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Direct Light

Update 9/7/2012

I have been proudly channeling the collective of entities that I have labeled "the group".  The anonymity of the group was part of their teaching from the beginning so we could learn to discern all messages by the love content of the message instead of any label placed upon it.  After almost 17 years of professionally channeling I am excited to tell you what is now unfolding.

Steve RotherIn the very beginning of my work with the group, they came to me as different flavors, one could even say characters.  They told me that like the parables in the bible, it was a simple way that I could grasp the event.  Many of the original stories in my first book, Re-member, are stories of these illustrations from these characters.  They told me that there were nine in the group, including myself and each one has their own field of expertise, coming to the front when needed.  Together, they speak to me in a collective voice filled with love and simply known as the group. After the first few years of channeling the individual flavors blended together as a harmonious, collective flavor of the group.  I have been truly honored to present this work all over the globe and during this entire time they have been re-integrating with me and I with them.

About three years ago we went online with our work and it was quite a change.  After three years I have learned to present online very effectively and with my technical knowledge I have been able to build a very effective delivery system with a wide range of tools that we proudly call the Evolution Center.  I do believe now that this is in place, the group is taking this opportunity to spread out a bit themselves.  From my personal experience with the group, I can tell you there are some of them I will never channel without the "collective" as I call it, yet, recently the group let me channel "one" of them.  His name is Elrah and he is the closest to me personally.   We have long history together and it turns out that he was the entity that originally asked me into the group 12 lifetimes ago.

Welcome Elrah
Elrah is a very unique personality or flavor of light.  His expertise is an ability to communicate with humans on earth.  Not always an easy job on a free choice planet, but he was really good at keeping the balance and he is known throughout Home for his work. He communicates in many ways besides the channeling he has been teaching. One of the forms of communication he uses is rhythm.  As a drummer myself you can see that he is very close to my heart.  In fact I had difficulty in the beginning translating his unusual rhythm.  Soon I found that the unusual rhythm came out as an accent of sorts although he has never incarnated on Earth.  Elrah is here to re-mind us that we have friends from Home around us all the time that can help us greatly if only we learn to listen and trust.  He is so full of love that I felt like I was being carried and nurtured during the channel even though he is very energetic at times.    

The Keeper of Time
There is also another flavor or character in the group that they referred to as the Keeper of Time.  He was in my first book Re-member and I always pictured him in a long robe with a beard, very articulate and soft spoken.  His job relates to the vibrational level of humanity and the timing of the release of important material.  He is the one that drops his raised finger when the time is perfect.  He will also be speaking through me singularly and is excited about the culmination of his work relating to the 12-12-12. He wants to prepare us for the journey ahead.

Introducing the new Direct Light Series:

At the urging of the group in all of their aspects, I am proud to announce that we are beginning a new series of up to the minute teachings called Direct Light.
Each month there will be two events each 60 minutes in length and after introductions will be directly facilitated by one of the following:
The Group "in collective"
The Keeper of Time or
Elrah of Rhythmic Service

In the future if more come to play they will share this stage if they choose.

They will take this time each month to bring forth the most important information in this moment for the attendees.  The group says that things are moving so fast now that people need more of an anchoring point for their own growth to fully blossom.  They infuse us with love and energy each month with the VirtualLight Broadcast. They now wish to be even more available for those who wish a more in depth focus many times with “homework”.  We will provide a way for you to interact with your questions but the entities themselves will decide what to present and there will be no pre-notification as to who will speak and on what topic.  This is live and in real time, so they will decide at the time of each class what and who will present. What we learn about the session beforehand, if anything, will be posted on our Facebook page.  (Updates will also be provided at the Virtual Light monthly Broadcasts.)  

Their intent is to talk directly to each of you to offer an insight or the exact push you will need for the next step.  They consider you more important than you will ever know. There will be an introduction in the beginning of each session that could last up to 15 minutes.  The group will use this time to harmonize with you and then the channel takes over from that point and although the group is terrible with “the time thing” they should be ending a few minutes before the hour.  They speak to many people on a variety of levels using the same words.  It’s a way for them to hold out their hands to help us anchor as we take these next steps into a new world of empowerment.  Be ready to move, this is cutting edge.  

There are packages and payments available for those who do not want to miss a single event. Yet, this event will always be open to those who wish to attend occasionally or at the last moment.

They have also told me that from time to time there will be important announcements from their side of the veil that they wish me to make available to all. In those instances a third session will be added open to the public at no charge.  

Elrah and the Keeper of Time will be teaching live and directly speaking to what is needed right now for each of us to know, the current climate and how best to navigate yourself through it so you are ahead making choices vs behind feeling effects.

There will be some cross over information in the Light Master series as Elrah and the Keeper of Time teach during this series as well. For those of you wanting to know the difference between the programs, the Light Master program will be more personal, (we interact more directly and we get to know you and you get to know us very well) it is more in depth, there are more journey's and activations, homework and tools you are expected to do and use in your daily life. It is designed to radically change your experience of life and is for those deeply committed to their path.

The Direct Light Series is designed to bring you cutting edge information directly from Home, taught in real time from Elrah and the Keeper of Time to assist you to understand the current conditions so you can position yourself to ride the energetic waves instead of being tumultuously tossed around by them. They will asssit you to understand and create the life experiences you are wanting, here, now....

Steve RotherPresented by Steve Rother of

These events are all live channels from the group.

  Presented online in the Evolution Center
Recordings will be made available for playback/download within 4 hours or less of the initial airing so you may watch on your time schedule.



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