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Mastering Alchemy with Jim Self

Remembering who you are, where you came from and learning to master the tools of alchemy will allow the coming Shift to unfold in a way that is easy, fun and a co-creation with your fellow adventurers.

The mastering of alchemy is not about changing lead into gold. It is about changing unconsciousness into awareness, ignorance into wisdom and fear into love. The third dimensional "rational mind" does not understand this journey we are now on. We each must learn to think from the Heart and act from the Soul. The Gate is wide and now the path is wide as well -  and very available to all.

Through Jim’s work and words you will learn more about the Shift occurring on the planet, the effects this accelerated Light is having upon each of us and what we can do to make the transition enjoyable. Jim explains it in a way that makes it very possible to achieve.

Experience the joy of the fifth dimension while living in the third. ”Alchemy is the way we move around and experience ourselves in the Higher Dimensions. It is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter and applying the elements of Love to create a desired result”

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    Ascension Made Easy-er

    9 Common Ascension Symptoms: why you're experiencing them, and how to cope with them.

    Many of our best LightWorkers are becoming disenfranchised and loosing their passion. Why?

    “Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result.” -- Archangel Metatron. “Alchemy is accomplished by changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of matter, and applying the elements of love to create a desired result.” -- Archangel Metatron.

    This amazing time of Shift is adding to how you experience both your Higher Self and your Soul. As you begin to remember yourself and return to higher levels of consciousness, aspects of you and the Higher Self are going to merge very rapidly.

    The primary objective of any transition (whether it is a deliberate transition or one that steps into your life) is to accomplish your goal with as little stress and emotional, mental or physical upheaval as possible. The secondary objective is to leverage it in order to become a better, more whole, mature and masterful person.

    In 5D, you vibrate in feelings like reverence, beauty and kindness. The coat you choose to wear each day bears no resemblance to what you typically walk around waring in 3D. And much of what you experience is no longer expressed from the mind or in words (intellect/brain) but pours forth from the heart and the feelings (the senses recombine forming a sixth sense). You achieve a quiet knowingness.

    Understanding the aspects and rules of 3D and 4D allows us to better choose where we want to live.

    Many of us know or intuitively feel that we are transitioning form the third-dimensional reality, passing through the fourth and are on our way to the fifth dimension.  Dimensions are not places but instead levels of consciousness, each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking and feeling.

    Have you ever had the experience of driving to a destination and suddenly realizing you passed your exit? Your attention wasn’t on the present-time task of driving. You and your attention were quite involved with something else.

    Two groups of Spiritual Warriors found themselves in a very real and important dilemma. They understood their personal, spiritual missions and recognized that energy existed that could prevent them from completing their work. They asked the Creator for the tools they needed, and each warrior received the package as requested.

    Each package contained three items: a sword, a shield, and body armor. The sword represented Truth and could never be broken. The shield represented Knowledge of the weaknesses of the intruding energy, and Knowledge from the ancients.  The body armor represented spiritual awareness and the Wisdom to wield the Truth (sword) and hold up the Knowledge (shield) in the face of a challenge.

    Soon the intruding energy became evident and both groups of Spiritual Warriors felt they were ready. One group, in excitement and urgency, finally opened their packages and stared with disbelief. Everything was in parts! There was a manual that said, “SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.” They couldn’t prepare in time, and were quickly overrun and defeated by the intruders. They blamed the Creator, each other, and “the world.” They never learned to use their tools.

    The other group had opened their packages long ago. They had put their tools together and had practiced with them. They practiced when it didn’t count and it was a good thing they did, for they found the sword to be almost too fast and sharp to handle properly. The shield had so many options, they had difficulty knowing exactly how to hold it, and the body armor was very heavy! With practice, intention and focused attention, they eventually learned how to integrate and use all their tools, and they were ready.

    They soon realized that no single tool worked without all three being engaged. The body armor was the key, for it gave them the Wisdom to manage the sword (Truth) and the shield (Knowledge). When the intruders arrived, it took the intruders one look at this strong, well-prepared force and they quickly fled. No tears were shed on either side and the battle never occurred. The group of well-practiced Spiritual Warriors celebrated their easy victory!

    Finding and holding your Truth, your Knowledge, and your Wisdom is now more than ever required, in order to stand strong within your circle of inner peace while you watch the changes unfold around you during the Shift.

    How can you be in this shifting world, yet not be affected by it? You must first ask for the spiritual tools that will best assist you. When these tools arrive, as in the parable, you must then practice using them until they are a natural extension of who you are, as natural as using a spoon or driving your car. Practice when it doesn’t count.

    The simple Energy Tools you can learn here at Mastering Alchemy will assist you to thrive and serve in today’s unfolding Shift. With these tools, you will “walk through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil.” You will be who you came here to be, effectively able to assist and uplift others at the right time, at the right place, in the best way possible, without sacrificing your own truth.

    We are all being called to step forward and lead, to fulfill our original spiritual blueprint. The drama, noise and challenges we find ourselves in today are not economic or social or even political. These are spiritual tests. They test our private, personal commitment to do whatever it takes to be the Healer, Teacher and Leader we came here to be.

    What an incredible time to be alive. These are important times, times that can be joyous and uplifting or rife with struggle and suffering. The choice is yours. Many are indeed choosing to struggle and believe they are victims. Many more of us are consciously choosing to hold our connection to the greater, wiser, older part of ourselves, no matter what occurs around us. We are choosing to create a way of life filled with Certainty, Personal Power, Respect, Amusement, Command and Graciousness.

    When you choose to use your Spiritual Tools, you will be able to respond and thrive, rather than react and doubt. You will be living a way of life, full of your Self.  And as you make that choice, you will return Home.  The above parable is one of our favorites. Adapted from Kryon



    As you move through your days, do you notice that your relationship with time has changed? First of all, there seems to be less of it. And what little remains is jam packed with commitments and obligations. In a very real sense, many are moving from the past into the future without even a glance at the present moment. We are leap-frogging over the present to get to the future as we drag our past along.

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