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It All Begins With You!
Danielle Garcia
Danielle Garcia, aka "The Angel Lady", is an intuitive, channel, medium, spiritual counselor, and author.  She has written the book, "Angel Blessings, A Collection of Channelings from the Angelic Realm".  Danielle is a Master Teacher and teaches certification classes in Intuitive Development.  Through her website, , she offers a free newsletter that includes channeled messages, audio and video links, as well as inspiring tips for spiritual living.  Danielle is passionate about spreading and sharing the light, and does so through her classes, speaking engagements and writing.   
By Danielle Garcia
Published on 01/12/2009
Welcome in 2009!

Wow, can you believe it’s another year? I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

It seems like there is always a lot of shifting that goes in the months of November through January. To many of us, the holidays become a time of reflection. That time of year stirs up many emotions and can result in a state of overwhelm. Being around family, or being separated from family, can bring up a whirlwind of feelings and memories- some happy and some not so happy.

Isn’t it interesting that we seem to take an inventory of our lives at the beginning of the new year? We get asked by many, “What are your new year’s resolutions?” and “How long will you stick with them?”. Suddenly one moment we are ringing in the new year in celebration and the next morning we are figuring out all the things that are wrong with us that need to be fixed. Where is the intention in all that?

Your power of intention is one of the strongest things you possess. In fact, I personally believe the only thing stronger than intention is love.

So often we base our indifferences and struggles on things that exist outside ourselves. We blame the government, the economy, the environment, the medical system, our spouses, our friends, and even our childhood past as the reasons why we do not succeed. And again, I ask the question – where is the intention in all that?

Bottom line is, it all begins with you! Bet you didn’t know you were that powerful, right? My article this month elaborates on intention and where we focus our energy on a daily basis.

Angel Blessings~

It All Begins With You

It All Begins With You

So what is intention anyway?  The dictionary definition says that intention is "purpose: an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides a planned action".  I would say that sums it up pretty well.  Being human, every action we take has a purpose, whether it be to walk a straight line, breathe in a deep breath, or invest in the stock market.  We don't take action without a reason be it on a conscious or unconscious level.  Now if only I could get my teenage daughter to realize that!

What if I set my intention for my daughter to understand this theory, would that work?  Nope, sorry folks, that is where the factor of free will comes into the picture.  Yes, even teenagers have free will no matter how much they deny it.  We all have this blessing of free will.No one can control our thoughts or our feelings.  We can do our best to convince others of our beliefs and ideas but everyone has the power to think for themselves.  People may be in specific situations in their lives, but it is the power of free will that offers them the ability of perspective.  It is how we see ourselves that really matters – not how others view us.

And we all try so hard to make sure that other people view us in a good way, don't we?Where is the intention in that energy?  Are we working hard to please ourselves or are we working hard to please other people – or better yet – what we think will please other people?

So, we have intention, free will, perspective…throw in a soul and a physical body and presto…you're a human being on planet earth!  What was God thinking anyway when he gave us all this power?  What do you think God's intention was?  Now there is something to chew on for a little bit.

Could it be that you have God working through you and that is why you have all these abilities?  Could it be that you are connected to source at all times and that we really are one with the all that is?  I believe this to be true.

Just as God granted us the beauty and capacity of intention and free will we are the masters of this energy within ourselves.  Our intentions that we put out affect us on a personal level – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Our intentions also affect everyone else on a soul level because we are all connected.

Think about how many times you set your intention throughout a day.  When you wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor – what is your intention?  Is it to get up and have a good day?  Is it to get up and have another terrible day?  How do you think this affects the energy you put out?

When you write a check for a bill or use your debit card at the gas station, your intention is obviously to pay, but what other intentions are you setting at that moment?  Are you putting out the energy that you are abundant and grateful you have the finances to pay?  Are you thinking that this money is draining you and that you are barely getting by?  These are very simple scenarios but incredibly powerful ones because they deal with intention and how we feel about ourselves and our circumstances.

I can look at my daughter and tell her she is beautiful, charming and smart and I can tell her these things with all the love and wisdom within me.  I can feel all these things, but it all begins with her and how she feels about herself.  My opinion of her in a sense really doesn't matter because it is how she feels about herself that really matters.  How we feel about ourselves directs how we set our intention about everything.

If we feel we are unworthy – this is our intention and how we expect everything to play out in our lives.  We will either accept that role of unworthiness and become an Eeyore type of character, never striving for anything more or we will work at overcompensating for our lack and become perfectionists and overachievers.  Still, all at the center of either reaction still remains the intention and feeling of being unworthy.

Think of your life like a giant switchboard – you know, like the phone operators used to have to use to connect calls?  There is a switchboard of your life with all these possible connections for you to make.  What beliefs will you plug into?  What intentions will you hold true for yourself?  If you make a resolution for yourself to uphold and keep a negative intention, you will not be successful.  If you change your intention you change all the energy surrounding the situation.  Amazing how all that works.

It is my intention to write articles like this one to offer you my perspective.  You are a brilliant, powerful, loving being of light.  It matters not your age, your race, or what is in your bank account – you will always be a brilliant, powerful, beautiful soul.  For this is what God intended you to be.

It all begins with you….just as it all began with God.  Go create a miracle, Dear Ones.  You have all the ability you will ever need right inside your heart.

Angel blessings~

Danielle Garcia