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Teachers Training Program Details

Below are the details of the Teachers Training and Metaphysician Ordination program

Currently these are the modalities offered under this program:

Spiritual Psychology - Intuitive counseling and the view of life from Spirit

Transition Teams - Birth and Death Transition

Spiritual Communication - Talking with Spirit

Spiritual Communication 2- The Business end of Channeling

Inverse Wave Therapy - Multidimensional Healing of Negative Repetitive Behaviors.

Pineal Gland Activation -  Activating the new body

Vagus Nerve Activation - The Compassion and Empathy Nerve

Step Up -  Soul Contract Re-negotiations

Re-Balance - Re-balancing your Life in the New Energy


Metaphysicians - Ordaination as a Lightworker Teacher and Minister

Learn to set up your own portable Video Studio and do sessions, teach classes and much more from the comfort of your own home. Teacher status entitles you to admission to the Paths 2 Empowerment Staff Lounge. This is where we make videos for our global staff many of whom are teachers in their own right. This is also where we keep all the video tutorials that show you how to set up your own video recorder with a laptop. We will cover some of this in class but these tutorial videos will cover many different options to suit different budgets. Jump into the future now.

The OverLight Facilitator Certification Series from Lightworker are a series of healing and growth modalities.  All of them are from information given in channel from the group through Steve Rother.  They are designed to teach a modality as a healing tool to facilitators in many walks of life. 

Lightworker Ordination Program This program is offered once every few years to activate ministers as Lightworker Metaphysicians. This is a legal ordination as a minister of this work. Additionally it is one of the qualifications of our teachers program. Now this is being made available in the Evolution Center online.

Teacher credentials for Teaching OverLight Modalities  To qualify as a teacher one must complete the following:

1. Take the course you wish to teach.

2. Audit the course you wish to teach ( 50% discount applies) and complete the accompanying Audit Workbook and submit to us.

3, Take the Teachers Training and become ordained as a Lightworker Metaphysician. This is a course of ten 60 -90 min events at $750 registration, with homework.

4. When you are ready to teach your first course register with the front office with a $100 registration fee which entitles you to teach that course as many times as you like without

Once registered we supply the following:

PDF workbooks ready to print.are supplied for the modalities where they are available. (The majority.)

If any Activation Journey's or other downloads are part of that modality they will be made available if you do not already have them.

You receive a lifetime family discount to eligeble events held in the Evolution Center.

Access to the Saff Lounge at Paths 2 Empowerment. Here you can view the latest videos made available to the Lightworker and Paths 2 Empowerment staff. Besides motivational videos this is the place where you can learn how to make your own portable video studio and either record your own classes or stream them live. Here you can find out what it takes to start teaching online. As stated earlier some of this material will be covered in the course but all of it is made availble and kept up to date in the Staff Lounge at P2E.

The modality you are registered for also has the video on demand (VOD) version of the latest class that was given on that modality by Steve and Barbara. As a registered teacher, you may use these downloaded videos to partially teach your own class with the following restrictions

1. Our videos can comprise no more than 25% of the total content of of your course and

2. You may not use more than 25% of the total videos in the course.

This means that we can help you teach your course. Either online or in a live seminar setting through a projection. This also gives you permission to use these clips in the presentation of your own or another's material .with the further restrictions that each part of the course is very clearly defined as to what comes from whom.

When your class is complete you have the following options:

1. Do nothing- there are no further fees or registrations required.

2. If you want your students to be part of the larger Lightworker family, upon completion of your course send us their names and e-mail addresses and we will send them a one time "Welcome to the Family" letter stating that they are registered with us as having taken the course.

3. You may also request certification to be sent to your students directly from our headquarters. If so this can be done in the following ways:

Sent as a PDF through e-mail. Cost is $5.00 per certificate


Send as a hard copy in a protective envelope. Cost is $25.00 per certificate plus postage or delivery. Call the office for details. (702) 871-3317

As a matter of policy we do not restrict our teachers in the use of our material. In fact we encourage them to make this material their own and blend this with their own special form of magic. In these cases we do not certify your students and require very clear labeling as to what information came from this course. You are given limited rights to broadcast these videos in groups of less than 500 and in some form of for-profit or exchange only. This material is not to be given away free of charge or to be made public in any way.

We are exploring the new world of spreading Light through technology and invite you along for the ride. Come join us.


Welcome to this program for Empowered Lightworkers, Welcome Home.Steve&Barbara

Magic happens and lives change during these events. 
We hope to see you there!

Big hugs and Gentle nudges

Steve & Barbara Rother




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