Presented LIVE on March 26 2005

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Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
April 2005 Presented Live March 26 2005
~ Feeling Forward~
The Practical Magic Series

Each segment is 27 minutes long

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Description Segment 1: "We Believe" Lightworker updates, current events affecting Lightworkers..
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Description Segment 2: The St. Louis experience, Upcomming events.  Explaination of the classes offered including Spiritual Psychology and the Teachers Training in October.
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Description Segment 3: Jannell interviews John Alexander PhD. His resume is too long to show here. He was one of the first in the govenrment to work with remote viewing, non leathal weapons, psychonesis, NLP and much more. In this interview we talked about his work in the area of Near Death studies and remote viewing.
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Description Segment 4: Interview continues with John Alexander. Talked here about remote viewing.  John was in the original program.   Too much to cover in one day. We will have him back.
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Description Segment 5: Staff Lightworkers Margaret Fitzgeral and Richard (Gentlehawk) James. Talked about the Glass Mountain and Mt Shasta portal experience.
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Description Segment 6: The Beacons of Light Re-minder from Home. "Feeling Forward" The next step in Walking Backwards in Time.
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