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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
Danielle Garcia
Danielle Garcia, aka "The Angel Lady", is an intuitive, channel, medium, spiritual counselor, and author.  She has written the book, "Angel Blessings, A Collection of Channelings from the Angelic Realm".  Danielle is a Master Teacher and teaches certification classes in Intuitive Development.  Through her website, , she offers a free newsletter that includes channeled messages, audio and video links, as well as inspiring tips for spiritual living.  Danielle is passionate about spreading and sharing the light, and does so through her classes, speaking engagements and writing.   
By Danielle Garcia
Published on 12/19/2008
Happy Holidays!

With the energy in place right now things are definately getting "shook up".  Many of us have all our spiritual "stuff" in our face and are learning those phd lessons we came here to learn (whether we want to or not) .  Along with all that, many people are deciding to leave right now to help from the other side.  Many spirits who have been stuck in this dimension are shifting as well to cross over.

This is a story of what I experienced while helping many children cross over.  I am asked quite frequently how I can look at the subject of death the way that I do and how I deal with assisting people and spirits cross over.  I see death as not being final - just another stage in the journey of our souls.  When I assist someone to cross to the other side I get the privilege and honor of being in the energy of home.  It is like being a tour guide at Disneyland leading people to the best ride ever!  How could I ever get tired of that?

Enjoy this holiday season and honor yourself as you honor the ones you love.

Angel Blessings~
Danielle Garica

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Being a medium is one gift I have been blessed with.Last month, I had the divine privilege of helping several children cross over that had been stuck here in this dimension.Because of the sorrow and grief still felt by their families, these children were pulled to stay where the families came to grieve for them.I had seen these children several instances as I drive by the cemetery where they are buried on a daily basis.

A dear friend of mine, Regina Murphy, has a son, John, who is also buried at this cemetery.One morning while driving past the cemetery, I looked towards the children's section and saw John standing playing music to a group of children gathered around him.It was so sweet and comforting.I shared the information with Regina the next time I saw her.A few days later she emailed me saying that John wanted us to help these children cross over.I quickly agreed and we set up a time to meet.

I woke up the morning of November 11th with the image of John and the children again.He was playing music and teaching them to line up and dance in a conga line kind of fashion.It was like they were dancing the bunny hop.At about 4:20pm I arrived at the cemetery.It was still light outside and the crisp autumn air made me very glad I had dressed warm.I walked around the children's area, and was amazed to see so many babies buried there.As I walked around, I could feel the children's energy all around me.They began to follow me.They were attempting to play tag.Just as they would almost touch me, I would turn around and they would run to hide behind a tree or tombstone.These beautiful little spirits still carried so much playfulness even in a place where grief and sadness dwells.I explained to the children why I was there and that they would have the opportunity to cross over if they chose to do so.I looked on the ground and saw a marker with the name John Joseph on it and across from it another with the last name Murphy.It was John's way of letting me know he was there and soon his mother, Regina arrived.

Regina placed a statue of Mother Mary on the ground and lit a candle.She gathered her tuning forks and began walking around hitting the forks together to lighten the energy.I was communicating with the Angels, asking Gabriel to bring down the tunnel of light.Regina said that the children wanted me to sing and the words to Jesus Loves Me began to come through.As I sang and Regina lifted the energy, I could see the children lining up in a formation much like I had seen that morning when I woke up.John was there, and each child would approach him, hug him, and then walk into the tunnel of light and cross.I have helped people and spirits cross, but not on this level where there were so many and never where I could see multi dimensionally like this.It looked like a big grid lines with energies and colors going up and across all through this part of the cemetery.

There was one small boy, who was frightened and did not want to cross.He held onto the trunk of a tree not wanting to let go.Regina went over to that area and used the tuning forks to help him.John walked over and took his hand and led him to the light.There standing in the light was another child who looked much like him.She held her hand out to him.He took her hand, they embraced and then they were gone.I looked over by the tree and saw the headstones of a brother and sister and knew these were the children I had seen.

The energy had lifted and now a great healing could begin.Not just for the children, but also for the families.Regina had taken pictures while we worked.She uses a normal digital camera and with the help of her son who has passed, captures amazing proof of spirits and other dimensions.I was explaining to her what I had seen on a multi dimension level right before she captured the photo above.If you look closely, you can see the images and the faces of the children who had crossed that day along with the spirits and angels who assisted them.

A picture is worth a thousand words, this is true.There are not enough words to explain the depth of love and compassion I experienced that day.I am completely grateful to have witnessed such a remarkable miracle.

I share this with you to show that there really is no death.We continue to go on even when these physical vehicles we call bodies are gone.It is difficult for we as humans to remember this when we lose people who are so dear to us.I hope to shine the light on this difficulty by sharing stories like this one.

For more information on Regina Murphy and her amazing work, please check out her website at .