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Manifesting Healing
Jean Adrienne

By Jean Adrienne
Published on 01/17/2010
Are you ready to heal your body? Here's advice from Jean Adrienne about finding the thoughts which underlie disease and pain. We know all the answers are within us, but sometimes it's harder than others for us to figure them out. If you need assistance, you can find out more at

The body is the “bubble of biology” the Soul creates to enable itself to have a physical experience and learn the lessons which can only be learned in a body. When we put on these bodies, our first experience is that of being separate, from others and from Source. Of course this is natural, because the lessons of the body are about separation and lack of love, and so it’s part of the plan. In a perfect world, we would travel through our life without sickness and pain, but these are things we create along the way to assist us in learning those lessons I have just mentioned. How better to understand separation and lack of love than to feel disease and pain. Think about it! How do you feel when you are sick? Do you feel all alone? Do you just want to be left alone?

The only person who can heal you is YOU. For centuries, lifetimes even, we have given away our power to others, thinking that they were capable of healing us. We have allowed doctors of all types to practice medicine on our body temples. We have prayed for help to the Cosmic, Angels and Saints when all the while the power has been within us to release the pain of disease and return ourselves to the perfection which is our birthright!

So why has this been hidden from our reality? In fact, it has not. Volumes of information have been published over the centuries providing the instructions that would enable us to heal. The Master Jesus healed the sick and said, “everything I do you can do and more.” But we didn’t understand what he was telling us.

This morning I had a breakthrough! For two weeks I have experienced severe mid-back pain, and my natural doctor told me it was being caused by gallstones. I went looking to see what they mean energetically – anger and resentment -  and started doing clearing work in addition to a liver and gallbladder cleanse. Several InnerSpeak sessions later, I finally reached the core, that place where I actually had the key to let go of the pain and the stones that were slowing my forward progress.

What I found was that the anger and resentment were based in old thoughts and judgments I had made about my own body—that it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to when I expected it to and how I thought it should. Every one of those angry thoughts had formed a rock inside me. InnerSpeak told me that they were "unwanted consequences of my actions".  It took a year or two for these hardened thoughts to reach the level of pain where I would actually pay attention. The carrot turned into the stick two weeks ago—times to get serious about healing myself.

I woke this morning with an “Ahah” thought! I got the lesson and remembered when I started beating myself up. The funny part is that I didn’t realize I was beating myself up. I truly didn’t understand that I was creating stones with little thoughts. Trust me—if I had I would have said “erase, erase” immediately!

My back pain is gone. There is still tenderness in the gall bladder area, so I will continue the cleanse for two weeks and do a liver flush to release the residue.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe that there is a time and a place for modern medicine and traditional doctors. However, if we don’t get to the root cause—the thought pattern or belief that was the original source of the mistake which manifested in disease, we will never be able to heal. Drugs and surgery will treat the symptoms, but the underlying wound will remain until it is liberated.