The Ascending Cosmic Pulse
Shala Mata

January1, 2010

~~ Stillness ~~

The light of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on December 31st opened the door to January with a configuration of fluctuating frequencies, all vying to form a unified pattern or signature that will lay the foundation for the entire year of 2010. There is a sense of “stillness” as the early days of this new year and new decade dawn bright with opportunity and yet with a sense of standing still.

The energy of 2009 built to a crescendo during the month of December creating a springboard into January and the illumination of that which is hidden will seep into our personal consciousness over the coming weeks.  I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my Christmas in Costa Rica with family.  There was time to swim in the warm waters and feel the warm sun melt away the busy part of my nature.  There was time to review and reflect on the transformational energy that 2009 brought to our beloved Mother Earth. 

I arrived home on the 31 and was keenly aware of the powerful moon and the many ceremonies being held around the planet during such an auspicious event.  I felt a “stillness” in the energy, a sense of deep quiet as the New Year arrived.  Stillness is one of those delicious words meaning without express action, yet pregnant with potential.  Many of us feel the need to be in an outward “action” mode continually, yet from a place of stillness speaks the greatest clarity for action to manifest into form.

We stepped into 2010 and once again left the old behind, as we have done so many times before.  But somehow, it didn’t feel new or did it?  More than any other time in our history, we are walking between two worlds of energy, that of 3D and 5D. There is no separation between energy, no beginning, nor ending.  We are vibrational beings.  We feel with vibration, hear with vibration, taste with vibration, love with vibration.  Our emotions are the keys or codes that unlock our vibrational stillness, which in turn tunes our hearts more fully to our harmonic signature or blueprint.

As Lightworkers and Starseeds, we seek harmony and balance within our heart.  Our sacred heart holds the energy of stillness as a beacon calling us to enter into the greater part of our light.  We are such vast transcended beings of light, and when we chose to experience this amazing 3D experience, we projected only a small part of that light in our physical body.  We are being tutored continuously from the greater part of ourselves, via our 5D teachers and star families to evolve our telepathic communication skills and bridge our 3D and 5D energy.


During the month of January we will feel the stillness open gradually to encompass our emotional wellbeing.  Our greatest gift will be to understand that everyday is a new beginning within our lives and planet.  New beginnings and opportunities exist within the moments between our planned goals and calendars.  In the stillness of every morning is a new beginning as is every evening.  Every breath we take in creates new life within our cells.  Every moment is new and how we feel emotionally is our yardstick for knowing if we are holding onto to the past or projecting into the future. 


2010 will teach us eloquently we choose how we feel; our thoughts will manifest our reality more quickly than ever before.  Our words will hold greater power, and our ability to have truthful transparent communication in all our relationships will challenge and inspire our further mastery.  Our beliefs are just thoughts we think repeatedly until they become a pattern.  Many of these are on a subconscious level and our ego can often distort the truth.  2010 will challenge our beliefs from deep within the ego, and is a distinct necessary part of our evolutionary process. 


The numerology of 2010 offers us a great insight into the coming year.  2010 is a 3. The basic understanding of the 3 year is one of optimism, and enhanced creativity.  The higher frequencies already here will further our intuition and vision, and the enhanced optimism will help when facing the challenges of change – which will also be a major part of 2010.  Our imagination in 3D is the bridge to our 5D thoughts.  Using are creative imagination to manifest upbeat emotions will go along way in bridging the two worlds we traverse.  This will also help us to remain detached from the dramas of the collective as dense vibrations rise to the surface.


As always, the celestial alignments of 2010 will prove to be potent and amplify the triggers of specific numeric dates and portals. 

Jan 15 – New Moon combined with a potent Solar Eclipse – offers a deepening into the stillness energy where a sense of shedding the old will feel sweet and swift.  Things will feel they are moving.

Jan 30 - Full Moon – this first full moon of 2010 will highlight our emotional status and offer a lighthearted feeling.

Many threads of potential exist in what is known as our future.  Time is not linear but circular, our past, present and future spin concurrently through the cycle or illusion of time.  New formats and sequences of events yet to birth are revealed. There are many predictions at the beginning of each year, based on the potential energy at a given point.  How we feel emotionally, colours our thoughts, words, actions, and this in turn feeds the potential energy of manifestation.  2010 will refine the question – What do you truly want and how does it make you feel? 

During the month of January as our harmonic signature continues to tune to the new vibration of 2010, our cosmic blueprint will reveal more of higher dimensional light and the knowledge held there.  Don’t be upset if feelings or old thoughts are being felt, we are birthing or emerging into a deeper level of our hologram.  Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies will require a time of integration and re-calibration.  If you feel overwhelmed, remember that within your sacred heart is the unlimited pool of stillness that offers the safe loving energy that your higher dimensional self washes over you with every heartbeat.

Keep shining your Gorgeous Light !

With Loving Blessings in Service


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