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Audio/Video Instructions

Video Previews

Instructions for Audio and Video Archives:

Lightworker LIVE Lightcast is a live broadcasts in audio and video presented the last Saturday of each month.  To view them you will need Windows Media Player which is a free program already on most windows based computers. The latest versions and players for Mac are here>
Windows Media PlayerAlso see the past shows here>

If your not sure which software you have on your computer we suggest that you go to the top selection of each channel, click it, and see what happens.  If none of the files start on your computer return here and download one of these free programs.

The file is saved in four formats. The first is the Flash player that allows you to just play and listen without any software. Flash player only allows 30 minute segments. The other three formats require downloading the file to your computer.

Click here to try the Flash player>

.wma for Windown Media Player Good quality fast download.   (Suggested as this is also the player you need to hear the live channels and the Video archives below.)

.rm for Real Player Fair Quality fast download.

.mp3 can be played on Windows Media Player, WinAmp and Quicktime.
Excelent Quality slow download.

Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Media Player and Quicktime all are free programs.

Netscape note: Some Netscape browser users may wish to right click on the file name and download it to their hard drive.  Then double click on the downloaded file.

Instructions for video movie previews.

Videos can only be viewed with Quicktime player.

HELP! If your computer does not play these clips at first then download a free Quick Time player by clicking on the icon below. Get a Free Quick time Player here:

Note: Quick time preview quality is not representative of the video or audio as it varies greatly with each monitor.

Browser note: Some browsers may display code when the button is double clicked.   If so right click on the file name and download it with the "Save Target As" or "Save Link Target" command.  Then double click on the downloaded file.

Watch a 4 minute sample of each video available in the Lightworker Store. Start by clicking the Movies button below. (High Speed connection preferred)
Most Videos are $20 +postage in NTSC.
PAL videos can be ordered here.

Copyright 2001- 2005 Lightworker.  The files on this page are copyrighted but may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is made available. Websites are encouraged to use or link to these files, permission is not needed, but we appreciate being notified at:
Further information from the Group may be found at: or through Lightworker at (858) 748 5837. Lightworker is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading Light through empowerment.
Thanks for helping to spread the Light!
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