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*The strawberry tree*: expressions of passion

The strawberry tree blossoms when time stands still.
Elleke loves to put seeds of this tree in the ground where ever she goes.
With each strawberry eaten a human angel remember it's wings.
Even in the desert these wonderful trees blossom like never before!
Together we can play that strawberrytune, and dance in joy!
Here are her story's from real life with practical tools.

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    You know that game children love to play?

    ‘I spy with my little eye something with the letter…… C.’

    What if it isn’t just a fun game but reality? What if you are a human angel that lives in an institute cause you really spy things others don’t see? What if you shout of the rooftop to be heard, but nobody hears you?
    What if some day another human angel walks to you and can hear you!
    That is magic, that is wonderful!! That is what is happening more and more these days. We create the safe space for special angels to expand their wings!

    I spy with my little eye something with the letter C. I spy children and their parents.

    Set the tune of your sacred contract
    find new ways to express your passion!

    The tune plays:
    ~A dive into mastery ~

    Mastering your life lessons was never so easy!
    Are you ready for a dive?
    It will activate great abilities in you to connect yourself and others with One.

    This month we are visiting mothers earth treasures within!

    We go into a journey to our essence,
    experience a new connection with mother earth,
    and we end by creating space
    where new technology can come in!

    This month:
    The tune of your crystalsound
    dance at the tune of your inner crystal!

    We go into a journey to our ego,
    way back to atlantis
    and we end in our heart at the new earth!

    And you seem to wonder, do I shine my light enough, how can I radiate more?
    Let us tell you you are the grand souls, the Ones who changed the universe forever.
    These experiences will take a very important place in the crystals that store the information of earth.
    This is a monumental time that will never be forgotten. If you could see how much you changed by remembering who you are, you wouldn't doubt a second if you are god enough.
    We are proud to assist you, to tell you stories, and show a glimpse of home.
    We are the Ones that hug you at each moment for you are the creators at this earth.

    Do you dare to stand up and say:

    I am responsible for every creation in my life

    Listen to Moreya's tune:

    Since she was a baby Moreya used her fists to punch her face.
    As she couldn't talk she didn't remembered other ways to express herself.

    One day I heard her tune............ and a miracle happened!

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