 

Know that you can make a difference. You may think: ‘I am only one.  I cannot make a difference for my voice is not heard’.  And we tell you, yes, it is.  You are responsible only for your own, singular vibration and that is all.  Choose your truth and stand firm, for that determines the center of your own energy.

A special time is at hand.  Take the energy that is given to you.  Take the gift and dare to use it.  Dare to speak your deepest truth for that is how we speak to you.  You ask to hear the voices.  You ask to have open dialog with spirit.  You ask to speak to your own guides.  Then you cannot hear us when we speak to you, for you think you are making it all up.  You think that this cannot be about me, and we tell you it is.  We can only pull the veil aside for brief moments so that you can re-member.  Yet there are times when all we can do is raise the hair on your arms and touch you in such a way that you think you may feel something, but then again, maybe not.   We are here always.  We are around you always.  We are opening the doors just before you get there.  We play a synchronistic part in your lifestyle.  We are very honored that you have asked us here.  We tell you we have never left.  We are with you all.  Your own guidance is very strong.  Listen very carefully for it will lead you if you learn to hear through your own heart.  Take that which you know in your heart to be truth and dare to speak your creations.

Re-union in Heaven

With the seeds of empowerment you will be building the days of Lemuria once again.  We tell you, you are not the only ones in re-union.  For as the circles of light on planet Earth connect with one another, so too is this happening in Heaven.  As below – so above.   All of the archangels are in a grand state of re-union.  Even those who played a part in the Lucifer Experiment are re-uniting in heaven.  You have made it possible through your choices on the Gameboard of Free Choice.  For that we bow at your feet.  Now can you begin to see your importance?  Now can you see the effect you have?  You look at yourselves as you pay your bills with no money.  You look at yourselves as you struggle in your relationships and you say, is this all there is?  And we tell you sometimes the lessons you learn through those struggles reach into dimensions that you do not understand, for you are creating realities with your choices which go far beyond your understanding. 

Lemuria was a time that held great technologies on the planet, for the spiritual advancement that balanced the technology was also great.  It is also the time when you were in great joy.  It is also the time that you walked in full connection with your higher selves, walking every step in unison with your full power.

The time directly ahead of you will bring new energy to the planet.  Take it, for it is for you.  Allow it to be part of your experience and have the courage to use it for your highest and most passionate being.  Fear not how others react to this energy.  In the midst of turmoil allow yourself to create Home.  We tell you Home is one of the most abundant things for it is anything you wish it to be.   Think you are Home and you are.  Hold the thought of an ice cream cone and it is in front of you.  Hold the thought for world peace and it happens. 

It is our greatest honor to be reflecting your energy.  All we ask you to do is breathe and let us open the doors for you, for you have done well.  You have won the Game and now you are creating a new one.  Create the highest and the best.  Re-create Mu.  Start with your own lives first, and then empower those around you, for this will create Heaven on Earth and return you to the days of Mu. 

It is with our deepest and greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, for that is the respect of God.  Nurture one another and empower each other.  And above all, play well together. 

and so it is.  .  .

the Group


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