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There are so many levels of energy, so many dimensions where we tap into everyday. We don't even have to choose what enters our core reality.  It just happens in playing. It happens when we connect with our soul. We will get the best of every dimension. Beyond our imagination.


So we can get real here. And surrender to the experience of our soul,  of our manifestation here on planet earth and in other dimensions and realities.

Did you ever considered, that the unity we look for, can be find in the so called “duality” in our pains and joys, in our sorrow and victories? We will realize it’s here all along. That sometimes, sometimes we get trapped in processing. In becoming something that we already are. Than we want to learn more and more, while we know everything. Everything all along. It’s just about remembering it all. And that can happen in a single moment of choice.

That will change the world as we know it. It changes the whole education and social system that is based on learning, on transferring believe systems from one person to the other at the moment. Unity is here. It’s now. It’s in the past and the future. It’s in your inviduality. In your voice and in your uniqueness. In your color. In the thoughts you have before you go to sleep. In the worries about the world, the economy and environment. It’s in you, your children, and your neighbor.  It’s in the boundaries you set. In your creations.

In the end (which is the beginning) we will realize that the unity we sometimes want to create, is the base, the building stone that makes that we can play this game on earth. It’s not possible to be less than divine, than less than something that exists in the entire omniverse.  We all have superstar potential, we all are the most divine energy that ever lived, lives and ever shall live, without exceptions. We all change the world by waking up and being here. By the things we do and the things we don’t do. The earth is our womb, our starship.

And yes it can look dark. Literally. When we see the oil spills in the sea, poisoning our ship. When we see people starving from hunger. When so many people have no home, when children die. Did your experiences ever made you less than someone else? Did they ever made you incomplete?

Hyperdimensional Molecules by Mirri Rocks from New Energy Art

We will experience world peace in this lifetime. Mark my words here. Trust. Be. Act. Dare to stand out from the crowd, and step into your self chosen life plan. Into miracles. Get real. This is not a time to wait and wait. You are ready. Here and now. Let’s download world peace in the mass consciousness, by living it every moment in your reality. In your relationships, work, in your city and country. With that we open the doors for many.

 Let others play their game, honor their drama’s and their love stories.  We want change, but it’s not to us, to change others. We hold one important key. And that is to our heart. To our consciousness. Use that key wisely and as many as you can. I believe in you. I believe in humanity. I believe in the universe.

Sometimes we believe that letting go brings us unity. That meditating bring us in a state we can’t reach otherwise. It’s true when you believe that. Every moment is always a manifestation of unity.
We don’t need to grow towards unity, to learn anything. It’s here all along. We have mastered everything we could imagine, and now we are choosing our lessons. And create new cycles. There is the reality in where we learn things, and at the same time there is the reality that we don’t need to learn. Cause we are living our memories. It already happened. How do you want to remember the journey of all that is? It’s all so incredible simple that saying this all would be to simple to grasp.

So we create realities in where we go through cycles, we create summer and winter. We create joy and pain, abundance and poverty. These cycles exist on earth, in the universe and we project them on the omniverse. I think it’s fun to go beyond that, to totally step out of all the things we know, all the universal laws we believe exist.  And there lies a whole other world. So many new realities, that will shift everything you are. These dimensions have no number, nothing more, nothing less when you choose. It’s so endless that describing them would be a lame attempt to get grip on the wideness of all that is.

We as souls, consciousness parts of all that is, we are playing. You have a choice, if you want the game of cycles of processing, the game of the new, both at the same time or something else. And you made that choice already, you make it now, or will make the choice sometime. It doesn’t matter. We swim in the ocean of love, and every fish we meet, every cave we hide in, is you. The love of you, the endless joy of all that is.

The systems of the world at the moment are “fake”. They are based on nothing. On perceptions of perceptions.  They keep mirroring each other into a state of lack and power. They are as fluid as water, although it looks like we need to use force to change them. But in fact we can let them be, and just decide that you want to live in a world of miracles. Then the magic will be manifested and the reality of systems will not affect you.  It’s this simplicity that is important to remember when you feel stuck.

This works with the systems and cycles of earth and on a multi and interdimensional level. We sometimes project the “system” on our multi and interdimensional realities, while we are free beings.  Where ever we go. Where ever we choose to play our divine game of love, in all it’s facets. It’s good to be aware of that when we experience multi or interdimensional drama stuff. Always look beyond. There is the manifested dream of unity. It’s beyond and up close. When you dare to watch with new eyes, when you dare to experience your reality fearlessly.

You are perfect the way you are. It’s just not possible anymore to live in a reality that doesn’t support your passion 100 percent. It can look like the world is crumbling down, but it’s just another reality that pops up. Choose easy. There is magic in the air!

Step beyond the fear of living your greatness and your superstar potential,  it shows through everything you do.
Get real. You are divine. Enjoy the miracles!



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