September 7 - 12   2009
Big Bear Lake, California  


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Big Bear Lake

From the NEW Experience Light Activation Series

Love and Sexuality in the New Energy

An interactive workshop for individuals, couples and facilitators.
Couples attending this workshop will not be working together but will greatly benefit from sharing this unique experience.

From Steve & Barbara:

Big Bear Lake is a California mountain community that has a very special nurturing energy.  After breathing the crisp clean mountain air for even a short time, you begin to feel the heartbeat of the earth in synch with your own. The connection you feel to nature and the world around you can shift from this energy alone. We will spend 6 days in this special energy while exploring the ideas and concepts that the group says are ahead for all of us humans as we evolve the human experience to the next level.

See special page for explanation of Big Bear Lake, the best ways to get there, the accommodations and what to expect with a special audio message from Steve & Barbara.

The sexual energy activation is material from the group that will be presented in lecture, discussion and interactive group exercises. In a safe environment we learn and experience safe sexual energy the way the group says is ahead for all of us. You will have a chance to see the human experience in the area of sexuality the way the group sees it.  This has the effect of making your eyes brighter and your spirit stronger and your energy field much larger. Only one caution: No more hiding.

Guest speakers will compliment this activation with their own material. These are the people who have made a big difference in the Lightworker community around us. We are proud to present this group of 'Healers Healers'.  We invite you to interact with them and the many other healers and teachers in the intimate settings of this Lightworker gathering.

Jean Adrianne
Peter Sterling
Human Angel

See details about each presenter.

This is Lightworker's signature gathering for the year 2009 and many of the staff of Lightworker will be present.

On top of this we are dedicating this event to the "Keepers of the Tone" and we will have fun with music on three evenings.

This will be a very special gathering of souls in a very special place.

Steve & Barbara

About the Sexual Energy Activation:

This experience is designed to give people tools to help you change the way you look at Relationships by introducing a new paradigm for empowered relationshifts.  For relationship counselors, intuitive counselors, people wanting personal change and anyone who wishes to have a new outlook on what is ahead in relationships in the new energy.

The material used in this seminar has yet to be published anywhere.  It is part of a forthcoming book.  The Group has often talked about the changes coming on our planet to make space for empowered humans.  That means rethinking all of the relationships in our lives. Yet, how will that change our love relationships and how will that change the dynamics of all relationships?  Those are the questions answered in this six day intensive, interactive seminar.  This seminar is not only focused on changing your life but also all of the relationships in it.

The course is designed for individuals and couples.

Stegve& Barbara

Hear a special message from Steve & Barbara about:

The Sexual Energy Activation

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In this course we cover the following topics:

Sexual Evolution
How sexuality in relationships is likely to change as we evolve as empowered humans including:

The Two Misdirection's of Sexual Energy
Control and Repression

Sexual Healing
The art of safely using sexual energy to facilitate others.

Spiritual Sex
Using sexual energy to help you remember Home.

Sexual Manifestation.
Using Sexual Energy as a creation tool.

Same Sex Expressions of sexuality.
A refreshing look at what has gone before.

New Forms of Relationshifts and how it has Worked Elsewhere.
Monogamy in the past and the future.

Relationshifts = Relationships that can grow as people shift.
Many times relationships go through stretches and are not able to adjust to the new stresses and they end.  What if the basis for growth was already in place in a relationship? Then these same stretches could be used to expand the relationship.  If both people are willing and the ground rules of communication are in place, you could be building new relationships inside the framework of the old one.

Rewriting Sexual Abuse Stamps.
Practical methods of healing for you and your clients to re-write the energy stamps of sexual abuse and learn how to stop attracting inappropriate sexual energy.

See complete details on OverLight 5 Sexual Energy Activation here>



1This seminar will celebrate one of the original seven clans the
"Keepers of the Tone" 
(Musicians or those with a strong connection to music.)

On Three nights we will offer music jam sessions.  On two of these nights we will have music books to sing along or play along so bring your guitars, flutes, keyboards etc. Sorry drums will not work here. You can download the music books we will use as a Word Document here>

This will be a very special gathering at a very special place on this Earth.   

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Due to such a positive response from our guest speakers and presenters, we have had to make adjustments to our schedule of events.

You will no longer be required to bring a digital camera with you. The originally intended sneak peak into the Inner Beauty seminar exercises will no longer be part of our program.

Everyone is still invited to bring a camera, as photo's are allowed at our seminars, but your Inner Beauty will not be recorded and played with. So you're just going to have to shine it all day long in spite of it! Camera



Prices: $595 for 6 days. Please note that we have lowered this price by $100 in an attempt to ease money challenges during these transitional times.

Certified OverLight Facilitators receive $100 discount.
Ordained Lightworker Metaphysicians receive $200 discount. NEW!


Registration is limited. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to register and no refunds will be given 30 days prior to the event.  


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Registration is limited..

This Event will be held at:

Northwoods Resort
40650 Village Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

PH: 1-800-866-3121

Special price of $109.00 offered on guest rooms,
ask for Lightworker rate
Offer only until August 5, 2009

OverLight Modalities are for people wishing to move forward in personal and spiritual evolution.  Practical spirituality for real people.

Presented by Steve & Barbara Rother of and the VirtualLight Broadcast.  5 time presenters at the United Nations on 2 continents.  5 books now in 15 languages.

This event will include two live Channels from the group

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Meg & Greg Gour

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