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*The strawberry tree*: expressions of passion

The strawberry tree blossoms when time stands still.
Elleke loves to put seeds of this tree in the ground where ever she goes.
With each strawberry eaten a human angel remember it's wings.
Even in the desert these wonderful trees blossom like never before!
Together we can play that strawberrytune, and dance in joy!
Here are her story's from real life with practical tools.

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    In the higher vibrations there is no guilt, there is no fear, there is your unique beauty. You honor every excistence in the world by being YOU, and sharing YOUR truth.

    This can feel so lonely, please know there are trillions of angels and helpers around you and you are the master of the universe.

    Safe, save, saved:
    How to define safety for our children

    how we can teach our children to save themselves!

    Ten Cool Ways To Tickle Your Inner Child and More!

    The time of being crucified is over.
    It's safe for you to be here on earth.

    Time to share yourself.

    And what about energies you carry, so profound that they are never seen on earth?
    Is it really possible to embody them... or do we just have to wait a little longer?

    Including way cool tools on how to blow the blues away!!

    Who thought that being stuck in the middle, is the next great thing for 2010?

    Okay, we all experience this.
    There just are people in our lives who always seem to find our weak spot and push our buttons.

    How to create a drama free templa
    te and release yourself and the world from old burdens.

    Dance On Notes
    and Sing a Song

    How to set yourself free when you are not meant to fit in.

    Discovering your piece of home:
    Five practical things you can do to connect with your multidimensional soul.

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