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November 11 2012
Elspeet, Holland

Activating the
Conscious Bodies of Light

First time presented  

Activating the Conscious Body of Light

In this one day activation we will explore what the group calls the Conscious Body of Light.  The group says that as we evolve, we will see ourselves as much larger in both energetics as well as physical form.  The new body will hold more of our own Light from Home and more of our own spirit than ever before.  Many things are already changing as we make this transition.

The group says that much of our autonomic nervous systems will turn to semi-automatic, as we learn a new harmony with our own bodies that allows us more conscious control of our human experience.  They also say that this entire process begins with forming, stepping into and learning to live within a Conscious Body of Light.  Unlike the Physical Bodies of Light that now house our spirits, these new, improved, and much larger versions allow you much more control over the physical expression of your spirit within your body.   

All three levels of the LightMaster year long course are designed to move people, through regular, repetitive experience, into living within these Conscious Bodies of Light everyday. This unique one day event will cover the concepts of the Conscious Body of Light. There will also be exercises to work with and a live “Journey Activation” to activate and strengthen your Conscious Body of Light.

This information will be presented by one of the following: Steve Rother, The group, Elrah of Rhythmic Service, or the Keeper of Time.  We are likely to hear from all of them during this special one-time, one-day, presentation!

Step into a new world with us!

Please note that Barbara will not be with us on this trip to the Netherlands.

Date: November 11 2012  

Seminar Fee: 100 

Special Discount: Receive 50% off November 11 one day seminar when you are registered for November 7-10 Vagus Nerve Seminar.

See Nov 7-10 details

Location: Mennorode Conference Center,
Apeldoornseweg 185
8075 RJ Elspeet, Netherlands 

Time: Registration from 09:00am - 10:00am

Price includes lunch, coffee and tea. Does not include lodging or travel.

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For additional help please contact the Netherlands Event Manager, Sanne Brugemann for ticket and registration information. +31 (0) 222 313102 or
E-mail Sanne here>

Rooms: Rooms are limited so please book early.
Room reservations are to be made through Mennorode directly. 
Please contact them here> + 31 (0) 577 498 111

Registration is limited. There is a 50 non-refundable deposit required to register and no refunds will be given 30 days prior to the event.  

Note: Steve will be doing one day of private sessions November 6, 2012.
Cost: 275 euro. Spaces are very limited. Please book early.
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Email Sanne to book a session here:

Special Discount on November 11, brand new one day seminar Conscious Body of Light when registered for Nov 7-10 Vagus Nerve Activation.

Read more on Nov 7-10 Vagus Nerve Activation here:



Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of Paths 2 Empowerment, and the VirtualLight Broadcast. 
5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents. 
Author of 5 books now in 15 languages.

Barbara will not be present at this event.


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