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July 25, 2015
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July 25, 2015

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The Economic Reset
Be part of the change!
A Lightworker co-creation project.

Hosted by Steve & Barbara Rother and Sandie Sedgbeer, the Group and six expert guests reveal some startling truths about money, including

  • What is really happening behind the scenes of the global financial play that is currently being enacted on the world stage
  • What astrology tells us about the economic shifts that are taking place
  • The history and corruption of  money—why it was never meant to be what it has become today
  • The Shamanic Perspective of Economy and Finance
  • Alternative currencies, resource-based economics, citizen income, etc.
  • Why scarcity is an illusion, and why NOW is the time to create a blueprint new economic and financial reality

  • How you can utilize this information to Press the Economic Reset button and co-create a new vision for the future of your family, your community, for humanity, and for Earth

  • What the group says is coming and how we can ease into a transition rather than fall into a crash.

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New Energy Medicine Chest
New Fundamental Light Series.

We proudly announce a new series with this event. The New Energy Medicine Chest is a look at what is ahead in the area of healing on planet Earth. In this special series hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother and Sandy Sedgbeer, the Group and several leading experts in the fields of homeopathy, naturopathy, bio-resonance, magnets, complementary therapies and future science medicine share their anti-aging, health-promoting secrets for living a healthier, happier and younger life.

The New Fundamental Light Series is the foudation of our work. Here we bring in the latests from the group together with experts in thier fields. This series of events will be presented online with all events made available at the release. Watch it in your own time. Binge Watching is OK

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LIVE Sat July 25 2015 11am-2pm USPacific
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Welcome Home,

You are not here by accident. We are very happy that you have found us. Here at Lightworker you will find a joyous re-union in progress. It is a re-union of people re-connecting to their own power and each other. We invite you to join in on any level that you feel comfortable. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here.  Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life.  The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages.  The monthly Beacons of Light~ Reminders from Home are translated into 24 languages each month and have been presented at the United Nations five times on two continents.  Here at Lightworker we will not tell you which way to turn or if you are right or wrong as those concepts are an illusion of the polarity that we are now leaving.  What we will offer is a view of humanity from the perspective of spirit, not to help you ascend off the Earth, but rather to help you have a wonderful human experience while you are here. 

We hope you enjoy your time spent here. It is a very special place for us and we are glad you have found us........ Welcome Home. Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Steve & Barbara Rother

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