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Carolyn Gervais

Is Life Real or Imagined? Is There A Difference? 
Do Our Beliefs and Perceptions Hold Us Hostage?
If So, How Do We Break Free?

In Her New Book Carolyn Takes You
Beyond the Boundaries of Belief and Perception!

* Find out what Carolyn learned from her a parallel dimension.
* How we all experience alternate realities.
A woman who lives in the 19th and 21st centuries. 
* The true nature of reincarnation.
* The many ways our ego commits murder.

* A soul chart for planet Earth.
* A new feminine energy is transforming the world.
* Discovering your ultimate passion.
* And much, much more.

To find out more about the book and to order I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion go to:, also amazon and barnes & noble.

To find out more about CAROLYN GERVAIS go to:

I offer you spiritual and personal help in the following areas which includes my original new age and vocal toning CDs.


Carolyn began her spiritual quest at the age of eighteen.  That quest is the inspiration for her original music on her CD, "Face In "The Mirror".
Carolyn came from a family of many vocalists and musicians.  That's why her music is diverse and extensive.  This has allowed her to sing and perform in many types of bands as a lead singer and backup vocalist... for country, top-40, show bands, and several orchestras.


Toning with the CD, while relaxing in a comfortable chair or sitting on the floor...centers your whole body and mind into a state of relaxed peace, as it balances and moves you into higher levels of consciousness.

Toning can take the place of meditation or can be used to put one into a meditative state of mind.   Each vowel, note and sound fine tunes and helps manifestation to take place on all levels of your life.  Why?  Because your energy becomes less scattered and more focused as you practice toning.

You might also enjoy just listening to the CD as a relaxation technique.

Toning has been used for healing, manifesting, centering, clearing blockages in ones life for thousands of years.  Now it is being used to bring in the new energy of change.


I tap into your higher self to give you answers to your spiritual and personal questions.


Life coaching and problem solving advice.


Includes past life regression;resolving and healing unwanted patterns.


About Carolyn:

I have been a student and teacher of “metaphysical-spirituality” for over 35 years. You can find out more about my background by going to my website at:

I am Ordained Minister of Overlight Spiritual Psychology, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and have a master's degree in holistic nutrition.

Beginning as a young child I yearned to understand why I was here on earth.  When I looked into the eyes of someone, whether I knew them or not, I could see and feel their sadness; their anger and their innocence. A strong yearning to understand why became such a need, that I would continuously drive the adults in my life crazy with questions as to why God made us and put us here on Earth. I was told that God didn’t want us to know the answers to such questions, but some part of me knew, even at the age of eight…that answer was not acceptable. I was bound and determined that I would ask God all my questions until He answered them.

What I found out is that the answers keep expanding as we grow in awareness; that's when the questions become more complex as we go deeper into our truth. Why? Because the picture of ourselves and our life becomes larger and larger.

My inquiring mind has taken me into many aspects of study, meditation and otherworldly experiences that pertain to the deeper meaning and purpose of the body, mind, soul and spirit.

Love is the creator of the Universe!



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 Articles by this Author

Everyone is looking for what is called their passion on Earth.  What is my ultimate passion many are asking? How do I find it? What will it look like and feel like and why is it taking so long to know my true passion?  What steps should I take next to open to my true passion and am I searching in the wrong places?

If you really think about are all seeds of the Creative Source.  You as these seeds, have been germinating for eons and eons.  This means parts of your consciousness and human brain...have been asleep, unconscious and even dormant...waiting for your awareness to reach a point of expansion, that would allow all of you, as the germinating seeds to open and...........

To better help you to understand wiring; we are going to give you an abbreviated example of what we call a "Soul Chart."  A Soul Chart is a tool that Carolyn uses to help people better understand the way they are wired physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and how to use that wiring to master, heal, and accomplish what brought them to Earth at this time.  This particular SC is unique that it is based on the collective gross, mass consciousness of all humans on the Earth at this moment in time.

Imprinting is an energy that is absorbed on inner and outer levels by everything that lives. Every living creation, even a plant... is imprinted in some way by its experiences and surroundings.  The brain of a human baby or child is new and open to anything it feels, sees, hears and tastes.  Therefore the baby or infant absorbs every kind of energy he or she is surrounded with.  How parents imprint their children for the New Earth, is even more critical at this time in evolution.

You might say planet Earth is a hot bed of diversity with all of its Earthly Kingdoms.  Next to the human kingdom, the animal kingdom is the second most powerful kingdom on the Earth.  Man has created much karma with the animal kingdom through the abuse of power.  It is time to balance the two kingdoms with..........

True freedom means choosing from the opportunities that human existence brings your way. It is preferable though; that you choose the ones that inspire you to have faith, that your needs will be met according to the heart effort you put forth.  That is your birth right, to experience and use opportunities you are choosing in order to find your heart’s inner most sense of freedom. 

It is known by those of you who are reading this, that humanity is evolving and up-grading to a higher state of consciousness.  In other words your human body and mind are being rewired.  During this processing and upgrading period, you, your life and your Earth are spiritually expanding through the process of change. Change brings about challenges that affect all levels.....

This message was brought through in order to dispel some of the fears that surround the number 666. In the Christian bible 666 is referred to as the number of the "Beast" or "Satan".  But hopefully you will see that there is so much more to this number than what people have heard, seen or believe. As everything in the physical world, the number 666 has two sides, two extremes if you will, as does everything in a dualistic world. In this message the number is looked at from all aspects and frequencies that are part of the number 666.  You will find that the Light of the Creator is ever ready to shine its light into the darkness, once the door that blocks it is opened the slightest crack.  When that happens, the Light begins to reveal the inner beauty and truth that has been hidden in the darkness, all because of unawareness and the fear of revealing the truth.

With all the Light on your planet, there is still the human tendency to create new fears in the name of "spirituality" and "light". For example there are those who are teaching that every thought, feeling and emotion one emotes, is creating their future almost immediately.  On the other side of it, those same people are stating that one must face their dark side and their "demons" within.......