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*The strawberry tree*: expressions of passion

The strawberry tree blossoms when time stands still.
Elleke loves to put seeds of this tree in the ground where ever she goes.
With each strawberry eaten a human angel remember it's wings.
Even in the desert these wonderful trees blossom like never before!
Together we can play that strawberrytune, and dance in joy!
Here are her story's from real life with practical tools.

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    This month I share tools how to open up your multidimensional library and suprise yourself with amazing gifts! You make a deep connection with your DNA and you are transforming into google using the universe as your library. Bleep bleep the universe is calling!

    One day there will be no need for scientific reports to prove the thing called ´Love´
    One day humanity can hear the simplicity of life
    One day children will come and share the most amazing solutions for war en worldhunger.
    One day we can hear the children speak.
    That day is now.

    Let´s listen....

    Many parents and teachers feels like they have lost connection with their teen.

    If you have or had a child that is depressed you need to read this article.

    What's going on with the teens of today?

    Ten Reasons To Be Happy For Inner Children
    Watch the Movie!

    There are those days when unexpected gifts arrive at our door. They are packed as day to day stuff, as the newspaper that arrives at our doorstep, as the neighbour that says hi!. Sometimes it are old presents with a new wrappingpaper, opened in a new light.

    Recently I got three of those special gifts and I want to share them with you!

    Gift one is Freedom
    Gift two is being in the Now
    Gift three is being Loved

    We all have such great power and such strength we really never ever have to doubt that we can’t create what we want to.

    We love to answer, but doubt to ask.

    We love to ‘heal’ others, but forget to heal ourselves.

    We love to give space to others, but forget to create space for ourselves.

    You feel a breeze, gently you turn around. Suddenly time stands still. You see a human angel.

    A wonderful glow is surrounding her, her eyes goes right into you heart. You cannot do anything else than smile, you feel warm. A few seconds you both stand still. Then she walks further with the wind, and you continue your journey. A moment of deep contact has occurred. Your light looks brighter from now on. The veil has lifted itself. The universe has changed. A new earth is created.

    Many people who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder are multidimensional and have a hard time staying centered.
    They live in fear.
    There are many people who tell their environment about *the things they see* are being send to a psychiatrist who subscribes them treatment and medication. Does their multidimensional experience make them insane? Does your experience make you insane?

    Dolphin shares their crystal sound and we get practical tools to expand our crystal wings. To reach our children!

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