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So you want to be a guest on the show?

We have prepared this web page to explain how it works and what we are looking for.

The VirtualLight Broadcast is a free service provided in alignment with our non-profit charter.  As such the broadcast does not generate any income.  Therefore we are unable to offer guests fees or reimbursement for for being on the show.  We offer our Guests two main features:

1. You will get exposure to our audience in the live event and the archives that will remain active on our site for a minimum of 2 years.

2. You will receive the 26 minute segment(s) that you or your web master can easily place on your own web site.  It costs nothing to stream the file directly almost as if you were hosting the clip on your server.  If you have streaming service on your own server then we can also give you the full res AVI file for your use if you prefer. We ask that you leave the clip in tack and do NOT EDIT IT or remove the intro as it is the only identification we use and is needed for copyright compliance.
It is similar to making your own 26 minute commercial that you walk away with free of charge.

In order to match our audience we are looking for specific criteria in the guests we bring on the show:

We look for something that will interest our audience.  Please do not take it personally if we do not book you on the show on your first attempt.  It may just be that we have had other guests with similar offerings recently or any number of other reasons.

Guests must have International reach. Our audience is international and our guests must have International travel, seminars, books or other ways that they offer to an international audience.  (Sorry but a web site is not enough.)  If you have a book(s) we would like to know how many books you have sold and in what markets.  Our broadcast is international in scope and audience and if you have a local practice or service it will not interest our viewers and will do you little good as exposure to our viewers. 

Contact The Guest Coordinator here for any questions you may have about your scheduling, or to submit your request to be on the show.

For other information about where to stay or other details about the broadcast find them here on the VLB details page.

It is our pleasure to bring this broadcast to Lightworkers all over the globe.  The very first words from the group were: "When you hold hands together you create miracles!"

Big hugs

Steve Rother