August 24 & 25 2010

6:00pm - 7:30 pm Pacific Time

2 - 90 minute Online Events
In the Evolution Center

The first step in a new direction begins:

Expanding Harmonics

Presented in two 90 minute online sessions

Presented in the Lightworker Evolution Center

6:00pm - 7:30pm US Pacific Time
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After 15 years, the group takes a new direction.

After almost 15 years of inner work and offering modalities for Teachers and Healers to learn and facilitate, the group is now changing direction. The next leg of our work will be about focusing on the Expansion of your own energy field through a simple technique using Harmonic Resonance.  They have been bringing in this information for the last few months and the latest Beacons of Light message was all about this subject. See The Secret of the Expanding Universe channel (August 2010.) They gave several illustrations in this channel but basically it is what happens to people when they leave their bodies without the chord remaining attached to the physical body.  They return to their true energetic form and become vast and ever expanding as they merge into one with the universe.  Those who have experienced this sense of expansion and oneness with the universe will be happy to hear that in the future we will all learn to live with our energy fields fully expanded.  This is also what happens when humans are released from their old templates.  In the future you won't have to have a near death experience to expand your field as we are all beginning to learn to live in that energy all the time. This is the way of the newly Empowered, newly Expanded Human!

Harmonic Resonance is a tool we will learn to use to expand our fields. When one expands their field they are suddenly aware that there are other people in their field which they can sense and feel. For this reason we humans have learned over many lifetimes to close down our fields and try not to bother anyone around us. Now as we learn to expand our fields it means that others will enter with their dramas, problems and discordant energy.  What we will work on in this course is a way to harmonize everyone and everything in your field through the use of harmonic resonance.

To do this effectively we suggest that you have your own energetic boundaries well in place.  If you would like help with this please watch the free video in the Evolution Center on Self First vs Selfish. With healthy boundaries in place we will work with the expansion of our energy fields to create harmonics with everything around us.  It is a gift that can be learned and finely tuned. 

Steve and the group will lead you on a journey to expand and activate your field and experience this powerful expansion of being first hand. This is a leading edge webinar, that was meant to be taught in the Light Master Training Series but the group does not wish to wait. They say we are ready now and this will make space for more information coming in. Make no mistake, this will be some of the most exciting information we at Lightworker have ever presented and the real question here becomes, "are you ready to walk in one way and leave this webinar completely different?" This is a very distinct probability for those really ready to move forward and on purpose in their human journey.

In the book Spiritual Psychology the final life lesson of Grace was extremely rare and they said very little about that actual life lesson other than to say that it was living in harmony with all things and that very few people ever worked with this life lesson.

Now everyone who is ready to step into the future will be working with these attributes.

In this two day experience we will cover the concepts and ideas that must be in place and teach you how to expand your energy field at will. We will work with you to give you a new position from which to see and interact with the world.


From the group:

"Much of our work thus far was to help you to understand your true nature. You are god and you have a responsibility to learn and use your powers. Now as you take the next evolutionary step forward we will share with you the next step of learning to live fully empowered lives in the presence of the other gods."

Welcome to the Age of Empowement



As with all of our Advanced activations, this comes with a reminder from us that when you do these activations, very likely, much around you will change. When you change your perception of your energy field and boundaries to one from a point of power, all that is not in alignment with your path or purpose begins to fall away and what IS in alignment with your purpose begins to line up very quickly.

Be Prepared to Move!

The structure of these webinars is to bring the most current, updated and new information to you from Steve, Barbara and the group.

These two 90 minute sessions will close with a live channel from the group.

The entire session will be made available for anytime viewing within 5 hours of conclusion. The room will remain open for anytime viewing for 60 days after the event and you may download the entire event at any time during the 60 days and keep for future viewing.


$100 per person fee
OverLight Facilitators (Certified within Lightworker)- $80
Metaphysicians-(Ordained within Lightworker) $60

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1This work is for people ready to move forward in personal and spiritual evolution.  Practical spirituality for real people. We call it Practical Magic!

Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of, Paths 2 Empowerment Seminars and the VirtualLight Broadcast. 
5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents. 
Author of 6 books now in 18 languages.



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